How to prevent hair loss? Advice and remedies

How to prevent hair loss? Advice and remedies

For most women it can be annoying and even embarrassing hair loss, but it is a problem that, although some months can be resolved in different ways, one of them is to resort to the help of a doctor or with some home remedies .

The causes can be very varied and finding the culprit is a crucial part to prevent it from happening. The heat , the use of chemicals or a dry scalp , can be any of these. We must also bear in mind that each hair is different and what affects one person will not necessarily affect another, even if they are very close relatives, as sisters or between mothers and daughters.

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The medical term used to diagnose hair loss is Alopecia. It can be localized or generalized and its origin has multiple causes.

Hair loss: What are its causes?

Although it is normal for hair to tend to fall to both sexes, it is more accepted that men are left bald, either by their own decision or by genetics, than women, for which it can mean a great trauma . Socially, they are expected to maintain beautiful, well-groomed and long hair.

And although ladies usually recover most of the hair they lose, diagnosing a woman with baldness is more complicated than a gentleman. The diagnosis is based on the person's medical history, the medication they can take, their diet, their habits and a physical examination.

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Women usually have a greater loss of hair on the top of the head, which becomes more acute over the years. Usually, when they begin to reach 40 years of age or because of menopause, a progressive decrease in the density and strength of the hair begins to appear. This is related to the hormonal change that is experienced because the hair becomes thinner and less abundant.

But in general, there is no specific cause for hair loss that is not for some biological or genetic reason. What doctors have determined, is that there is a series of symptoms that can be used to identify the beginning. The weakening of the follicle , which does not necessarily imply loss; lose density , in terms of the amount you have; and, finally, slightly losing the hair on the top of the skull.

On the other hand, some of the reasons that have been listed are related to the accumulation of the DHT enzyme in the follicle. This prevents the development of the life cycle of a hair, producing a faster loss.

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Genetic inheritance also plays an important role. It is usually known as Androgenetic Alopecia . And it is usually the main cause of hair loss in men. Although it is also possible that it happens to women.

Any type of hormonal change is usually a focus of alert to lose hair. Mainly the one that has to do with pregnancies and problems in the thyroid glands and an imbalance in the levels of estrogen. This can be added, that there are certain drugs and drugs that also cause baldness, although very rarely, birth control pills often cause this problem.

Some advices

The main thing that a person with this problem can do is improve the diet . Since the scalp gets to absorb nutrients from the food that is consumed. Increase the consumption of foods that contain vitamin A, B, C or E , minerals and fatty acids such as omega 3. Also, proteins must be increased. On the other hand, drink water and improve healthy habits.

Washing the hair more regularly, especially when it is oily, helps keep the scalp clean and free of bait. You can also reverse the order in which the shampoo and conditioner is used. Since when the latter does not rinse properly, it helps the bait production which then causes it to get dirty faster. So first that to apply the rinse and then the shampoo, it can be a viable solution. You should avoid combing when wet or wet, as this causes the hair to split and fall out.

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You can start to make massages with oils since these are beneficial to improve blood flow and strengthen the roots. The most common are coconut, almond, olive, castor and rosemary, can be used separately or together, each has a different property. For example, olive oil provides vitamin D, E and complete B, while castor oil helps prevent dryness, is excellent for use in fine hair, as it helps to give body.

To do the massage, you only have to apply the oil directly on the skull and begin to massage with the fingertips. You can throw your head forward to make blood travel more easily. This must be repeated several times a week to start seeing results.

Fenugreek seeds for hair

You can also make a mask with fenugreek seeds , which are left to soak all night, mash with what is left and apply throughout the scalp, leaving it to act for 40 minutes. This should be applied once a month at least. This seed has become popular because it contains estrogen and several components similar to female sex hormones.

Losing hair can often be corrected on time, it is a matter of having patience and looking for the treatments that best suit each person.

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