What is the ideal car to transport your baby?

baby car 4

What is the ideal car to transport your baby?

Being a mom or dad is not an easy task, since it is the responsibility of parents to make decisions about their child's life. Even before the baby is born, parents need to make crucial decisions that will directly impact their child's life. They must decide where they will sleep, the clothes they will wear, the diapers, the car and the bottles they will need, whether they will use a pacifier or not, among other details that every father needs to determine in order to receive the baby.

One of the most difficult decisions when choosing products for the baby, is to find the ideal car to walk your child, currently there are many types of cars on the market, with different characteristics, in addition to designs and very varied colors. Many parents make the decision based on the color and model of the car, but there are other aspects that you should not overlook such as safety, comfort and accessories that every car should have.

strollers for baby

Elements that every car must have

First, you should ensure that the hood has a strong fabric that protects the baby from UVA rays, as well as must be breathable and strong enough in case the rain hits you on the street you can protect the baby. Also, the internal fabric of the car must be removable and washable in the washing machine for the convenience of parents.

Another point to take into account, is the area to lay the baby, this part should have a firm base, a comfortable mattress covered with a soft and breathable fabric to ensure the comfort of your baby. It should be noted that the car is an accessory that you will use until your baby is at least two years old, that is why you must have at least 3 positions for the comfort of your child: lying down, semi-stretched and sitting. Likewise, an adjustable harness that adapts to the growth of the baby is indispensable.

As for the wheels that the car needs, we recommend that they be made of a resistant material with shock absorber, to avoid so much movement and not to bother the baby if he is asleep. In addition, the movement of the car must be smooth and must be able to be handled with one hand on any terrain for the comfort of the parents.

baby accessories

Car types you can choose

As we have already mentioned, there are different types of cars that you can choose for your baby, in the first place are the traditional cars , they are the most complete and safe models, thanks to its great structure it provides maximum protection to your baby, this type of car It has larger wheels ideal for all terrain, also has a cup holder and baskets for greater comfort of parents.

Also, cane cars are practical, ideal to be used when one of the parents walks alone with the baby. In addition, cane cars are lightweight, collapsible and take up little space and it is more advisable to use them when the baby is ready to sit. The sports cars are very similar to the cars of walk with difference that these are a little smaller and have 3 wheels.

If you are waiting for the arrival of two babies, the melliceros cars are ideal for you, since it saves you money and space because you have two strollers in one, it is also very practical because only one person can carry the two babies. Finally, you also have the option of travel systems consisting of a standard car or three wheels with the car seat included, the best of these systems is that the car seat can connect to the car and so you will not have to move place baby at the time of getting off or getting in the car.

types of cars for baby

The best tips for dyeing hair for the first time

dye the hair

The best tips for dyeing hair for the first time

Hair is one of the most sensual attributes a woman possesses. Whether short or long, defines a style and aspects of personality, marked as one of the main attributes of femininity, that is why it is essential to give adequate care . A hair that has never been dyed requires more attention, so the following tips should be taken into account so that dyeing the hair is the perfect decision when obtaining positive results.

Before touching the color for the first time it is necessary to consider all the changes that this entails, since it can mark a radical change in the personal image, and that is why you must be sure of the change and know exactly what is wanted . You have to find the right person to perform the procedures where the hair does not suffer any damage and thus achieve the result is appropriate.

Dye your hair What should be done?

Then, the 4 recommendations necessary for the hair is perfectly dyed, look beautiful and does not suffer any damage:

• The right color is the key: depending on the tone of the skin, there are colors that look perfect with each one, you should advise a specialist to indicate which is the color that corresponds to the skin tone. For example, for white skins, brown, medium blond or reddish tones are ideal; for yellow skins the chestnuts in all their range are ideal; for light brown skins mahoganies, chestnuts, dark blondes and copper or caramels, soft dark reds not shiny and black; For dark brown skin dark colors are ideal as well as reflections are recommended in light but very delicate tones.

• Do not get too far from the natural tone: avoid drastic changes the first time the hair is dyed can avoid an unwanted result, so it is recommended that the tone to be used is not so different from the natural tone, later when the experience in this area is wider, you can vary the color to try other styles.

