Tips that you should take into account to choose your next laptop


Tips that you should take into account to choose your next laptop

The range of laptops offered in the market today is very varied, so choosing the right laptop for you can be a very laborious process. In this article we will help you to know the most important aspects to consider when making your purchase decision.

Laptop battery

First of all, you should take into account the battery life. If you are going to use your laptop near an outlet all the time, it is not so important that you are with the full charge. However, if you are in constant motion, it might be advisable to choose a laptop with ample battery capacity or with one that is easily replaceable. It is advised that the battery has a range of 7 hours.

In addition, you must take into account that high-end laptops usually use aluminum housings, magnesium alloys or carbon fiber, which are lightweight materials that dissipate heat.


Another important consideration is the screen. The most popular sizes vary between 13 and 14 inches (for everyday tasks), 15 inches (the most popular standard, meets any kind of task) and between 17 and 18 inches (designed for graphic designers, gamers and multimedia users). The screen must offer a resolution of at least 1080p.

Processor and memory

The processor and memory are essential factors when making the purchase of a laptop. The main processors, from lowest to highest performance are: Intel Atom (basic performance and low battery consumption), Intel Celeron (to carry out basic tasks), Intel Core m3 / m5 / m7 (low power and low temperature processors) , Intel Core i3 (good performance in any task), Intel Core i5 (good performance in any task) and Intel Core i7 (more powerful range).

As for RAM, the operating system of Microsoft Windows 10 has been optimized to work on low memory laptops, although it is advisable to acquire one with at least 4GB of RAM. The high-end laptops usually have 8 GB, while the gaming 16 GB.


Another aspect to consider is the keyboard . Before purchasing a new laptop you should check that the keys are large enough for the size of your fingers. In addition, you should also check if it includes a Touch Pad, which replaces the mouse many times. As for storage, it is recommended to opt for solid SSD disks.

The connections are essential for the proper use of your laptop. That is why it must have at least one HDMI or DVI video output to be able to connect it to a monitor or television. It is also important that you have a USB 3.0 connector, for faster data exchange, as well as Bluetooth and at least 802.11n WiFi.

A factor that many buyers forget when purchasing a laptop is the technical service. Most of these products are composed of integrated parts that are not for sale or that are difficult to fix, so you must ensure that the brand offers a specialized technical service in the locality where you live.

Review of Linio's best-selling technology products

Review of Linio's best-selling technology products

Discover which were the best selling technology products of Linio Peru in August. These have been highlighted by their functions and technical characteristics, which undoubtedly achieve great performance and effectiveness in each of the tasks they perform. These items have an impressive quality; In addition, they facilitate the daily activities of their users.

What are the best selling technology products?

Hard Disk Toshiba Canvio Basics 2 TB – USB 3.0

This hard drive from Toshiba has a large storage of 2TB, enough space to save favorite multimedia content or really important work files. This equipment has a USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 connection interface, which allows easy adaptation to any equipment, achieving an optimal and fast link thanks to its 5400 Rpm rotation speed, which achieves a heavy data transfer in a short time.

Toshiba 2TB Hard Drive

In addition, this is one of the most sold technological products thanks to its comfortable dimensions: 10.92 cm long, wide: 7.87 cm and high: 1.52 cm; so it is light and compact, factor that allows a simple and practical transfer. The Toshiba hard drive is one of the most useful devices for anyone who needs a large space to transfer information. It achieves a discount of 39%, so its price remains at S / 269.00.

Apple IPhone 6 64GB – Silver

The iPhone 6 with 64 GB of storage is one of the most outstanding products. It has an A8 chip processor that allows easy adaptation to the latest generation programs. It achieves diverse processes in simultaneous, with a fast opening of windows allowing segmentation thanks to its interface.

Do you need an easy operation of the smartphone ? With its 4.7 "multitouch screen, it is possible to perform various tasks, such as minimizing options or making modifications to an image gradually. This equipment can take excellent photographs thanks to its 8 MP camera which guarantees a variety of colors with great clarity and diversity of contrasts in the images.

Iphone 6

Thanks to its operating system, it allows the user a great mobility through its interface, so when making changes they will be faster and more efficient. With a discount of 31% your price will remain at S / 759.00.

