Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: a classic now on Nintendo 3DS

pokémon sun & moon- linio

Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: a classic now on Nintendo 3DS

The most anticipated video game for Nintendo 3DS , Pokémon, which was finally launched on November 18 in our country, but what is the most exciting of this game that kept a great expectation for lovers of this saga? Next, we will briefly detail the most important points that this game brings out.

Like the deliveries of this character, this game captures the attention of all the gamers who fervently follow the saga. And this year the franchise turns 20 years since its launch in 1996, one of the reasons why fans speculated that the creative company of Pokémon was going to develop a much more elaborate game with new features.

The History of Pokémon

Each installment of this game has high expectations regarding the new region in which it will develop, the initial pokémon (those from which you will choose one to start the adventure), the legendary pokémon and the new evolutions of some known pokémon. Now, the story takes place in the Alola archipelago, which contains Hawaiian characteristics, both its geography and its population.

It all starts when your character moves to this new region and decides to start his adventure as a trainer and you can choose your first partner between: Rowlet, Litten and Popplio.

It should be noted that this new game has many new features such as the new game mode, that you do not have to beat gym leaders to enter aliga, but now you have to overcome challenges and defeat the so-called " Kahuna " who are those chosen by the pokémon known as Guardian Deities.

Not all are pokémons

Another novelty, is that in addition to pokémons, we will have the presence of beings called "Ultraentes", that despite having revealed some of their identities; its origin, skills and reason for being are still a mystery. It is only said that they have great power, of which the pokémon and humans fear them.

Additionally, within the battles you may have, you may cross paths with some coaches, and you may even fight against Red or Blue; Two powerful and legendary trainers known by all fans of the saga. On the other hand, some pokémon will have a variation in their appearance due to the conditions of the region such as Vulpix, Exeggutor, etc.

Finally, a new evolutionary mode has been added to the game that occurs when a strong bond develops between the coach and the Pokémon, causing the latter to incur a momentary evolution in full battle. Obviously, this new evolution makes the Pokémon's skills increase, being able to get you out of trouble in a battle.

We invite you to try and throw yourself into this adventure which you can not regret if you like the franchise.

Where can you get it? You can find both versions in Linio . If this is the first time you play this type of video game , do not worry. You will first go through the tutorials to set the game mode and become an expert in the field.


Look with horsetail: alternatives for each day

Look with horsetail: alternatives for each day

A hair tail is one of those alternatives for those women who want to look fresh and youthful, without the need to invest a lot of time in difficult or elaborate hairstyles. A good look with a ponytail will depend, to a large extent, on the combination of good makeup and fashionable attire appropriate to the occasion and the time of day.

This hairstyle is very versatile and with many variants; To achieve a proper appearance it is necessary to maintain good hair care. This is only possible when using the best products according to type: fat, wavy, dry, brittle or smooth. Hair strands are also favorite hairstyles for mothers when it comes to making a simple hairstyle for girls.

Look with ponytail for the diary:

One of the styles most used by girls lately is the ponytail with braid , it is very simple to do for a day of shopping, walking or just to be at home doing routine activities. To do it, start with a traditional French braid, from the sides and join until the end of the hair, to end up tied with a garter.

Another look with a ponytail that can not be missed among the options for the diary is one that goes from the side, can be used both in a casual meeting and in a formal party during the evening hours. To do it, comb the hair to one side and tie it with a ribbon.

The tail of romantic hair is for those cool days and in which comfortable clothes are used to go out to take a breath or to enjoy nature. To do this, the hair is unraveled, then a high ponytail is made, covered with a garter, a tuft is taken and rolled to cover the previous bun. In one of its variants, a simple braid is used on one side of the head and even very well when combined with a headband.

Hair tail styles

If what you want is to look really different, but authentic and feminine, a pigtail with toupee is the best option for those days of rebellious or oily hair. To make this style, take a thick hair and comb it from top to bottom, as this will make it look much brighter and more voluminous; Finally, a high ponytail is made. For an informal day, it is advisable to use a scarf to complete the outfit.