• Semi-permanent dyes: there are advantages to using this kind of dyes , one of which is that the result resembles more the natural color and to be the first time that a chemical is used in the hair can be convenient. It also works when the results are not completely pleasing, since the color fades faster, after experimenting with them and having the security of the chosen color, you can make the change to permanent dyes.

• Hydration for a shiny hair: when applying a chemical to the hair it deteriorates, so after applying the dye it is advisable to moisturize it, with some ampoule, treatments , or even some homemade mask, with this, the results of the procedure they will be better, obtaining the shine and softness necessary for the hair to stand out and be the point of attraction.

The dyeing of hair is an important decision, but the most transcendental is to have the necessary security to make the change and feel comfortable with a different style, this is the complement that will give life to the personality of each woman, and that is why Carrying out that process in the proper way, taking care of the health and appearance of the hair, can be the key to having the best results.

Images: BeautyUnComo, Mega Hair

Important tips to protect the skin in winter

protect the skin in winter

Important tips to protect the skin in winter

When summer comes you must take the proper precautions to protect the skin in winter and the sun's rays, but nobody tells us that the routine does not change much with the arrival of the winter season, it is essential to maintain and even increase those habits of prevention. Contrary to what many people think, cold weather brings with it: fragility, dehydration, premature aging and tightness of the skin.

There are many factors that can cause these health problems, among them: wind currents, lack of humidity in the environment, pollution in the streets and the change of temperature, all these affect the complexion. Therefore, we bring you all the tips you should take into account to protect the skin in winter .

facial care in winter

facial care in winter

Tips to protect the skin in winter:

Consider using sunscreen or sun block , because the effects of the sun are still a threat when we are in open spaces. The protection factor will depend on your daily activities, if you do some sport outdoors, do not discard the highest filters for greater safety. The use of heating is very common to make the environment warmer, but in turn removes moisture in your home. It is better an interior humidifier , in this way you will reverse the negative effects on your skin. Try to avoid abrupt temperature changes. Although it seems an unimportant fact this causes dilated vessels or so-called varicose veins, especially in the legs. It is advisable to perform a deep cleaning, both in the morning and at night. Use a cleansing lotion in cream or gel to reverse the effects of cold. Take 5 to 6 glasses of water a day: this is one of the keys to keeping the skin hydrated naturally. Decrease the consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco , it may sound strange but they do as much damage to your skin as the cold itself. Both products decrease the superficial vascularity of the epidermis, which causes couperose and dehydration. skin care in winter

skin care in winter

In this period, the daily use of moisturizing creams are of utmost importance. The most used are those that contain hyaluronic acid , widely used in cosmetic medicine for its regenerative and moisturizing properties. This thanks to its ability to retain water, thus re-hydrating the areas affected by low temperatures.

Do not forget the properties of aloe vera; It has been proven that its constant use can prevent aging, acne and of course the effects of dehydration. There is a wide variety of products that contain it, but undoubtedly the natural plant can give you better results. You only have to apply the transparent liquid that it has inside and you will see a significant change in the treated area.

At the time of taking a shower, it is suggested to use products with neutral PH or with mild fragrances and not those that contain alcohol to protect the skin in winter. This will only make you completely eliminate the natural oils produced by the skin itself, replace the common soap with a soft sponge that will prevent flaking and therefore the dryness of the dermis.


Fashion Price Index 2018

Fashion Price Index 2018

E-commerce is growing rapidly throughout Latin America and it is necessary to keep abreast of changes in various industries and markets. Reason why Linio exposes the Fashion Price Index 2018, since this category is one of the preferred by users to acquire online throughout the region. In Peru 58% of users buy a product from the category "Fashion" online.  

In this report we wanted to analyze the experience we have on the sector to show common points and contrasts by country, as well as contribute to the study and improvement of the industry.  