Presale – PES 19 Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 PS4

For the true fans of sports games there is nothing so rewarding as having the game first that many to appreciate all its effects and mergers. In Linio you can find the pre-sale of PES 19 Pro Evolution Soccer ; having a poster included. This launch is one of the most anticipated of the season by followers of this saga.

Enjoying an excellent graphic level and a great variety of colors, you can appreciate how this new title promises incredible performance in terms of gameplay and dynamism, as well as being one of the last games to contain the most players from different leagues. It has a discount of 42% which gives a fixed price of S / 148.00.

Pes 2019 game for PS4

Huawei P20 Lite 32GB 4GB RAM – Blue

Thanks to its versatility in adapting to the latest applications of this year and its accentuated power to process data, the Huawei P20 Lite is one of the first smart phone options for buyers. It has a Kirin 970 NPU processor; and it has functions from loading images in high definition quickly, to executing diverse processes in simultaneous with the screen fragmented into two parts.

The Huawei P20 Lite has a 5.8 "LCD screen 18: 7: 9. It is possible to visualize an extensive range of colors thanks to its FHD + ( Full View Display) mode and its 2240 x 1080 pixels; these characteristics allow us to appreciate various details in terms of approaches and dividing lines of spaces, giving a realistic and more detailed touch. Its front camera of 24 MP, with f / 2.0, has integrated the notch, which facilitates the capture of images so that its approach is much more stable. You will find this mobile device with a discount of 34% and its stable price is S / 917.00.

Huawei P20 Lite Blue

Chromecast 2nd Generation HDMI Streaming – Black

Streaming series are now possible on any TV, thanks to the 2nd Generation Chromecast , which has the ability to transmit up to 1080p. This represents a possibility to appreciate the cinema or documentaries in HDMI. These devices have an incredible adaptation to any HD TV, so that this product allows to diversify the content of the users, maintaining a different interaction.

2nd generation Chromecast

This in one of the most sold technological products thanks to its adaptation with various state-of-the-art equipment. It can be found with a discount of 45% leaving its price at S / 157.50.

In any case, many of these products enjoy state-of-the-art technology, so their adaptation to advanced equipment is fully synchronized; In addition to satisfying many needs of users, facilitating daily tasks or can simply be used as entertainment media. Turning them into the best selling technology products of this season.

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The savings while food purchases are made


The savings while food purchases are made

It is no secret to anyone that the economic recession worldwide has brought as a consequence the adjustment in the consumption budget of each household and that is why today we have for you a series of recommendations that will be very useful to encourage savings and Give your money a better use. The first thing you should do is organize yourself, plan the meals of the week so that you know what you are going to buy and in what quantities, that will make the purchase faster, more precise and avoid falling into temptations.

Of course, in savings there may be room for improvisation because when you go to make the purchase there may be last minute changes, due to the prices or existence of the products, do not worry because you can replace them with others. Also consider the following: those products that you use daily in the preparation of your food such as oil and salt, it is better that you buy it in larger presentations because it will last longer, avoid buying it from time to time and even spend more than necessary.

spend little on food

What can I buy?

Analyze the possibility of buying non-perishable items to the largest because there are stores that offer a better price if you carry larger quantities, which translates into savings. Some of these foods are frozen, dried, canned, items for your hygiene and your home, among others.

For its part, the beans are rich, healthy and a great source of fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are yielding and cheaper than some proteins, the same happens with eggs. In the case of bananas, cassava and potatoes are products that feed and work as alternatives cheaper than pasta or rice, for example. They are versatile because they allow various forms of preparation such as boiled, grilled, baked or fried. One suggestion is that you exchange these foods during the week to give variety to your menu, because saving is not synonymous with boredom.

To save on the need to take some time, search and compare product costs in the different supermarkets so that you can choose the best offer in the market and do not lose sight of the promotions because they are good opportunities to save money. Keep in mind that there are products of the season that are available at a better price and that the important thing is to achieve a balance between good food and costs. Remember that prices vary depending on the presentation and brands. cheap food

Other tips that favor saving

Do not waste or waste resources, do not throw food away because in some cases it can be refrigerated in containers and then consumed. There are preparations that instead of buying them, you can make them directly and save costs. Also, research about low-cost recipes or that do not require many ingredients.