The tail with toupee is also used with bangs, this modality tends to be one of the most used by girls. Just take a lock of hair from the top and separate it from the rest, make a simple pigtail behind and then take a comb so that the lock is lifted. Later, the hair is tied with some hairpins , and voila, a completely different look .

The half tails will never go out of style, because regardless of when they are used, they make the girls look feminine and authentic. To make this simple hairstyle, the hair is divided into two halves, one upper and one lower, the upper part is taken and a garter is placed; the part that remains loose can be smooth with the help of the iron so that it feels more formal and fixed.

Loops or waves can make a simple ponytail change radically. To achieve this effect you can use both the iron and a modeler, both options are valid and achieve a different effect on the hairstyle. It should be noted that when it comes to this style it is recommended that the bow is as high as possible, so that it is seen with greater volume.

Hairstyles with pigtails

Recommendations for a look with ideal ponytail:

The first thing that should be done for a perfect tail is to completely untangle all the hair, this is the same for girls who have it long as for those who have it short. You can use some products to improve the appearance of the hairstyle, there are many varieties that are available in the market. However, it is advisable to use a cream or spray fixative to make the hairstyle last all day, in addition it will bring shine and a silky sensation to the hair. Some girls prefer a more rebellious or disheveled style, to achieve this they only have to make the hair look with more volume, for that they can use a comb or even their hands. The tips of the damage and frizz must be protected before using the dryer, the iron or the curling iron . One option is to use a few drops of silicone before applying the heat.

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Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair is usually curly and difficult to handle, but not impossible. More and more women want to have this type of style, so they resort to tricks to make the curls. But those who have this hair in a natural way, should take care day after day with him, deciding if they perform a treatment to subdue him or let him flow naturally.

But, oddly enough, this type of hair was not always in trend. At least until the 1950s, women who had this hair, especially women of color, used to straighten it. When the Black is Beautiful movement emerged in the 60s, both men and women began to wear their wonderful curls with honor.

The beauty of curly hair

Curly Hair Beauty

Over time, curly hair became a hallmark of people fighting for the rights of African Americans. But at the beginning of the decade of the 70s, this brand was losing due to the fact that fashion adopted Afro hair as a symbol of disco music.

Even so, in recent years, many women have begun to show their curly hair with pride. Either to refer to their African-American roots or because they are proud of having it and want to show it to the world. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of it correctly.

Some basic care for afro hair

As Afro hair is curly, it must receive a very meticulous care, both when combing it and when washing it. In addition, it is usually very easy to entangle, so combing it is a complicated task. That's why it's important to use your fingers or thick-toothed comb , so you'll avoid splitting the strand of hair.

When untangling it , it is important to use water, oil or hydrating masks. You have to be patient and very careful not to hurt the scalp. One piece of advice is to establish a schedule to comb the hair, giving two to three days a week to do this work. First with the fingers and then with a thick comb.

On the other hand, this type of hair is very porous, which means that, when applying any treatment, it will absorb it more quickly than a smooth one, but it will not be able to retain said treatment for a long time. That's why you should constantly hydrate. You can prepare a mask with a avocado, an egg, olive oil and a spoonful of honey. All this mixes very well and is applied throughout the hair. Letting it act for 30 minutes and if you want to see more results, you can use a bathing cap.

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Some women recommend wetting the hair with a water spray throughout the day. Another option is to use a non-rinsing conditioner or a styling cream. After hydration, a good idea is to seal it so that the afro hair does not lose moisture so fast. So you can apply natural oils after the mask.

At the time of washing you should try to use a specific shampoo for afro hair. If you do not have one of this type, you must take care that the product applied is free of sulfates, so you will avoid losing your natural oils and look drier.

Some hairstyles to help care for curly hair

It is a myth that extended that this guy is usually not easy to comb. But the truth is that there is the same amount of hairstyle as those of a smooth one. In addition, comb or braid it, protects it and gives it shape.

If you wear it short , you can wear it with style and look great with a modern outfit . First, you can play with hair styling. This will have a modern cut that will not go unnoticed. On the other hand, you can play with colored hairpins, pick up hair in a kind of mohican and decorate it with hairpins.