After researching and comparing the cost of more than 30 items in electronic stores within the category "Fashion" including clothing, footwear and accessories, which can be seen in Table 1 the five cheapest products and the five most expensive to regional level:  

Fashion Price Index 2018  

Top 5 most economical products  


Regional Average Price Most economical country to buy it

Most expensive country to buy it

Zero sleeve pole   $ 11.32   Colombia $ 8.02 Ecuador   $ 16.33   Polo color   $ 14.43   Panama $ 10.95 Argentina   $ 20.59   Black polo shirt $ 15.34   Colombia $ 9.43 Argentina   $ 19.92  

Belt / belt

$ 17.60   Mexico   $ 11.52   Ecuador  

$ 28.99  


$ 18.58   Colombia   $ 9.09   Argentina  

$ 35.15  

More expensive products


Regional Average Price Most economical country to acquire it Most expensive country to acquire it  


$ 88.00  


$ 60.74  


$ 156.09  

Leather jacket  

$ 70.07  


$ 40.35  


$ 128.22  

Trench coat  

$ 68.57  


$ 38.93  


$ 133.50  

Ankle boots   $ 66.59   Colombia   $ 34.64   Argentina  

$ 129.75  


$ 66.47  


$ 43.28  


$ 93.03  

* Prices are in dollars .

The total budget to buy a basic wardrobe in the region is more than $ 1,200 dollars with an average price per product of almost $ 40 dollars. The least expensive country to acquire this wardrobe is Argentina, while the most accessible is Colombia. Immediately inside the T abla 2   the average prices per country will be observed, from highest to lowest, together with the regional average.  

Total wardrobe price  



Average price per pledge



$ 1789.88   $ 58.84  



$ 1356.23   $ 43.45  



$ 1265.54  

$ 41.65  

4 Ecuador   $ 1248.23  

$ 41.28  



$ 1026.15  

$ 33.90  



$ 977.04  

$ 33.04  



$ 888.36  

$ 28.51  

Regional average

$ 1221.63  

$ 38.75  

* Prices are in dollars.

Next, in Table 3 shown below , the sum of the items and the average cost of the products by categories was added, in addition to the total and average item price, both per country as well as at the regional level, which allows to examine and compare with more determination the current state of the industry.  

Fashion Price Index 2018

Argentina Chile Colombia Ecuador Mexico Peru Panama Average LATAM Blouses and t-shirts Sleeveless 12.44 10.67 8.02 16.33 11.75 9.77 10.28 11.32 Black t-shirt 19.92 21.38 9.43 11.66 19.40 14.67 10.95 15.34 T-shirt color 20.59 13.64 12.43 15.66 15.51 12.22 10.95 14.43 White blouse with buttons 38.76 207.78 21.95 23.98 40.61 17.53 32.95 54.79 Print blouse 37.74 29.46 21.09 30.65 23.11 12.63 39.95 27.80 SUM 129.46 282.93 72.92 98.28 110.37 66.81 105.08 123.69 AVERAGE 25.89 56.59 14.58 19.66 22.07 13.36 21.02 24.74 Sweaters Closed sweater 53.27 28.79 22.85 30.31 24.87 32.42 25.28 31.12 Denim jacket 84.47 59.16 29.83 35.66 52.80 36.30 35.28 47.64 Turtle neck 29.16 30.52 21.00 33.65 23.28 29.36 24.95 27.42 Cardigan 55.78 34.15 47.01 28.65 44.50 30.17 35.28 39.36 Sweatshirt 60.53 55.30 38.96 30.00 47.66 36.48 32.95 43.13 SUM 283.20 207.92 159.66 158.26 193.11 164.74 153.75 188.66 AVERAGE 56.64 41.58 31.93 31.65 38.62 32.95 30.75 37.73 Pants Comfortable jeans 58.02 27.28 29.22 38.64 33.53 28.33 43.95 37.00 Knee skirt 29.92 26.17 23.32 40.64 34.85 20.17 30.62 29.38 Skinny Jeans 50.96 23.89 51.54 43.02 35.65 42.60 33.95 40.23 Beige pants 24.39 34.53 23.78 41.77 37.22 16.10 30.62 29.77 Shorts 22.84 22.97 06.06 30.57 23.00 17.21 19.95 22.09 Black jeans 36.75 36.42 35.58 39.98 50.54 22.21 33.95 36.49 SUM 222.87 171.26 181.49 234.62 214.79 146.63 193.03 194.96 AVERAGE 37.15 28.54 30.25 39.10 35.80 24.44 32.17 32.49 Shoes White tennis 71.57 34.68 33.24 44.98 55.22 63.40 38.62 48.82 Black flats 49.46 49.96 19.96 43.98 33.51 37.44 35.28 38.51 High sandals 52.11 34.20 19.53 60.98 46.28 26.17 48.62 41.13 Ankle boots 129.75 57.82 34.64 84.98 44.09 57.58 57.28 66.59 SUM 302.89 176.66 107.38 234.91 179.10 184.59 179.80 195.05 AVERAGE 75.72 44.16 26.84 58.73 44.78 46.15 44.95 48.76 Coats Blazer 124.92 38.71 38.59 66.64 52.38 46.04 40.62 58.27 Leather jacket 128.22 111.31 40.35 60.64 52.64 52.03 45.28 70.07 Trench coat 133.50 39.33 69.20 59.98 82.44 38.93 56.62 68.57 Coat 156.09 60.74 75.75 93.31 87.21 76.26 66.62 88.00 SUM 542.72 250.09 223.89 280.57 274.67 213.27 209.13 284.91 AVERAGE 135.68 62.52 55.97 70.14 68.67 53.32 52.28 71.23 accessories Belt 13.43 18.70 13.41 28.99 11.52 21.19 15.95 17.60 Evening bag 70.59 59.38 16.55 29.32 29.45 9.68 23.95 34.13 Pashmina 35.15 14.14 9.09 23.99 14.68 15.08 17.95 18.58 Sunglasses 63.00 24.50 22.69 38.99 71.17 53.82 18.62 41.83 Clock 63.02 93.03 43.28 49.00 90.41 81.24 45.30 66.47 SUM 245.20 209.76 105.03 170.29 217.22 161.29 121.77 175.79 AVERAGE 49.04 41.95 21.01 34.06 43.44 41.20 24.35 36.44 Others Pajamas 25.54 26.64 20.17 39.31 31.64 19.25 30.63 27.60 Black dress 38.00 30.96 17.82 31.98 44.64 20.47 32.95 30.98 SUM 63.55 57.61 37.99 71.29 76.28 39.72 63.58 58.57 AVERAGE 31.77 28.80 7.00 35.64 38.14 19.86 31.79 29.29 TOTAL 1789.88 1356.23 888.36 1248.23 1265.54 977.04 1026.15 1221.63 AVERAGE 58.84 43.45 28.51 41.28 41.65 33.04 33.90 40.10

