The best suits with elegant style for gentlemen

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The best suits with elegant style for gentlemen

The outfit for men is very important in the world of fashion, elegant and modern outfits are the ones that set the tone for new trends and it is that looking good is a matter of style.

As we know how important it is for all men to look good in any situation, today we present the basic garments and combinations that every gentleman should have in his closet to look fantastic every day.

Elegance and distinction of gentlemen

When it comes to dressing properly, nothing better than a suit to demonstrate the style, so this attire can be perfect for different occasions, provided it is accompanied by the right accessories to create a sensational set. The main thing is to choose the right suit, colors and design according to the occasion.


If it's a time that deserves to be elegant but casual, such as a day event, trends this year point to light suits with beige or light gray, which while still elegant give a more relaxed look, you can use them with or without tie depending on your tastes and must be accompanied by shoes that combine like light brown, a strap of the same color and a stainless steel watch or perhaps leather, that are suitable for this outfit. When it comes to this type of looks, you can play with the design of your shirt, since this can give the right touch to your look to look fantastic, shirts with pictures, stripes or textures can be an excellent option.


For those men who want to wear a classic outfit but still look perfect, it is best to choose a suit with sober and classic colors such as navy blue, black or gray, these types of suits without a doubt look perfect with a white shirt, since This gives elegance and will look great with any tie you choose. Generally this type of suits have a traditional cut, designed for executive attire and to make you look sensational day by day without having to modify your outfit too much.

formal gentleman suits


Contemporary costumes are characterized by a more daring and creative design, with textured fabrics and striking colors, these are modern outfits and will undoubtedly make you the center of attention. This type of suits can be used with striking shirt and you can choose whether or not to wear a tie, the important thing when using a suit of this type is to choose other garments that combine well although they do not necessarily follow the same line in terms of textures, designs and colors. These types of suits are very versatile, you can use them in different types of events both day and night and you will always look good.


A formal suit is quintessentially the evening attire for gentlemen, these are much more formal and elegant for special occasions. In this case you have many options to choose from, such as a morning suit, a turtleneck, a tuxedo or perhaps a simple formal suit with the right accessories to enhance your elegance, the important thing is to choose one that suits your style and makes you look perfect . Generally the tuxedo is the most used type of suit, it looks great and is usually used for evening etiquette events, this is a formal suit with a waistcoat and a michi tie or bow tie and all its design is much more elegant and formal. A black tuxedo with black shoes and a formal clock will certainly give you a stunning look.

men's tuxedo

Within the current trends of fashion, one of the types of design that is being used is a Slim Fit type, these are characterized by being fitted at the waist and have the narrowest leg, these types of suits are very good in the body, and are ideal for thin gentlemen and of medium or low stature, since these stylize the figure and make it look very good.

Regardless of the occasion and the style you choose, the important thing is to wear a suit that gives you security, that gives you the confidence to face every moment of your day with a modern, elegant outfit that suits you. Buy online the perfect suits for every occasion and see everything that Linio Peru has to make you look sensational.