Afro with mohican

Afro with Mohicano

If you have the length of a considerable length , you can make traces or collected. For a simple collection, all the hair is carried to the highest part of the head, there it can be held with a thick bow. The hair will fall naturally and will be beautiful if a cloth headband or a handkerchief is used.

Braids are another option for this type of hair and can be made boxer style or loose. The boxer braids can be lengthened with the help of extensions and if they are of a different color to the natural tone of the hair, much better. Another type of very popular strands are the Twist Havanas , since they are made very easily by simply winding two strands of hair.

Wear curls with style

Wear curls with style

Whichever style you choose, Afro hair is a great accessory that can show off with great pride.

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Pepper the guide robot: discover the past with the help of the future

Pepper the guide robot: discover the past with the help of the future

Technology is constantly evolving in different branches, and in recent years has been given a special push to robotics, reaching to facilitate daily tasks to people, either at home or outdoors. One of the most curious prototypes, without a doubt Pepper is the guide robot ; which is responsible for accompanying visitors at the Smithsonian Museum in the United States .

Pepper is specially designed to provide information on various historical events as well as anecdotes of events that are of interest to tourists or students.

What can Pepper the guide robot do?

Direct interaction

This android does not consist of a fixed system of repetition, so that it can establish a direct communication with the public when answering questions and looking at its listener, which allows to perceive it in a more pleasant way during the historical tours in the museum, of the same mode has the ability to establish a friendly link with visitors under age, being more friendly and pleasant.



Thanks to its speaker technology located on the head and back, it can detect a human being three meters away, providing the opportunity to create a bond with him without the need to touch it.

One of the most important features of Pepper the guide robot , is the possibility of establishing a different relationship with all users, offering more precise details to those who are interested. This detail was received with open arms by many, since it was not a specific script but its programming allows you to play different tips according to the curiosity of each touristic group.

"By interacting with visitors to the museum, Pepper can give you information about different exhibitions. The robot will help guide the educational experience through the Smithsonian in a unique way that perhaps otherwise the visitors would have been lost. "

– Steve Carlin, Director of Strategy at Softbank   Robotics

In its chest it has a touch screen which allows you to choose the theme of your preference, which gives Pepper the possibility to guide the robot with more focus on details of the story. For example, if a user chooses World War II by topic, the android will show historical images about the event, which will progressively progress in relation to the explanation.

The robot has a camera on its forehead, a very useful tool to identify the features of the user by evaluating age and providing images according to it, avoiding to project videos or very graphic photographs for children, also ensures that the tour is interactive and dynamic for a younger audience while for the adult it provides more detailed information.

"When you meet Pepper, you can not help but smile"

– Rachel Goslins, Director of the Arts and Industry Building

One of the great attractions of this robot is artificial intelligence , which allows you to identify situations such as; be captured in a photograph, so it will pose for it with a series of predetermined movements, which can be sympathetic or showing strength, at the same time Pepper the guide robot can recognize body expressions and imitate them by posing for a selfie .

Grace to its design of 1.20 meters and weight of 28 kgs   can be a friendly and unthreatening figure, especially for the young audience, projecting more colorful images and much more animated content during each presentation of famous sculptures or popular paintings. Being an element of great importance during any tour or relevant exhibition in the Smithsonian Museum .

Pepper robot

Pepper robot

It has the ability to communicate in 21 languages including Spanish, to cover a wider audience and project different expressions such as happiness, emotion or fear, depending on the story that is narrating, helping users to get involved in the story in a way more interactive

One of the elements that most attracts the attention of users, is the possibility of the android to deal with people with different disabilities: for children or adults with low intellectual abilities or autism, has a more dynamic behavior, supported by images or videos.

For users with motor disabilities can go at a slower pace, and while the user moves the robot provides historical information.


This robot has detailed information of the facilities of the Smithsonian Museum , so it provides very accurate information when requesting any address, from the place of a specific Exhibition to the locations of the bathrooms, so it is usually located at the entrance of the institute. to receive visitors.

Anyway, Pepper the guide robot teaches us the advances of technology and the relationship of machines with people, which little by little are incorporated into reality providing more enjoyable and diverse experiences, collaborating with the performance of different daily tasks, as well as the integration of the robot in public spaces in order to support the execution of activities.