Peru has some highlights of the 2018 Fashion Price Index:

Of the 31 products analyzed, the new ones have a lower average cost compared to the rest of the countries.   The cheapest item is the zero sleeve polo with an average price of $ 9.77 and the most expensive would be the watch with an average price of $ 81.24.   To buy a basic wardrobe, a Peruvian would spend $ 977.04 in total, with an average per garment of $ 33.04.   The total products by category from highest to lowest is: Coats $ 213.7, Sweaters $ 164.74, Accessories $ 161.29, Pants $ 146.63, Shirts and Polos for $ 66.81 and others in # 39.72.

In addition, we were able to know that in the region there are features that have to be studied more in detail, such as the habits of the users, their preferences, preferred times and the challenges they face in order to obtain the items they most aspire to. We estimate that this Index could help you understand them better and give them the necessary tools to make an informed decision and enrich the shopping experience.

Methodology used:

The search focused on knowing the average cost of a basic closet for women in each country for regional comparison. We inspected the prices of each of the products in at least three e-commerce of the countries where Linio is present by popularity, taxes and other associated costs of purchase, without calculating the delivery to home as this may vary according to the zone. A calculation was made in the Regional Average Price comparing it with the Average Price per country of each of the garments.  

The exchange rate used was taken from Bloomberg Markets in the week of March 5 to 18, 2018. The 2018 Fashion Price Index took into account 31 items divided into seven categories incorporating clothing, footwear and accessories.

Sources :  

CACE   CCCE   Adimark   Internet Association Ecommerce Day Ecuador   Ipsos Peru  

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What is the best watch according to your personality? find out


What is the best watch according to your personality? find out

The watch is undoubtedly the accessory preferred by many men, as it not only fulfills the function of informing the time but it is the perfect complement of outfits and different styles.

This accessory is an important part of the look because it says a lot about the personality of each person and how risky or classic fashion can be in it.