Try that your pantry has compartments that allow you to see each of the items you have available. In the case of the refrigerator try to locate them strategically to better visualize and make the most of them avoiding buying products that you already had.

saving 4

In the case of products that are not durable and that lose their freshness quickly, do not buy in large quantities if you are not going to consume them because they can be damaged and you need to throw them away. If you are eating very generous portions, try to reduce them – especially the calories – a little but you feel that you agree and it generates the feeling of fullness.

Tips for buying the ideal engagement rings

Tips for buying the ideal engagement rings

The engagement rings are part of a tradition in Peru, this should be placed on the ring finger of the left hand, since the vein of love, also known as vein amoris, extends from that finger to the heart giving it a symbolic meaning and romantic that represents the union. However, over time, certain debates have arisen about what is the right hand.

Usually, the gentleman gives the lady the ring as a request of her hand after having had a time of engagement in which they could know better and are ready to take the next step towards the altar . When using it, it is understood that the commitment has been accepted and, depending on the culture, the tradition changes, for example, in some countries a gift is given to the man in response to the engagement ring like a watch .

commitment alliances

Recommendations prior to buying the ring

If you are interested in buying the long awaited jewel, the first thing is to know what your budget is and start looking for different prices, materials, colors and styles to know what you prefer. It is important that you have an idea of ​​your partner's tastes so that the selection is accurate and also, to inquire about the size of your finger, it is essential that it is not tight, but not so loose as to leave easily,   If you have the possibility, take one of the rings that your girlfriend uses frequently and take it to the jewelry store so that they can advise you with the size.

As a reference, the most frequent measures of gentlemen are from 8 to 14 and ladies from 5 to 7, however, some stores give you the option to adjust the size in case it does not fit. If you are a man who does not want to skimp on the engagement ring, keep in mind the carat of the stone, the clarity, the color, the shape: pear, marquise, radiant, cushion, round, heart, etc. and the cut, since it must have good brightness and light reflection.

wedding rings

If you want something more personalized, you can design it or engrave it with the date or other important information for the couple and if you are going to pay an important amount because you want a ring with diamonds, it is good that you request the certificate of authenticity, the guarantee of the garment and that even think about insuring it in case you consider it necessary.

Suggestions on the materials of the engagement rings

The titanium that gives resistance, a cheaper price and, generally, they are simple since they are not very worked. Palladium is rare and ideal for people who prefer white, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and durable jewelry. Platinum is a strong precious metal that does not wear easily, with a high level of clarity, maintains its gloss and satin finish, although it is more expensive. Gold, which is a very popular solid metal, simple to polish and repair, resistant to rust, but the intensity of the color is variable.

However, there are people who tend to use the silver engagement ring, leaving gold for marriage alliances .

Types of engagement rings

Princess cut is modern and its shape is square. Solitaire ring of 4 or 6 settings, depending on the size of the stone, because the bigger it is, the more it will require fixing to the mount. Halo ring is a classic model, frequent among the stars of the show and royalty, which is structured by a central stone surrounded by small diamonds, providing a unity effect.

If it makes you feel comfortable, take a close friend or family member of you or your girlfriend with whom you have confidence to exchange ideas and help you choose the right jewel for this commitment for which you have been waiting. Surprise your partner!

3 recipes for homemade desserts, simple and delicious

3 recipes for homemade desserts, simple and delicious

Who does not like something sweet at some time of the day? Most people like to sweeten their palate with delicious desserts at mid-afternoon or after finishing their meals and that is why we bring you simple recipes to make and in which you will not have to invest much time or money in its preparation but that will delight everyone with an explosion of seductive and appetizing flavors.

Oatmeal cookies, among the desserts ideal for any occasion

To make tasty cookies, you need: 2 cups of flour, ½ teaspoon of salt, 1 ½ of sugar, ¾ cup of unsalted butter, 1 tablespoon of vanilla extract, 1 egg, 1 cup of raisins, 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1 ½ cups of corn flakes. If you wish, you can add chocolate chips.

The procedure for this dessert is as follows: Beat the previously melted butter with sugar, vanilla, cinnamon and eggs. Subsequently, add the flour and stir until the mixture is homogeneous. Incorporates oats and raisins; Once the dough is ready, make small balls that will be placed on a baking sheet – which has been prepared in advance with waxed paper – and then placed in the oven at a temperature of 325 degrees Fahrenheit for an estimated time of 15 minutes.