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Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods are a powerful tool to get the best pictures. One has the idea that these devices are used only by professionals, and that it is difficult to use and transport them. Here we expose the 5 best options for photo enthusiasts.

Tripods for compact cameras

More and more people are deciding to invest in sport or Reflex cameras . All these options ensure an incredible image quality for a comfortable price. Among the favorites, are those marked GoPro, Nikon, Canon and Sony. These gadgets have a great potential that you must learn to use to have the best results.


Specialized in sports cameras. This small device has the possibility of converting its three legs into a single control, which has a comfortable handle to use while doing other activities. Its different folds help capture different angles and its low angle shooting stabilizer ensures good shots in both video and photographs.


It is a tripod with a stabilizing head to give the camera all the support and precision of professional shots. Easy to install and adaptable to any body, this extension can be used to record in different positions and always obtain a stable shot. Favorite tool for making amateur films.

Tripods for cell phones

Technology has advanced to such a high point that most mid-range and high-end cell phones have an impressive photographic quality. You can now find smartphones with cameras up to 19 MP, which ensures fantastic shots from the comfort of a mobile phone.


The favorite of many for its functionality, size and design. This tripod is 100% transportable and adapts to momentary needs. It is perfect for travel and some models have a remote control that allows you to take pictures without the need to ask for help. The versatility in its legs makes it adapt to any surface and no snapshots leave moved.

Panoramic 360 °

A camera base that can be adapted to cell phones and sports cameras. Its innovation lies in the possibility of turning it with a remote control at 360 and 90 degrees. In this way the landscapes and panoramic photos will not suffer any kind of oversight, since the shot can be done with bluetooth technology.


Designed to stand on straight surfaces, the desktop tripod can be used in classes or conferences where it is worth recording what happened. It will be necessary for live broadcasts that are captured with professional quality.

Tripods are functional tools for taking pictures. They exist of all shapes and sizes to adapt to any equipment. If you are looking for a more professional level, you can find accessories to start a small photography business or simply for the pleasure of capturing the best moments. Do not forget to give constant maintenance to the lenses so that the quality is constant. For cell phones, specialized applications can be downloaded to get better portraits.

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How to have successful and lasting relationships?

How to have successful and lasting relationships?

Knowing how to forgive, accept mistakes and try to improve failures are some of the elements that can guarantee the success of relationships.

Generally there are many questions and questions about how to maintain relationships in harmony and for this, one of the essential keys is honest and open communication about any topic, since it allows you to better know what you want or feel, as well as understand the perspective of the other person especially, when there are conflicts.

Communication is a vital element to not create resentment in the couple, and clarifying the differences at the right time can prevent later, through offenses or insults bring up differences of the past, that is why a communication starting from the Trust and love can allow you to find a point of agreement. In addition, tolerance and even giving in are sometimes aspects that can make a difference so that two people can feel full.

In the sexual field it is also important to understand, not only to get pleasure, but to connect on another level, trying to have the time and space to enjoy the intimacy of a couple, as well as fostering passion and complicity. essential elements for a relationship to succeed, which translates into happiness for both parties.

Couple relationships

In a relationship, it is necessary to allow the other person to have their own space, not to generate emotional dependence , to preserve individuality and to value moments together more. Showing empathy for the other person by having an interest in listening to their approaches, interests, problems and needs is a way to get along better, and to provide the support that as a couple is necessary in all areas of the relationship.

A sincere choice of the couple far from the pressures of society, together with admiration and respect are fundamental in a healthy relationship. It is good to have realistic expectations and not expect to be loved every day with the same intensity as a result of the moods that are experienced. Another element is trust, which is built on a daily basis, but once it deteriorates, it is difficult to recover it. It is also necessary to understand that relationships evolve, people change, times and needs are transformed and that is why you must face each stage in the best way to make it last over time.

Relationships of couple 2

Accepting the evolution of people as part of their development and maturity, is achieved over the years, strive to get out of the routine to avoid that the relationship becomes boring and devoid of emotion are aspects that can rekindle the flame, as well that it is time to dare and be spontaneous, the results can be wonderful, another point for relationships, is to try to integrate the interests of the couple overcoming prejudices, expanding knowledge and promoting spaces to share the tastes and preferences of each.