Are you thinking about buying or giving a clock for Christmas ? Linio, offers you the best options according to the style of each of them:

If your style is classic and you are looking for one that can help highlight your elegance, it is best to give one in a rectangular shape, never in a rounded shape. This type helps to highlight your simple style without losing that touch of fashion .

1. The Classic Clock

If your style is classic and you are looking for an accessory that can help highlight your elegance, it is best to find a rectangular shape like a Casio , never in a rounded shape. This type of watch helps to highlight your simple style without losing that touch of fashion. SP: S / 89

Casio watches

Casio watches

2. The "fancy"

Wearing a luxurious and sophisticated accessory is the perfect complement for a simple look , so if you are one of the people who are inclined to invest in a product that gives you elegance and helps you highlight your outfits, this is the best option for you. : S / 1049

casual watches

casual watches

3. The sporty

Many men are inclined to sport, to feel the adventure as a hobby or as a lifestyle. Undoubtedly, if you are one of them, you need the most resistant in terms of quality, light in weight and that is multifunctional, that is, that has chronometers, barometers or thermometers. Obviously, without neglecting the style, this guy hardly goes out of style and can be combined with different looks. SP: S / 299

sports watches

sports watches

4. The traveler

Traveling is the most enriching activity of all, because you not only have the opportunity to know different places and cultures, but to relax and get out of the routine and many men know it. Therefore, if you are one of those travelers, we recommend you to be resistant to water, to heat, to be light for greater comfort when transporting it and to never lose the style. SP: S / 469

smart watches

smart watches

Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

A sustainable home, is not only based on the idea of ​​having a house that remains alone, but those small actions that can be done to make the home more ecological and friendly with the planet.

On the other hand, self-sustaining houses are guided by very environmental principles when building them. A clear example is the use of wood for the construction of infrastructure. For this purpose, the engineers make sure to reforest the area from which the trees were cut. In addition, sustainable homes are able to generate a smaller amount of waste, since they have an insulation system that helps reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning.

It is for this reason that renewable energy sources are often used. The most common are solar energy plates, water heaters or wind generators. That is why some recommendations have been recommended to improve the sustainable life of homes in large cities.

Ideas to make a sustainable home

Having an ecological lifestyle is not a thought that is followed by fashion; but now, it is an idea that must be realized because of awareness of the planet. For a sustainable home, there are three Rs, which are based on recycling, reducing and reusing . In this way, you can contribute to a less polluted world.

Ecological ideas

A first point to achieve a sustainable home is to change the conventional bulbs by led bulbs , which are much safer than traditional light to not contain mercury or tungsten; they can even reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

On the other hand, these types of bulbs usually last more than 45,000 hours, which can make them last for about 15 years, if only used for 8 hours. In addition, they do not generate heat, since 80% of the energy consumed turns into light. In contrast to traditional bulbs, these can reduce electricity consumption and this will be noticed in the electricity bill and carbon emissions.

During the day, the ideal is to make the most of sunlight. Therefore, you must raise the blinds and open the windows. Many choose to use solar panels to use the sun's radiation as an energy source. Before installing one, an assessment must be made of how much is consumed in the home for a month. Here you must include all kinds of household appliances.

In addition, it is important to learn how this system works. Basically, it is divided into several areas. The panels are the surfaces that are made from semiconductor materials, being responsible for absorbing the sun's rays. The cells of the panels are microscopic, there the solar energy is stored; which then goes through an investment, converting it into alternating current.

As for maintenance, they are easy to care for. The cover of the panels must be cleaned periodically, since the dirt that accumulates in this area can damage the equipment. It should be cleaned at least every two months, also checking the connections and pruning the vegetation that grows around so that the branches do not touch the panels.

Sustainable home

If the installation of these panels is not what is needed, other measures can be adopted. During the night, if the temperature drops, you can use a fan instead of air conditioning to keep the room cool.

The use of air conditioning is something that must be regulated to ensure good consumption and contribute to a sustainable home . The health of people should also be taken into account, since sudden changes in temperature can cause colds.

In the shower, you can regulate the water temperature and at the same time save up to 6% energy. In addition, it is important to always check the condition of the plumbing and toilet tanks. If one leaks, you can waste an average of 48 liters of water per day. Therefore, each tap must be in perfect condition to avoid this problem.

