Wall mural to decorate: how to renovate home spaces

Wall mural to decorate: how to renovate home spaces

The photomural is more than a photo to paste on the wall, it is a way to give a new life to the home that is urgently needed to change its style. This decoration is a large-scale representation of a printed photograph that will then adhere to the wall.

With its variation of styles, it allows turning that corner of the house into a new space that, combined with the right furniture, bring personality and style. In addition, there are infinities of ideas to realize them. You can even make a 3D montage and it will be one of the most original places you can visit.

3D photography for the room

3D Photography for the Room

On the other hand, not only apply to common areas of the house, also for the rooms, which always need to receive that personal touch that characterizes each person. In this way, you can recreate incredible and magical spaces, especially for the little ones who always seek to bring their fantasy world to reality.

Different styles for a photomural

The best thing about this decoration technique is that it allows an infinite number of possibilities, and it also combines with everyone's styles. We must also take into account the size and composition of the photomural.

A first style that is very present in this type of photography , are those that correspond to landscapes of cities. This style is a magnet for fans and lovers of urban life, as they provide the feeling of living there. If you have the dream of living in one of those cities, it will give the person the feeling that they can achieve their dream or at least see that panoramic every day.

Here we must take into account the type of city and environment that will be used. For a New York photomural, it is best to use a minimalist style in light tones. This, above all, if the photo is printed in a vintage style .

Mural of cities

Cities mural

On the other hand, nature is also part of the styles for an original decoration. This style often goes more with young women who seek to give a romantic touch to the room or your room. It is best to play with different types of flowers, as this allows you to mix colors. Thus furniture of the tone of the photo can be used, while maintaining the neutral background. Although you can also use the opposite case, painting the walls of different shades and choosing furniture in a neutral tone.

The murals of landscapes are also one of the best options to set any space. Here, you must choose between natural or urban spaces. Do not confuse them with the first style, since the photographs of cities, although they focus on an urban landscape, focus on the buildings in an aerial view. In contrast, urban landscaping focuses on buildings seen from the perspective of a pedestrian. Or represent a closer view of an avenue.

On the other hand, a natural landscape photomural will provide a sense of space and depth. In addition, you can play with the view and recreate a photograph seen from a window of a castle and thus have a landscape that would not be in the big city. On the other hand, if you use a photo of a waterfall, you can use blue tones in the decoration, to harmonize the stay.

Photography with natural landscape

Photography with Natural Landscape

Finally, do not take into account, that you can develop your own or abstract design to give a fun touch to the home. Of course, always remembering that they should be complemented with the right furniture to provide a sense of harmony.

Some final considerations

As already expressed, a photomural is an enlarged photograph that adheres to the wall. So you can print the photos in two types of material. The first one is laminated vinyl , which is resistant and impermeable; It is easily cleaned, so it will always be clean and will not be damaged. They are perfect to use in those areas that tend to frequent more, as in the case of the kitchen or bathroom. On the other hand, its installation is simple.

Flower mural

Flower Mural

The second most used material is the canvas type wallpaper , which usually has a quality similar to laminated vinyl in terms of print quality. But, touching it with your hand has a certain texture. It can have a satin or matt finish, depending on the preferences you have. The best thing is to use this type of materials in bedrooms, since they will not be as exposed as in the living room or bathroom.

On the other hand, you have to be careful when you paste a photomural on the wall. Since, if it is not done correctly, there is a risk that bubbles will be created and the finish will not be the best. The first thing that must be taken into consideration, is that the wall on which it is going to work must be completely clean and without any type of imperfection. You can paint the wall if you want to reach a more neat result.

The photomurals are perfect for those who like to experiment with new ideas and have a passion for decorating spaces.

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