Couple relationships

6 useful tips for relationships:

Exchanging the expectations of both. Avoid assuming, it is better to ask the couple directly why some compartments. Remember that in the distance people become weak and susceptible to adventures, so you have to work to maintain closeness. Sex is easy, intimacy difficult, because it requires honesty, openness, sharing fears, sadness, hopes and dreams. Maintaining good self-esteem is good for both the relationship and you. Share responsibilities, be considerate of the other, making the relationship reciprocal.

Relationships of couple 3

Finally, the invitation is to express the affection you feel for the couple and not take it for granted, although you have a stable bond and years, because both have decided to share a future together and love each other. This type of initiatives strengthen relationships and help to stay together in the face of adversities that may arise. As a suggestion, it is convenient to keep documented with specialized books that offer information of great value to the couple either by specialists or testimonials.

Relationships of couple 5


How to deal with the symptoms during menopause?


How to deal with the symptoms during menopause?

During the month of October, World Menopause Day is celebrated along with other diseases such as osteoporosis and breast cancer with the intention of becoming aware of health and how to ensure a longer and healthier life with a style of more active life. In this sense, perform 2 to 3 times weekly exercise sessions for 30 minutes, take 2 liters of water, maintain a balanced diet, take the forecasts to experience some symptoms by attending the specialist promptly and get medical studies regularly can make a difference to Have a better quality of life.

Menopause is a stage of life that all women must go through when they stop having their menstrual period causing estrogen and progesterone to be reduced as a result, the ovaries no longer produce eggs in which physical and emotional changes are reflected . Generally, in the menopause the decalcification of the bones takes place causing them to lose strength.

menopause 3

How to have an optimal maturity and cope with menopause?

It is not advisable to reach an advanced age with a surplus of weight, for it is necessary to eat fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, fibers, lean meats, vegetables, dairy, vitamin D as well as being more attentive in the consumption of fats. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death and that is why it is convenient to practice exercises with which you will achieve better response capacity to possible falls, maintain muscle tone and bone mineral density. Combat some bad habits such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes since they promote calcium loss and early menopause. Learn about this stage of life to know the changes that are experienced and the best way to deal with them as well as the advances in this area. The accompaniment on the part of the couple and family members in fundamental to help channel emotional instability understanding, that you no longer have the reproductive capacity together with a positive attitude away from stress, in which you close a stage to open another, trying to maintain the quality of life through a good night's sleep and practicing deep breathing. As part of the menopause, the woman begins to have vaginal dryness but that should not interfere in intimate encounters with the couple because they can make use of other products, such as lubricants to ensure pleasant contact. Some people feel more heated with the arrival of menopause and for this, it is suggested to stay hydrated with cold drinks, good ventilation and fresh clothes from natural tissues.


Among the benefits that menopause brings, is the option to eat chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa because it contains abundant concentrations of magnesium and antioxidants that favor the reduction of cholesterol and improve heart function.

Facing each stage of life is a matter of attitude and that is why knowing more about menopause plus all the physical and emotional process that is experienced at this time can make the difference to live a harmonious transition, where habits are maintained of healthy life and taking the necessary measures to continue life together with daily activities without the hormonal changes interfering with it. Knowing and preparing for menopause can make a difference to achieve even a better quality of life for both the person and those around him.


Discover the perfumes that fall in love with the senses


Discover the perfumes that fall in love with the senses

The perfumes are delicate products that intoxicate by their aroma and leave a wake when passing; It awakens the senses, and is a perfect gift to celebrate love. According to the International Perfumery Association of North America, the use of perfumes   evokes feelings of joy, confidence and well-being, which helps to raise self-esteem and feel more attractive.

It is essential to take into account the tastes of that special person, since the intention is to surprise with the gift . If you want to select a fragrance that both can use and that differentiate them as a couple, it is best to go together and try several options until you reach the desired aroma.