As for the appliances , the ideal is to adapt the power of the appliances and the location of them will help save. One recommendation is to locate the refrigerator in a cool place in the kitchen, at least 15 centimeters away from the wall. The doors must close perfectly to prevent the food from thawing and to spend more energy than necessary.

When the oven is used, it can be turned off a few minutes before the heat ends cooking the food. Pressure cookers are a good way to save time, since food cooks faster.

With these small ideas you can get a sustainable home that gives back to the planet all the good that it gives to the human being.

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What are the male contraceptive methods?

contraceptive methods

What are the male contraceptive methods?

Generally, the information regarding contraceptives is oriented towards women, however, it is necessary that men know more about how to protect themselves to avoid diseases of sexual transmission or unwanted pregnancies. It is understandable that not all men abstinence is a viable option but the important thing is to identify the different methods to know which is best suited to the needs.

Pills: Now men can also take pills regularly as in the case of ladies whose purpose is to inhibit the production of sperm, these were created by investigating more about the functioning of some hormones such as testosterone, progestin and androgens. Sometimes this type of product brings with it side effects but with effective results in the majority of the male population.

contraceptives 2

Patches or gels: They are placed on the skin and work with testosterone with variable doses and with which you can experience mood changes. It should be noted that after its application it is necessary to be attentive to the contact of this product with other people because they do not want to expose them involuntarily to this type of products.

Within this category is the jiftip that is a hypoallergenic sticker, which favors men and women if they are allergic to latex. It is made of polyurethane and covered with a special adhesive safe for the skin, which ensures a good grip both inside and outside and in any position that is as well as, the security of not staying in the couple. Among the benefits provided by the jiftip is the simplification of the cleaning procedure after sexual intercourse as well as offering a more secure intimate encounter without interfering with the sensations that are experienced.

Injections: Contraceptive injections for gentlemen have non-hormonal and non-toxic polymers that work by blocking the sperm, these injections are applied to the duct where the sperm passes. Some of these injections can be applied every 3 months and offer the alternative of reversing the effect when you are already planning to start having children.


Skin implants: They are placed inside the arm of the man with a small incision that must be done by a doctor or health professional, they are made of androgens and progestin, their duration is approximately 12 months. It is possible that the implant is perceived when it is touched or subjected to some kind of effort.

Condoms: It is one of the most popular contraceptive methods for sexual encounter, which is not very expensive, which is used simply and quickly by placing a latex cover and removing it for disposal after the sexual act. There are hypoallergenic condoms , with spermicide, retardants, with aromas, textures, among others.

Vasectomy : It is the most permanent option of those mentioned so far, but it can not be reversed, so you must be sure when making the decision. With this type of method you must have a specialist who will perform a surgery to obstruct the ducts where sperm exit and pass with a high percentage of effectiveness.


Several of these systems are still under investigation but are valid methods to not only leave the responsibility in the hands of women but to begin to take control of sexuality.

Currently there are multiple contraceptive methods that are available in the market with variations in terms of effectiveness, however, in such a competitive world is looking for innovative alternatives that bring with them products to solve some of the problems typical of traditional methods and to improve the sexual experience by enhancing the sensations while protecting themselves in the intimate encounter.


Internet TV, live an innovative audiovisual experience

internet tv

Internet TV, live an innovative audiovisual experience

Internet TV devices have come to revolutionize the market and the way in which audiovisual content is viewed, with better quality, a wider screen, better resolution and from the comfort of home. There are different types, makes and models of devices, it is possible to find some with a compact design with HDMI output that works as a Pen drive through a USB system as well as other more comfortable designs with integrated HDMI cables.

In order to fully enjoy the Internet TV service, it is necessary to have a television with Smart technology which works via WiFi or Internet cable. However, if the TV does not have these functions it is possible to adapt it with elements of easy installation so that the multimedia experience is enriched by maximizing the functionality of the equipment and being able to control operability in digital form.

Through the touch system with LED technology or through a smartphone and with the help of a chromecast can be connected to the network from any TV with wired or wireless Internet connection to reproduce the desired information without the need for wiring and a computer. The synchronization will not be a problem because with the HDMI input you can adapt and later, activate the WiFi network thanks to the Google Home application. Best of all, this device is small and compact in size, you can take it wherever you need it.

