Learn how to prepare a homemade face mask

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Learn how to prepare a homemade face mask

The mask can remedy the fatigue and stress that has begun to notice in the skin of your face, and we have the perfect solution to counteract dryness, wrinkles and dark circles.

Family, work and friends have us loaded with activities, due to this we no longer have time to visit a spa or beauty salon to help us relax, and above all take care of our skin. However, at home it is also possible to find a quick, simple and effective solution through masks.

Mask for all skin types

Linio beauty specialists explain that natural masks are perfect for rehydrating the face, there are also different options according to the type of skin we have (dry, oily or mixed) and our needs. Taking this into account we will choose the ideal mask.

For example, we have exfoliating masks that remove dead skin cells and secretions, as well as pimples from the nose; meanwhile, the most common and most commonly used are moisturizers, since they create a protective barrier on the skin and favor the disappearance of wrinkles; and finally we have renewing masks, which activate cell renewal.

How to prepare our masks?

Then, the experts from Linio reveal how to prepare these masks at home. To take note:

To exfoliate the skin: the homemade exfoliating elements par excellence are honey and almonds. The first step is to crush the almonds until there is a fine powder. Immediately mix with the honey and add a spoonful of lemon juice. When the preparation is finished, it is applied to the face with gentle massages. The mask should remain for 15 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water and voila, you will feel incredible.

To moisturize the skin: if you want your skin look softer do not hesitate to try a mask made of banana, egg white, two mint leaves and a spoonful of honey. Mixing all the ingredients will result in a thick texture paste. Then, apply this base on your face for 15 minutes. When finished, remove it with warm water and take a good nap.

For a dry or wrinkled skin: only one egg yolk and the pulp of a avocado are used for this refreshing mask. We must mix both elements to form a mass. It is advisable to add a spoonful of olive oil. Then, spread all over the face and let it rest for an hour. Finally, we must remove with warm water. This mask will make you look more fresh and bright.

Extra care for a healthy face

As we know, maintaining a healthy complexion is a job. The skin is a reflection of your health, so it is important to clean and special face care. As we know, there are different beauty products that contribute to this process, and others that can have an opposite effect. For example, the excessive use of makeup or the incorrect way to apply it can end up damaging our skin. To avoid this type of problems it is necessary to choose the ideal accessories and complement them with natural remedies, such as homemade masks.