Greasy Hair ?: Home remedies to fight it

Greasy Hair ?: Home remedies to fight it

Excess fat or sebum in the hair is usually one of the most common problems in the scalp, and mainly attacks women. The oily hair is due to an increase in the production of fat in the sebaceous glands . Fortunately, there are some home treatments that can reverse this condition and in this way show a lot more healthy and beautiful hair.

There are several additional recommendations to deal with this problem, one of them is to wash the hair twice. Then in the first wash with the shampoo all the residues of grease and dirt that are lodged between the strands will be eliminated. With the second layer will be completely clean and ready to dry or iron .

This problem can be caused by many factors such as: stress, allergy to some beauty products, hormonal alterations or genetic inheritance. In this sense, to improve the use of additional products such as cream for combing and rinsing should be avoided, as they will only achieve more fat than normal, instead using a home treatment will make the difference.

Simple treatments for oily hair:

In principle, one of the most used products for hair care is the extract of aloe vera or aloe . It is especially useful when the hair becomes opaque and brittle. Aloe is responsible for regulating the production of the glands and rehydrates the hair fibers from the scalp to the root. It is recommended to apply the gel that is inside the plant, just 20 minutes before washing the hair.

This treatment must be applied regularly, at least twice a week. In turn, it is widely recommended to treat other hair conditions such as dandruff and hair loss.

Hair Treatments

Many know that beer is one of the best liquors to share with friends and family, however, they are unaware of the multiple properties it contains to combat the effects of oily hair . In addition, it is used to repair the damage caused by sun exposure on the beach and by water chlorine. This well-known drink made with barley is an excellent rinse, because it is used after applying enough shampoo and it is removed with warm water.

On the other hand, egg yolk is a fairly viable and economical option to solve the problem of oily hair once and for all. Only two yolks should be beaten with a touch of lemon, this will make the hair shiny, but without any excess. Apply the same as the previous masks and let it rest for a few minutes. It is important that you do not exceed the time to more than half an hour, because the results can be adverse.

Another of the kitchen ingredients that can help to end this problem is the vinegar , this acidic substance will make the hair turn shiny, silky and soft for much longer. It is also widely recommended for those with rebellious or tangled hair. The vinegar is diluted with enough water and applied for 10 minutes, then removed in its entirety.

Fatty Hair Care

Green tea has many antioxidant properties when consumed cold or hot; reduces inflammation and skin conditions How not to include it in this list? It will help to reduce irritation and therefore to eliminate the layer of fat . You just have to prepare the mixture and let it rest, after using the usual shampoo, the hair is impregnated with the tea and it is not removed. It will continue to take effect after several hours after the bath.

A ripe tomato can be the definitive solution to capillary fat using its characteristic acidity. The juice is taken from the inside and mixed with about a glass of water, once this is done, in the dry hair the tomato juice is applied with the help of a brush or a cotton ball. A bathing cap is placed and 10 minutes are waited to finish the application of the home remedy. The advantage is that the tomato balances the pH levels present in the head and therefore regulates the secretion of sebum.

In this sense, sodium bicarbonate is another element to consider, since in addition to leveling the pH as in the previous case, it prevents the bad smell that appears next to this condition. It integrates 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water and makes a paste that is placed on wet hair. Like the previous preparations, it should be applied regularly, at least twice a week so that the results are remarkable in a short time.

There are several ways to deal with this evil, the important thing is to act as quickly as possible so that the problem does not last any longer.

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