Smart TV

Smart TV

It is already possible to explore other alternatives and not be satisfied with using the TV to watch movies or series, but Internet TV offers endless possibilities in which to watch videos, search for information of interest, watch news, among other alternatives, applying pauses, backing down or by changing the playlist, it is even possible to share data with friends or family.

It is possible to control this technology through different operating systems, since it is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. Thanks to devices such as a Chromecast it is possible to surf the web without a PC, just by connecting this compact computer you can access the internet from a much wider screen, with a more powerful sound system and providing the possibility of remote management simply by synchronizing a smartphone.

Advantages of Internet TV:

Music : With Spotify you can listen to a wide catalog of themes, since it is a streaming music service with which it is possible to classify playlists of all types of music. Another option is to access YouTube and enjoy multiple content.

Video calls : Some webcams include a webcam , which serves as a tool to be in contact through Skype. You can also make projections to expose topics that will reinforce the information you want to impart in a more explicit and dynamic way, with graphic support. Conducting teleconferences is another virtue of an Internet TV, which will be very useful for the business world where it is constantly necessary to hold meetings with people who are in other latitudes.

Social Networks : In Smart TV you can check social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, in real time and without interrupting other content that is being viewed.

Games: With a Chromecast it is possible to play online from the comfort of the TV screen, as well as access different pages of games and enjoy the best of entertainment for gamers on a high definition screen.



The possibilities offered by Internet TV devices are unlimited, for every need it is possible to find interesting functions and tools to enjoy the best in Internet connection on a large screen. To improve the audiovisual experience it is important to have a stable WiFi connection that allows you to open the different contents quickly to enjoy everything that smart technology has to offer.

Image: http://atozresearch.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Global-IPTV-Market.jpg

Taylor Swift: the artist who changed her reputation for better

Taylor Swift: the artist who changed her reputation for better

Taylor Swift has been known for being a versatile singer because she plays several instruments, writes her own songs and acts. It has also been known for its impeccable way of dressing and for having the most acclaimed ex's in the entertainment world. But far from this, many label her as an empowered and successful woman.

Taylor, was born on December 13, 1989 and has always been a lover of Country music . So since the age of 9 years had already begun to write songs and play the guitar. In 2006, he would release his first album under his name " Taylor Swift ".

A very talented singer

A very talented singer

His song, Our Song , was ranked first in the Country charts; driving her career and making her the youngest artist to write her own songs without help.

The discography of Taylor Swift has defined his career

It is no secret to anybody that the singer has used her songs as a way of expressing her thoughts and feelings. For many years, he devoted himself to leaving hidden messages in the lyrics of his songs. So many fans started spending hours deciphering them.

Since his first album, he has implemented this tactic. For his first album he was dating a boy, but soon he would end up with him because he had to move; so before the fact happened, she had already started writing songs about it. One of these early songs is known as Tim McGraw .

For his second album, Fearless, he maintains the Country sound that he likes so much, but tackling it from a more adolescent point of view. Here already began to stand out as a composer, as they took some of their songs for different causes. As is the case of Change that was used to support the US delegation in the 2008 Olympics. On the other hand, I dedicate a theme to his former Joe Jonas , giving way to this undeniable tradition.



With his third studio album, Speak Now, he ends up taking the musical world and enters fully into a new sound. The songs on this album are highlighted by the hidden messages and the different rhythms that you start using. It is no longer just the Country what it offers, now ballads and rock are present in songs that can exceed 6 minutes in length.

Red and 1989 their albums more uneven

The album Red marks a change in the musical style of Taylor Swift; who claimed that musical genres are just a label and that that does not have to define it. In this way, begin to experiment with new sounds.

RED album

RED album

On this occasion, he began to compose his own lyrics. Although some songs can be noticed a little of those origins in the Country that launched her to fame. The song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together , is a sample of it; followed by song 22 to end with I Knew You Where Trouble, one of the artist's darkest lyrics.

But now, her fifth studio album, 1989, became her first work with nothing related to those sounds that saw her grow. Most Pop notes and that was cataloged by many as "more of the same"; but inside each song contains a story of heartbreak or even teasing their haters.

