Linio Plus: benefits for sellers and sellers

Linio Plus: benefits for sellers and sellers

The e-commerce , is a business model that has completely revolutionized not only the Internet but also commercial transactions around the world. Latin America is not far behind with this exponential growth, proof of this is the portal of Linio Peru , which offers a wide variety of products in different categories such as fashion, sports, home, beauty and health, among others. It also has services like Linio Plus, specially created to have a better experience for sellers.

If we talk about figures, this company has more than 5 years providing a fast, safe and reliable service to consumers. Currently there are thousands of sellers through the marketplace model    that serve on this regional platform. To be one of them, it is necessary to have some basic documents such as identification DNI, RUC file, bank account statement and referral guide (approved by SUNAT) and then start enjoying the benefits that online commerce can offer.

Among the benefits of being part of this company, there are special plans that reward good practices that sellers have towards customers by providing a profitable and safe sales experience. Which allows that every time there are more Peruvian entrepreneurs that can position their products on the web through this platform.

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What is Linio Plus?

Linio Plus is an additional service that is offered to those sellers with good publications and reviews in its catalog of products, that is, they meet a minimum of 90% of deliveries on time and 100% of billing to the final customer.

With this additional service you can get more visits and therefore higher profits. Among the main advantages is the free shipping of your products. Additional said products will have extra advertising space within the website, as well as special promotions for customers. With respect to the return process, it is processed in a period of 14 days. Linio Plus captures thousands of customers per year, which means that these people buy about 3 times more than a regular buyer. If you want to know more information about it, enter here .

In this way, Linio Plus allows increasing the profitability of the business for sellers, who can find in its good practice multiple benefits and an endorsement that puts this trade at the forefront when it comes to e-commerce . Create quality content and comply with all the rules that as a company establishes for the benefit of its allies can provide the opportunity to obtain advantages within the platform and reduce costs.

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To enter online commerce, it is not only about having quality products, but having the support of a company that thinks of advantages for all those who interact with the platform as one of its main clients and Linio Plus is a of the forms that Linio has to show that it is worthwhile to comply with good practices in online sales that will result in greater visibility and therefore in better sales for its sellers , always putting the user and their needs in the first place.