Series and Movies: the new releases in this 2018

series and movies 2018

Series and Movies: the new releases in this 2018

For this new year, many are waiting for several series and films that ended in 2017 due to the success of some and others hooked everyone to the first. So people have been full of expectations and excitement at the 2018 premieres . Promising to be the year of beginnings, continuation and shocking closures.

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And it is that this type of tapes, represent an escape for the reality that many live, allowing to appreciate different histories, to follow a series of events or simply to visit places that can not exist more than in the mind of their creators. That is why some titles become popular, because they are fresh and innovative in their proposal or simply because they reach the hearts of many.  

Series and Movies for this 2018

SERIES: the most anticipated renovations

Definitely, one of the series that marked 2017 was 1 3 R easons   Why , and is that the way in which they addressed a controversial issue such as "suicide of a teenager" won the respect and criticism of many. Nobody could deny that the end of the series, I leave more questions than answers. What's wrong with Tayler ? Will Jessica be able to overcome what happened? Will Bryce receive his punishment? Everyone waited for the continuation of this series and that is why, 7 months ago, in mid-July, the news was released that a second season would be made, which would be released in 2018. In it, it is expected that all the questions that remained in the air.

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For this continuation began to speculate on how this new season would develop, so Bryan Yorkey, the creator of the series, gave some statements in which he clarified several points. The main one, is if Hanna Baker would appear in the second season, and the answer is YES, Hanna will appear in this new season, but, it will not be the way everyone thinks. As for Jessica, she begins her healing process, since she must process everything that happened. But all this will unfold while Bryce's trial takes place.

On the other hand, in 2016, the creators of American Horror Story , surprised everyone making a serious antagonistic of the series that would take by name American Crime   Story , which would be based on real crimes. And like AHS , each season would deal with a different case. In their first season, they treated the case of the murder of OJ Simpson , based on Jefrey Toobin's book. But in this second phase, they will deal with the case of the renowned fashion designer Versace, which occurred in 1995.

premiere versace

The Venezuelan actor Edgar Ramírez will be the life of the deceased designer, Darren Criss , will play Andrew Cunana, meanwhile, Penelope Cruz will play Donatella Versace and to complete the picture, the singer and actor Ricky Martin will play Antonio D'Amico , who by then was the designer's partner.

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Another series that is in the sights of many is the second part of the eighth season of The   Walking   Dea d , that after all the turns and dramatic situations of the first half, many fans want to know what awaits Rick, Maggie, Carol and Daryl.

Additional news that disappointed many, is the release date of the eighth season of Games of Thrones , which will not see its first chapter until 2019, but the news is still more bitter to confirm that it will only have six episodes.

MOVIES: the most anticipated releases

As for the films, there is a top of favorites that everyone is expecting to enjoy soon, and that is that, since the release of the trailer , everyone's expectations increased disproportionately. Romance, action, drama, horror and science fiction, there is a genre for all tastes. There will be nobody who stays this year without appreciating any premiere.

For the romantic and loveable girls of a sexy billionaire, comes the final installment of the most acclaimed erotic trilogy: Fifty Shades Freed , or 50 Shadows Freed , this final chapter in the story of Anastasia Steel and Christian Gray . Those who, after the events that took place in the second installment, will begin their new married life. A Christian more in love and liberated, will try to prove to a more mature Anastasia, who has been released from its 50 shadows. The film will be available from February 9.

On the other hand, this will be the year of the superheroes , and Marvel Studios will start with their marathon of premieres from February 16 with Black Panter , which will be after the events of Captain America: Civil War . In Black Panter, you will see how King T'Challa returns to Wacanda, to find that he must form a team to protect his home and avoid a world war.

Meanwhile on April 13, will come to theaters The New Mutants , which aims to be a more serious version of what was already working in the sagas of X-men, it will come loaded with more mystery and terror, something that keeps the fans on the lookout, since the studio does not usually make this kind of movies. But, the most anticipated release of this franchise, without a doubt is The Avengers: Infinity Wars and is that in it the heroes of Marvel, must face the powerful Thanos, which aims to collect the gems of infinity. What consequence will it bring for the heroes?

On the other hand, and taking into account the wishes of fans of Harry Potter , this year Fantastic Animals returns with the second installment: The Crimes of Grinderwald . Set in 1927, it promises to narrate the adventures of Newt Scamander, a few months after the end of the first film. But the attraction of this new release, is to find the young Albus Dumbledore , who will seek the help of his former student, Newt, to prevent Grinderwald conquer the Muggle world.

Finally, one of the most anticipated animated releases of the year of series and movies, especially for children who have been waiting for 14 years, is The Incredibles 2 , which will hit theaters on June 15, 2018. weeks, the Teaser Trailer was released , where you can see little Jack Jack using his powers while his father proudly raises him. Although this Teaser has not said much about how the film will be conducted, many already consider that the wait will be worth it.

Without a doubt many Series and Movies will be released this year, some may be a complete fiasco, while others may surprise the audience. But without a doubt we must make some special mentions, as in the case of the premiere of Deadpool 2 for May 31; the reindication of Jurasic Park, with Juraric World: Fallen Kindon on June 22; Tom Raider for March 15; and we can not fail to mention the expected premiere of the spin-off Han Solo: A Star Wars History . Now it is up to the viewer to determine which will be the best Series or Film of 2018.

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