All the preparation takes no more than 30 minutes and reaches 40 units for the children's snack for its nutritional content and an appetizing companion during a movie or reading a good book. You can place them in glass jars to keep them and even turn out to be a nice gift for a friend or special being to eat with a frothy coffee.

homemade desserts

Surprise everyone when you get an informal meeting, birthday or celebration with great culinary options like the one below. Make a difference with a special flavor and beautiful presentation that you can share among several people to make the moment, something memorable.

Great alternative among tropical desserts: Lemon or passion fruit pie

For citrus lovers this dessert will be exquisite and the ingredients you must have are: 2 cups of biscuit. ½ cup of melted butter, 1 can of condensed milk, ½ cup of lemon juice or passion fruit, 4 eggs and ¾ of sugar. The preparation yields up to 6 servings and will not take more than 45 minutes in its preparation.

The process comprises of 3 fundamental steps: the preparation of the dough, the filling and the meringue cover. For the first you should crush the cookies and add the butter; then, cover the mold with this mixture and bring to the oven for 15 minutes a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the filling you should mix the condensed milk with the egg yolks and the lemon juice in a container, then pour it on the crust that was baked before.

In relation to the meringue, what you should do is beat the egg whites with the sugar until it is about to snow and distribute evenly over the foot. We suggest you introduce the foot for a few minutes in the oven to give it that golden and provocative tone.

sweet recipes

Banana Split for those who prefer to refresh

For those who like something colder but equally seductive, this dessert will enchant them and they will want to repeat it. What you will need are 5 bananas, 5 servings of ice cream, whipped cream to your liking, chocolate syrup or other flavor and if you want incorporate chopped fruits. In just 20 minutes you can taste it between approximately 5 people.

The procedure begins by peeling the bananas and placing them on a container, add the portions of ice cream on the sides of the bananas and on them, the chopped fruit with the whipped cream and the syrup. Ready to eat!

banana split Remember that to maintain a healthy and balanced diet you should eat the desserts in moderation.

3 most used gadgets that you can not stop having

3 most used gadgets that you can not stop having

Technology has become a tool that helps people to facilitate their day to day, so that certain tasks are easier and the work is optimized. For this reason, many gadgets serve as support during certain specific activities.

Some devices are more complex than others, however, all have a particular goal, either for entertainment or to make your life easier, gadgets have become tools that have unwittingly become part of people's lives in a way inseparable.

For the fans of technology, these devices will always be indispensable tools since their evolution is constant and they are always innovating their functions.

What are the gadgets you must have?

Photography is one of the things that give shine unforgettable moments, or spectacular scenarios from anywhere in the world. Many people do not miss the opportunity to capture a photo and get it instantly.

Instax Mini9 Camera with a Mirror – Light Blue

This fabulous gadget has as its main function to print the photograph instantly , so that the user can visualize it on a photographic paper and collect moments without the tedious process of passing information to the computer.

This camera is the improved model of an old design, becoming one of the most used modern devices, however, it adheres to the original concept that is to take a photograph and print it at the time after the capture. At first this device was not interesting to the public, however, little by little it became popular because of its practical functionality.


Camera with instant photos.

One of the details of this camera, which was received with open arms, was the size, because by measuring 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm it represents dimensions that are quite manageable for people and that makes it competitive with photographs taken by the mobile.

This represented a very favorable advantage when taking a selfie , since managing the device with one hand is not a problem thanks to its light weight, in addition to having a shutter: 1 / 60s, which captures clear and clean photos, without details of movement that distort the image.

It is important to note that this team can take pictures in the dark thanks to its effective range of flash: 0.6m – 2.7m, which accentuates the dark backgrounds and highlights the details of shadows achieving a constant sharpness in each captured photo.

GoPro Hero 5 Session 4K camera

The recording of extreme sports or any activity that requires a fluid and constant movement was never easier than with this continuous recording device, since its specialty is moving images.

Similarly, this gadget has a vision of 150 degrees that allows you to collect information from different perspectives to achieve excellent videos or photographic captures.

