How to choose the right running shoes?

How to choose the right running shoes?

If you decided to start running but you do not know which shoes to wear, Linio specialists give you some tips to choose the right shoes.

Before starting a workout you should check if you have the right elements to make your routine a healthy and effective experience. Within the sports kit , the basic element for running are the shoes. Therefore, when choosing which are indicated to accompany you in the daily tours, you must take into account not only the aesthetic but also the comfort.

According to your type of arch and tread

You have probably wondered how to know which shoes are suitable for running. The answer is simple, everything depends on the type of footprint we have: pronadora (neutral), supinadora (cavo) or sobre-pronador (plano). To solve this question, go to any store specializing in running and ask them to perform the tread test. However, there is also a homemade method to know: use a paper and a container with water, wet the sole of the foot and step lightly on the paper. The footprint left on the paper will indicate if you have a foot with a flat arc, neutral or dig.

After knowing the type of footprint you have is the time to choose a pair of shoes. Be careful, the choice will also depend on the use that they will have: whether they are for training, racing, running on asphalt or running on the trail. In addition, it is advisable to buy them with half an extra size, so they do not get too tight, because this can have later consequences, such as blisters or black nails.

Types of running shoes

That said, there are three basic categories of shoes: Neutral, Stability and Motion Control. The first are characterized by being flexible and for a very stiff foot, and are designed for runners who have a high arch. In this way, they allow the foot to move freely and dissipate the impact. The second ones are firmer shoes and are designed for people with a lower arch foot, provide more stability and improve the foot lever. Finally, Motion Control are used by runners who have a low arc, also known as a flat foot. These shoes are even more rigid than the other two types.

Most people buy slippers from the neutral or pronator categories, while 3% buy from the supinator. In general, women wear the most neutral running shoes, because they have wide hips. The recommended thing for this is to use a stiffer sole, as in the case of people with greater body weight.  

Risks of inappropriate shoes

Health is a priority over a good look. Remember that not wearing proper running shoes can cause minor or severe injuries, including stress on the tendons or muscles. Even, the severity can be increased if one ignores the discomfort to become plantar fasciitis, posterior tibial tendinitis, and may even affect other areas such as the spine and back.

The ideal is to balance our look of sporty style with the correct use of footwear. It is very easy to choose some shoes according to the type of foot and at the same time they look very good. In addition, the combination of the sportswear that we use can go according to the colors that we wear in the footwear.