Vintage ideas that will help decorate the home elegantly

Vintage ideas that will help decorate the home elegantly

Vintage ideas have become very popular among women because of its simplicity. From clothes to the furniture of the house, everything can be given a new air without losing a lot of money. Especially, if it is family relics.

The term Vintage is taken from the English vocabulary to refer to ancient objects, some with a sentimental value, to which a second opportunity can be given. The renovation is an essential part of this style, which is usually inspired by the elegance and romanticism of the 30s and 40s.

Vintage room

Vintage room

On the other hand, the colors that usually predominate in vintage ideas for furniture , are the bases in light colors like white, complemented by accessories in more vivid colors. In addition, prints also play a fundamental role, as are floral prints. And as is to be expected, wood and wicker are the materials that are most often restored.

Tips for getting a vintage decoration

Vintage ideas are synonymous with saving. Who does not have at home a piece of furniture that they do not want to throw away because of their sentimental value? The versatility of this style helps you to combine other styles, while at the same time giving them a more personal touch.

One of the first things you should know, is that you should choose furniture with a classic trend, especially if they have a rounded shape and neutral tones, to avoid damaging the wood when you remove the color. But not everything is about using furniture, you can also choose objects that follow this line of elegance and solid colors. The old suitcases, those of cloth, or even vases that evoke this old style.

Colors and vintage style

Colors and Vintage Style

If you do not have furniture to put vintage ideas into practice , you can go to an antique shop or the street markets in the city. Another idea is to renovate furniture that lacks some touch to make it one. A classic example is to buy a simple piece of furniture, but at a very good price and give it an original touch.

When looking to follow this style, it must be kept in mind that decorative accessories have a certain degree of relevance. In a room with decoration of this style, you can never miss accessories such as cages, lamps or even bicycles.

Finally, floral arrangements also play an important part in this style of decoration. You can do the expense and invest in flowers every day. But fabric flowers are an equally viable option.

Some vintage ideas that will help decorate the home

If you take a piece of furniture and paint it in a pastel and even white tone, but leave some spaces without color, then an idea has been transformed into reality. This piece of furniture can be a small stool or even a small table. If you choose a small table, it can be perfectly in the bedroom or a living room of the house. In addition, it can be complemented with some accessories, such as hardcover books or a floral arrangement.

Vintage furniture

floral vintage decoration

One way to get some original lamps with this style , is to inflate a balloon and go wrapping it with threads soaked in white glue. Another option is to use lace fabric. It is left to dry one night and the next morning, with a pin the globe is exploded and a beautiful lamp will be had. It can also work as a vase if you cut a larger hole in the top and add a bouquet of wildflowers or even roses.

Lamps of thread and lace

Lamps of thread and lace

The wooden drawers have become a versatile accessory when looking for vintage ideas to decorate. They can be left in their original brown tone and contrast with the neutral tone of the walls of the room. Becoming like this, in an excellent place to store things. From sheets to cushions that you do not want to put on the bed.

An idea that can become an insult for the most passionate readers is to use books. Be it your pages or the complete books. A first option is to take the sheets of books and transfer them to a clean and polished surface of any furniture. This will make the sheets remain embedded in the material eternally. In addition, with a wall clock and other accessories in neutral tones, it will complement perfectly.

Box with a book

Box with a book

On the other hand, you can take a book that is already completely spoiled and give it a new use by converting it into a box. This idea consists in opening the book, sticking its pages externally so that they do not move and with a sharp cutter or blade, cutting its pages to create the spaces that allow to store things.

Finally, a very simple option is to make candles. To do this, you can convert porcelain cups into the vessels of the candles. And just enough to get some wax, thread and essence. In addition, if you add some dye, you can give them a nice color that matches the living room.

Vintage ideas are very easy to follow. Whether restoring an old piece of furniture or giving a new use to an unconventional object, the important thing is to have the imagination to do it, remembering that, with little budget, you can achieve great things.

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