Know the classification of perfumes

Eau De Toilette also known, such as Eau de Cologne, have a low concentration of essences and more water content. They are soft and refreshing, they should be applied where there is more blood circulation like in the wrist, ears and neck. Its concentration of essences is between 8% and 15%, its aroma can last up to 3 hours. Eau De Parfum has more concentrations of essences, so they are stronger and last longer. They usually come in small bottles, because only a few drops are needed, because the aroma has a concentration of essences between 16% and 19%. The smell lasts up to 6 hours. Parfum have a very high concentration that lasts up to 12 hours, so it is only necessary one drop on the wrist and one in the neck. It is the most expensive of all types of perfumes. Its concentration of essences is between 20% and 30%.

Difference between splash and perfume

The concentration of the aromatic notes of the perfumes is higher than that of the splash , which generates less duration and leads the user to reinforce the application during the day. Generally, splash has a fresher scent and its presentation is simpler.

A perfume for everyone

Paco Rabanne has a couple of proposals with Invictus and Olympéa , with an immaculate design and a fresh scent at the same time as the sensuality that will be ideal for the most dynamic couples. The masculine perfume has a very fresh aroma of grapefruit and bay leaf, while the feminine one inspires sensuality with its smell of jasmine and green tangerine.

Carolina Herrera is not far behind with its collection called Central Park, with a rustic design but without being careless, with a scent of orange blossom, jasmine and fruit essences really fascinating. Another fragrance from Dolce & Gabanna is Light Blue , which has managed to maintain itself by combining its notes achieving a fresh and informal aroma for simple couples, with the smell of apple, bamboo, Sicilian lemon, white rose and amber.

Another quality alternative is offered by Jean Paul Gaultier with perfumes for each genre. Le Classique with a presentation of the female silhouette composed of rose, tangerine and ginger and Le Male which has a male silhouette containing cardamom, orange blossom and lavender as the most predominant, giving the touch of elegance with an oriental scent.

For its part, Armani Code by Giorgio Armani is a good reference with fresh scent and oriental touches that gives off seduction and magnetism, making it irresistible in gentlemen, having as an ingredient: the orange blossom which adds mystery and passion to privacy.

Unisex fragrances to share as a couple

If on the contrary, it is sought to have an odor in common with a fragrance that identifies them, accompanied by aromas such as wood, flowers, amber and earth, which together form a versatile combination. An example of this, are the following perfumes:

CK One that has fruity and floral notes, which start with green tea, bergamot, pineapple, jasmine and nutmeg, which makes it a fragrance for the body that can be used during summer days. Jean Paul Gaultier 2 unlike the previous ones, is a type of sensual and evocative perfume that tries to transmit magnetism, achieving a perfect gear by touching the skin with notes of amber, musk and vanilla.

Each perfume has its olfactory note and there is a style for every occasion: for daily use tend to be lighter perfumes such as citrus and herbal, but if it is a business meeting, wood smells and somewhat sweet are recommended . For those moments where formality is required due to the importance of the event, more intense notes are required.

Make-up for children in this scary night of witches

halloween makeup

Make-up for children in this scary night of witches

As part of the celebration of the night of witches, an event that takes place on the last day of the month of October of each year, both adults and children are organized to have fun on a night that has a dark and in which children are those who most enjoy being involved in planning and when ordering sweets, share with their friends, perform activities, disguise and make makeup for children of their favorite character. ! In the night of witches, there are no limits to the imagination!

If parents want to complement the costumes, makeup is an excellent alternative to make the characters more real, where caution should be exercised with the materials used because they must be specialized products that do not damage any area of ​​the child's skin because Although they are made for this purpose, they can eventually cause adverse reactions in the skin, scalp and eyes.

It is important not to apply paint on rashes, cuts or skin infections and if possible, consult a dermatologist before putting on makeup as it is the person who will give the most convenient indications as the case may be or to previously make a test of makeup on the arm to see if it does not cause any irritation.

makeup for children

Usually, the makeup in children is softer and easier with predominantly light tones and if you want, with some shine. Contrary to what happens in the case of adults, children do not have sharp lines of expression so they do not need much makeup, however, if you want to make a more complex makeup, it is necessary to keep in mind that it should not be annoying or uncomfortable for the child. Natural cosmetics are ideal for this because they have a lower content of chemicals to take care of the skin of the little ones.