This camera has a resolution of 4K30 / 1440P60 / 1080P90 which allows to collect information with a high quality during the performance of high speed activities, such as extreme sports, mountain bikes, or parachute jumps. The colors are scanned and projected realistically during recording.

Your camera allows you to record videos distinguishing shadows and light, defining images with higher quality; accentuating the most important details, without visual obstacles such as sun spots or zonzas 'burned' by the light.

The performance of these devices can reach about 9 continuous hours, thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery , which has the ability to collect information for an extended period of time, without interruptions.

In the same way, this device has properties of voice control commands, to perform certain indications, such as taking photographs during a video, pausing an image or starting to record. In addition to the moment the battery is finished the device is giving alerts to warn the user of the power capacity of the device.

Google – Chromecast 2nd Generation HDMI Streaming – Black

The transmission of streaming series will no longer be a problem thanks to this device that became one of the most used gadgets to view online content on TVs. It is only necessary to have a strong 5 flips for it to work properly.

The applications Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Google Play are some of the ones that can be visited with the help of this small device connected to some source of transmission, be it a television, or a computer.

This device brings with it a high definition cable capable of projecting high quality images on any HDTV, which represents an opportunity for many users during its use.

It has the ability to connect the user on music platforms such as Spotify, which works online , without problems in its transmission during its screening.

These gadgets are technological items that have been highlighted by their sales and acceptance rates among Peruvians. Testing them will be enough to show how useful and entertaining they are.

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Dress well with little money how to achieve looks that impact?

Dress well with little money how to achieve looks that impact?

Wanting to be well dressed for less money, will always be one of the biggest expectations of people who like fashion. Although it seems impossible, dressing well is easy to achieve, it is only necessary to know those elements that provide this final result of class and elegance.

The most important thing to achieve good clothes using little money is to know what to buy or rescue from the back of the closet. It is a myth that you need mountains of money to get quality clothes. Low cost fashion has been the main driver of the saying "with less money you can do more".

Many celebrity stylists have expressed that in this area the purchasing power of a person does not matter, if you have the money you can buy everything you want, but that does not guarantee that you have style when dressing. In social networks, you can see the influencers that encourage their followers to buy in Chinese online stores or buy those jeans on sale that nobody wants.

Tips to achieve good clothes with little money

Understand that you can get quality clothes for less price, often a difficult idea to conceive. The first thing you need to know is that you must invest correctly in what you buy.

With this first idea, you have a world of possibilities to look good without spending a fortune. Buy items such as a basic jeans or T – shirt, help form a wardrobe that will allow an infinite number of combinations. Although fashion can change overnight, the basics will always be those that save any woman's day.

Know which garments to buy

Know what clothes to buy

If you have clothes that have gone out of style or are a little old, you can give them a new look. It is not necessary to throw anything away. A maxi dress can become a jumpsuit in seconds, and the excess cloth can be used to make a scarf or even a turban.

This does not mean that to look good with little money you have to discard the idea of ​​buying some things, but you have to know how to choose quality and well-made clothes. A classic black coat will always be essential. The same goes for shoes. Classic shoes can always be used much more than seasonal ones.

Invest in accessories

Invest in accessories

And as the popular saying goes, "accessories are the best friends". Investing in them can help you dress well. A white shirt and a black jacket combine perfectly with gold accessories . Above all, what are chocker type. Also, it is not necessary to go to a store and buy it, you can always do it as a DIY project or buy it online.

Some combinations that cause crushes

Search online stores help visualize the sets that can be achieved, sometimes, there are pieces that cause love at first sight. The important thing is to know that you need to buy to complement what you already have in the closet.

If you have black pants and you want to always look good with them, you can buy a white shirt, either shirt or shirt, and it will be even better if you have any detail that makes untie. If you are in the cold season or will be out at night, you can wear a jacket above the men. This will help add points to the look and make anyone look good.

Wear a coat on your shoulders

Wear a coat on your shoulders

Skirts and stockings is a combination that is becoming trend again. All mothers have a skirt of the nineties that they kept for nostalgia. It's time to rescue her and use her with black stockings and high heels or even booties. The plus that this look needs to look expensive can be focused on the accessories. A small wallet with a chain like strap and a watch, will make that anyone can be refined for any casual occasion.