Reputation: the album in which Taylor Swift is reborn

It is no secret to anyone that, since that event in 2009 in which the singer Kanye West snatched the microphone from young Taylor Swift, and the feuds between them began. But after an apparent reconciliation, which ended in a betrayal by the singer; Taylor went unnoticed by the public.

Taylor shows his new reputation

Taylor shows his new reputation

Nothing was known about his music in years and many fans already gave up the battle to get a new studio album by the artist. But, when overnight, the 29-year-old girl deleted all of her photos from her personal Instagram and started uploading images of snakes; In this way, everyone began to suspect that what they expected so much was about to come.

Reputation is the disc that finishes closing that cycle of changes that it gave a few years ago. Directly, the singer exposes her enemies and her supposed friends. The song Look What You Made Me Do , is a clear example of this. Since it is a topic directly addressed to the controversy that generated Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian.

Look What You Made Me Do

Look What You Made Me Do

On the other hand, the video hides innumerable secret messages , such as the Grammys prize it shows and that hint that its enemy Katy Perry has never won one. The snakes that appear in the video refer to the way haters and some fans started to call her after that conflict. And that she took as a personal brand.

Finally, the final scene with some Taylor's talking to each other. The phrases that are said are some things that the haters have written in their social networks.

But far from the conflicts that this song contains, some of the songs of this album, he dedicated them to his current boyfriend. With whom seems to have a stable relationship for a few months and who, apparently, has turned out to be a support for her in this time.

Reputation Tour possible dates in Latin America?

Since the album Reputation hit the market, there was little left for the singer to announce a possible tour . Thing happened a few months later, with what little by little they were adding details of what would be the new show full of surprises and guest artists.

Camila Cabello accompanied her on the first date. Since then, artists like Niall Horan , Shawn Mendes , her best friend Selena Gomez and even Robbie Williams have opened the show. For what many have cataloged this tour as one of its greatest successes.

Reputation Stadium tour

Reputation Stadium Tour

On the other hand, to date has already completed the tour of some cities in the United States, London and Dublin. It is still expected to continue its passage through other US states and end in the last months of this year with a concert at Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Although, many have speculated that possibly open new dates, which could include some countries in Latin America, such as Peru, Chile and Mexico, which would be the first time the artist steps on Latin soil, since she has never given a concert in this region .

So far, all remains in possible rumors and his Latin fans are still waiting for a concert to meet his artist.

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Make-up with professional finish without spending much


Make-up with professional finish without spending much

Every woman wants to look beautiful without makeup in this summer season, with radiant skin and without any white spot, redness or imperfection.

While it is true that the Peruvian market is stocked with different brands, types and sizes of beauty products, makeup and personal care, find one at a low price and offer the total security that your skin needs is a bit complicated. Therefore, in this post we suggest some products to make you look cute this summer and at an affordable price for every pocket.

Necessary makeup in your bag

1.- Care for your face

Face care begins with a constant exfoliation, cleansing and moisturizing. Therefore, having a mask that removes blackheads, blackheads and gives a healthy and uniform appearance to your face is ideal, a purifying mask is an excellent auxiliary.

Correct and highlight

The next step to hide these imperfections such as pimples, dark circles or fatigue marks that bother so much, is to use a good concealer or concealer, but we do not talk about that that leaves a very heavy appearance on the face, but one that has a good coverage but at the same time show light.

Another very important point in this process is to use a good base. There are different types such as liquid, bar or powder, however, the liquid base is the most recommended as it is the largest and also many of them bring SPF sun protection and are free of oils.

Finally, it is crucial to seal the makeup with a compact powder , because in this way you avoid shine, sweating and provides greater coverage and beauty for the female face. There are many brands and sizes, however, carrying one in your wallet or backpack is necessary for the busy days of school, university or office.

2.- Impact Looks

We can have a perfect makeup with shadows, bases and correctors with excellent coverage, perfect delineation and lipstick that impose. However, to have a super impact look, the essential thing is to have voluminous and long lashes.

We can achieve this with the famous Maybelline masks, with a nice and inexpensive packaging, they give you a natural look and are water resistant, like the Maybelline – The Mega Plush Waterproof Mask .