Tips for buying the ideal engagement rings

Tips for buying the ideal engagement rings

The engagement rings are part of a tradition in Peru, this should be placed on the ring finger of the left hand, since the vein of love, also known as vein amoris, extends from that finger to the heart giving it a symbolic meaning and romantic that represents the union. However, over time, certain debates have arisen about what is the right hand.

Usually, the gentleman gives the lady the ring as a request of her hand after having had a time of engagement in which they could know better and are ready to take the next step towards the altar . When using it, it is understood that the commitment has been accepted and, depending on the culture, the tradition changes, for example, in some countries a gift is given to the man in response to the engagement ring like a watch .

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Recommendations prior to buying the ring

If you are interested in buying the long awaited jewel, the first thing is to know what your budget is and start looking for different prices, materials, colors and styles to know what you prefer. It is important that you have an idea of ​​your partner's tastes so that the selection is accurate and also, to inquire about the size of your finger, it is essential that it is not tight, but not so loose as to leave easily,   If you have the possibility, take one of the rings that your girlfriend uses frequently and take it to the jewelry store so that they can advise you with the size.

As a reference, the most frequent measures of gentlemen are from 8 to 14 and ladies from 5 to 7, however, some stores give you the option to adjust the size in case it does not fit. If you are a man who does not want to skimp on the engagement ring, keep in mind the carat of the stone, the clarity, the color, the shape: pear, marquise, radiant, cushion, round, heart, etc. and the cut, since it must have good brightness and light reflection.

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If you want something more personalized, you can design it or engrave it with the date or other important information for the couple and if you are going to pay an important amount because you want a ring with diamonds, it is good that you request the certificate of authenticity, the guarantee of the garment and that even think about insuring it in case you consider it necessary.

Suggestions on the materials of the engagement rings

The titanium that gives resistance, a cheaper price and, generally, they are simple since they are not very worked. Palladium is rare and ideal for people who prefer white, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, hypoallergenic and durable jewelry. Platinum is a strong precious metal that does not wear easily, with a high level of clarity, maintains its gloss and satin finish, although it is more expensive. Gold, which is a very popular solid metal, simple to polish and repair, resistant to rust, but the intensity of the color is variable.

However, there are people who tend to use the silver engagement ring, leaving gold for marriage alliances .

Types of engagement rings

Princess cut is modern and its shape is square. Solitaire ring of 4 or 6 settings, depending on the size of the stone, because the bigger it is, the more it will require fixing to the mount. Halo ring is a classic model, frequent among the stars of the show and royalty, which is structured by a central stone surrounded by small diamonds, providing a unity effect.

If it makes you feel comfortable, take a close friend or family member of you or your girlfriend with whom you have confidence to exchange ideas and help you choose the right jewel for this commitment for which you have been waiting. Surprise your partner!