Betting on white and black will represent an important part of the wardrobe. It is impossible for someone to look bad when using these tonalities. If you want to add some color, a pink sweater with high-rise pants, will combine perfectly. In addition, with sports shoes and an elegant bag, it is ready for any occasion.

Combine the glamm and sport style

Combine the glam and sport style

Finally, the glam and the sport come together. So it is not uncommon to see very elegant items, such as a silver sequined jacket, along with leggings and sports shoes. Even the opposite happens, a high-trousers dress with a shirt, often this has some type of recorded message, which completely breaks with the classic scheme that is expected when using this type of garments.

To look good you can use little money, it is not necessary to spend so much to have style. That is one of the most important rules that must be taken into account when buying.

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What accessories do I need to exercise at home?


What accessories do I need to exercise at home?

Summer is already around the corner, however, it is never too late to take action and achieve the beach body you are looking for with exercise.

The first thing you should know is that for a corporal transformation, 70% is based on a correct diet and 30% on physical activity. Today we will talk about that 30% and what you can do from home.

The famous cardiovascular exercise

Sometimes we think that to do cardiovascular exercise we demand a lot of time, that we must leave home or that we need to invest in some expensive machine to achieve it, but the good news is that you need little equipment with very simple routines.

To start you have the following options:

Jump rope

jump rope

jump rope

This exercise gives you strength, endurance, balance and is a very effective and simple way to exercise and lose weight at home.


step at home

step at home

With a few minutes, a step and good music you can do cardio and start a new workout of maximum intensity that will allow you to burn calories. With this type of exercise you will not get bored and you will improve coordination, concentration and lose weight. Dare to try it!

The powerful exercises of strength

There are the famous bands and a simple wheel that together serve to work your muscles, these fitness accessories will give you an incredible result with little investment, you just have to give them the opportunity to show you what they are capable of achieving in you with only a little time and you win from home.

strength exercises

strength exercises

With the bands you can exercise abdominals , arms, chest, legs, glutes and with the wheel you can alternate your routines and get a better six pack. You can also complete your accessories with a yoga mat that you can take wherever you want to exercise and always.

abdominals at home

abdominals at home

So if you are looking for an impact body, start activating yourself, remember that if you are a beginner you start with routines with little weight.

Develop creativity to achieve better results

Develop creativity to achieve better results

Developing creativity is a strategy that will allow any person to have better results in each area of ​​their life. To begin with, according to psychologists, creativity is a capacity that allows generating new ideas and finding novel solutions to life's problems. It can arise from nothing or create an environment where it can germinate in a more satisfactory way.

There are certain strategies that can be carried out to develop creativity correctly. In work environments, this skill is very helpful and is often highly valued by executives.

A young child is extremely creative, if you give him two straight lines and a point, he will develop infinities of shapes, drawings and even stories. In contrast, the same exercise is different in adults. This is not because, as they grow up, adults become less creative, it's just that there are two factors that make them shy of new ideas.

Creative ideas

Creative ideas

Fear is the fundamental factor that blocks creativity. Adults fear not to be original or that others judge their contributions. On the other hand, they worry about looking like an impostor or that their ideas do not please everyone. As a solution, it only remains to face and overcome these obstacles.

On the other hand, trying to be a perfectionist often avoids the full development of creativity. Many adults lose their way pursuing this ideal, forgetting that it is just that, a hypothetical. Perfectionism does not exist and the beauty of life is centered on experiencing.

Strategies to develop creativity

In order to develop creativity, many experts assure that some small activities must be put into practice. The first one is a Brainstorm, which basically consists of writing everything you think about a topic. It is best to do it on paper, so a good option is always to have a notebook to write on hand . This strategy works both in groups and alone, it is very helpful, especially when there are many alternatives.

Another strategy that will allow the development of creativity which was designed by the famous Walt Disney . Therefore, it bears his name is the Disney Strategy. This is about approaching an idea from three points of view: the dreamer, the critic and the realist. The dreamy side will always contain the craziest ideas; the second side is the most critical and inflexible, always despising the ideas of the dreamer side; finally, the realistic vision, gathers the information of the two previous ones, so that it finds the middle point to develop an idea.