Sometimes it is not necessary to invest too much money in the perfect attire because just knowing how to use some accessories and a little makeup, you can achieve good results because fantasy and imagination will do the rest.

makeup for children 4

Considerations before making makeup for children

You must make a selection of the materials with which you are going to make the drawing, for example:   Waxes, conventional makeup , water or oil based paints . The ideal is to acquire the products in specialized sites that are reliable and that offer a wide variety of colors. It should be noted that water paints are simpler when removing makeup, either with soap or cleanser.

There are several techniques and instruments for the application of the paintings where the type of paint chosen must be taken into account: paint with a soft hair brush and various thicknesses depending on the definition or area where you are going to work, with fingers, or with a sponge if what is sought is to blur . If you already have knowledge or feel that it is more comfortable, you can combine several of the techniques for makeup.

One of the elements that can complement the makeup for children are temporary tattoos, you can also use templates with the design you want to make the design has a better finish with which it is possible to save time and for those who do not. They have so much skill when painting by hand.

It is suggested to have a container with water and paper at hand to clean the brushes or wet towels in case it is necessary to correct the makeup. As well as, keep in mind that if you have long hair or some fringe which is placed on the face, it is necessary to place it with some accessory to be able to work in a clear area.

makeup for children 5

Once you have complied with the previous recommendations, you have the space prepared and you have chosen the make-up for children that is going to be done, you are ready to start. It is good to try to see this activity as something enjoyable in which the tastes of the little ones are better known and ideas are exchanged without having to worry about making mistakes, it is best to do it calmly and correct if necessary to achieve an incredible result.

makeup for children 3


Colored candles: Discover the meaning of each one

Colored candles: Discover the meaning of each one

Many people believe that candles are only decorative elements for the home , office and outdoor spaces. However, it is important to know what the color of each candle means , so that in this way we can use those tones that benefit all areas of our life. The colored candles are often combined with incense that not only flavors the atmosphere, but also provides good vibes for meditation and relaxation of the human being.

Meaning of colored candles:

White candle: represents harmony and tranquility , it is advisable to light a candle of this color when concentration and imagination is required. Also, they are very useful in ceremonies to attract good energies and peace in your home. Green candle: green is par excellence the color of nature and personal growth . Placing this candle in the workplace, will make you achieve a better performance not only physical but also intellectual. Yellow candle: it will help you to reinforce communication with your loved ones, it will significantly improve your creativity and also has the power to attract economic abundance for your life. Place it in your office or shop to invoke prosperity. Blue candle: this beautiful color is related to tranquility, spirituality and serenity. Lighting a blue candle will turn the room into a place conducive to reflection and effective communication. Purple candle: candles of this color are associated with wisdom and intelligence . They help to clear the mind and strengthen the memory . They have the ability to achieve power and success, but they should not be used excessively because it can generate arrogance.


Red candle : the red color is linked with passion, romance and sensuality . It provides energy and vitality in difficult situations. It also stimulates the sense of pleasure, at the moment of a romantic evening with your partner. Pink candle: pink is the tone of sweetness , friendship and beauty. Because of these characteristics, they tend to associate with femininity. It is advisable to place it in the room so that it favors your sentimental expression towards others. Celestial candle: helps the domain of emotions. It attracts understanding and consensus before discussions. Family ties greatly benefit, so they should be placed in the room or in the dining room . Brown candle: color represents earth and stability . It is ideal to obtain success in the projects that you propose and to connect with your interior. However, they must be used by people who are safe and determined. Orange candle: orange is a festive color, which produces positivism and motivation . Because it is a mixture of yellow and red, it is considered that it attracts the fortune of both colors. Use it when you need to improve your mood.


When we speak of interpretation, the candle represents the body of the human being , while the fuse is the thought and the flame the spirit . In this sense, it is very common to observe the shape that the candle is taking as it is consumed, to intuit our physical and mental state. Choose the colored candles that relate to your aspirations and enjoy their kindness.