Strategies to increase creativity

Strategies to increase creativity

It is important to consider that each person is born with the ability to be creative, but it is also an element that develops. All the techniques to encourage creativity agree on something common: the person. Which will be responsible for carrying out and working their skills daily to work properly.

From all this a third strategy is derived to develop creativity efficiently, the strategy of the three mentors . As in the previous case, an idea is reviewed from three points of view, but instead of those proposed by Walt Disney, three characters are chosen: a first real character that inspires respect, a famous person who is respected for some reason and, finally, a fictional character that inspires respect.

Then with closed eyes, the person must imagine that it is each one of those characters. You can walk, talk or have a coffee with that character. In this way we seek to reach the solutions that the character would take in case of facing a problem. The important thing is to go through the three characters and write down the answers that each one would give.

Keys that help maintain a creative mind

There is no pure creativity, every "original" idea comes from another idea that someone already patented. The lack of creativity is due to not working formally to establish a strategy or keys that help to develop this resource correctly.

So you have to lose the fear of copying others . The greatest artists began their careers watching and learning from others. Although the idea is not to plagiarize , but to inspire an idea that another person had.

Therefore, it is important that you always work with people more talented than one to develop creativity. The important thing is to learn, which begins by being humble and listening to the approaches of others. Sometimes a good idea can arise in a group. On the other hand, you can share ideas with others, this will generate feedback that can later help to promote a brainstorm.

Share your ideas with others

Share your ideas with others

Sometimes, you have to get away from certain things , such as computers and the Internet. In this virtual environment, there are infinities of projects, ideas and solutions that can block someone's creativity. In addition, it represents a constant series of distractions. The best thing to think about is finding a quiet space.

Finally, we must forget to contribute as many ideas as possible. Creativity often arises when proposals are eliminated instead of adding them. So you should seek to clean and simplify each aspect that arises, moving away from the obvious. The best is a simple idea.

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Control your time: know how to choose a stylish clock


Control your time: know how to choose a stylish clock

Time is one of the reasons why you should look for a better style in accessories for your daily outfit , everyone will want to see what you wear as a bracelet. Maybe for you it turns out to be a bit difficult to invest in a wristwatch only to think that it may be an unscheduled expense, but what you do not know is that there are a variety of options for you to worry more about the design or style of it instead of being aware of the value of the garment that you will wear. Time is always going to deserve an ideal place in your daily style.

The size is important

When you're one step deciding on the clock d and hand you'll add to your wardrobe clothes, think very well on the size of it, that that should not be small on the wrist, and as very important tips, straps they should not extend beyond the circumference of your hand. To avoid not being comfortable with the accessory, try to be the one who dedicates part of your time to choose it. Be the investor of your own style, be part of the change you want others to experience from you.

Watch in vogue

Certainly there is a diversity of brands in the market, competing for who offers the best designs, one of the ones you can get in our watch special is Michael Kors , his designs have been much sought after by lovers of good accessories. The positive of these models is that they are mostly unisex and you can buy one for you and for a special person. Diversity of colors and infinity of attributes is what characterizes them.

It is not necessary for you to make hasty decisions when choosing the watch that will accompany you for a while, in the watch special of Linio you can take the time and think well depending on what you want, so you can feel the freedom of Take home the product that will most fit you or the person who will receive it.


Digital or Analog?

You know what brand is in vogue, what features are important but now the question arises what kind of watch you like. That's where you start thinking if you'll decide for an Analog Watch or simply prefer a digital one. Start by taking into account what you want and for who you want it, that will help you define that important point.

The digital watches are more youthful or perfect for sports, going to a picnic or maybe to take it to the beach. Although there are models like the digital Casio that have come back with strength and are a real trend to show your most casual style. On the other hand, analog watches are those of a lifetime, easy you can remember your grandparents or people who marked your life, and immediately you will come to mind a sphere of needles, but with the advance of technology, you will be able to find them a bit more modern.

Regardless of the reason that has led you to choose a watch, be it for a masculine gift, a feminine one or perhaps for the smallest of the house, beauty is the one that is going to fulfill a very fundamental role, regardless of age or age. social role that the person fulfills. A real gift for anyone, and of course for yourself! There's nothing like giving yourself a new opportunity once in a while. You are in the perfect place, Linio Peru will take you to live a new experience.