Ice cream recipes: fun ways to combine flavors

Ice cream recipes: fun ways to combine flavors

There are infinities of ice cream recipes that have become the favorites of children and adults. It does not matter if they are chocolate, strawberry or butter, even more exotic flavors such as hazelnut or coffee cream, there is always a taste for all tastes. And its realization is very simple.

You can find recipes online that mix many ingredients. Although the most common are whipped cream, adding some fruit or an extra ingredient that will give flavor. But there are also vegan and other dairy-free preparations for those who are lactose intolerant.

Funny ice cream flavors

Funny ice cream flavors

The ice cream seems to have its origins in China, where they made a mixture with snow, honey and fruits. Then, Marco Polo introduced in Europe this concept he learned in his travels, but preparing this dish was a luxury, due to the difficulty of keeping them cold, so that only the nobility could consume it. After a while, a French cook who served the nobility, mixed milk with fruit juice and made the ice cream that we know today.

Easy ice cream recipes

When making a recipe for homemade ice cream, it is important to keep in mind that the final result will depend on the elaboration process. A creamy consistency depends on the ice crystals that form and the type of syrup that is used. In this way, the smaller the crystals and the more syrup is used, the softer and creamier the mixture.

For this reason, it is important to use ingredients such as sugar, as it functions as a natural antifreeze. As for the fat to be used, egg yolks, cream or butter are a feasible option to dissolve thick pieces of ice. Generating in this way, a moist and smooth result to the palate.

Now, an easy ice cream recipe is vanilla , for which you need to take 400 g of condensed milk , 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 480 ml of whipping cream . To prepare it, first mix the vanilla with the condensed milk. Then, in another bowl mix the cream with a hand or table blender until it is frothy. To this, the condensed milk is added and everything is integrated very well until achieving a homogeneous consistency. Finally, it is taken to the refrigerator around 4 to 5 hours.

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

With these simple steps, you can achieve a creamy base for an ice cream, which will perfectly combine with any dessert, such as Brownie or hot cookies. In addition, to that recipe, you can add melted chocolate, mixing everything very well and then take it to freeze. The result will be the same.

This recipe can also be used to create ice cream with fruit combinations, such as strawberry, kiwi or even lemon. Another method involves making a mixture of 500 grams of natural yogurt , 275 grams of red fruits, which may include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, among others, and then placing 100 grams of coconut milk. These ingredients can be mixed in a blender and then brought to cool for 4 or 5 hours.

Other ice cream combinations

You have to keep in mind, that you can make ice cream with all the ingredients you can imagine. There are even recipes for bacon, caviar or garlic. But a less extravagant ice cream recipes option is the vegan proposal.

To substitute ingredients of animal origin, you can take an avocado-boneless and peeled-3 tablespoons of syrup or agave syrup and on this occasion, a portion of frozen red fruits. Now all you have to do is mix everything in a blender at maximum speed until it is perfectly integrated. Then take it to the freezer for two hours and that's it! You will have a very creamy dessert and nobody will know that avocado is one of its main ingredients.

If you are one of the people who is afraid to use the avocado to make some ice cream recipes, you can substitute frozen bananas , which will be taken to the blender and can be combined with red fruits or chocolate, until everything is well integrated, then leave freezing

Vegan ice cream

Vegan ice cream

You can make the same combinations as with a conventional recipe. For a vegan version with chocolate chip cookies, you need to first take 100 g of baking flour to the oven and cook it for 15 minutes. Then mixed with brown sugar, 20 g of melted vegan butter and chocolate chips . With this mixture, small balls of edible biscuit dough are made to cool for 30 min. After that time they mix with the bananas, but be careful! First the bananas will go to the blender and when they are ready you will incorporate the cookies with the help of a spoon and from there to the fridge for 2 hours.

Chocolate cookies for ice cream

Chocolate cookies for ice cream

The same can be done with Brownie or chocolate cookies. For the first option, frozen bananas are added with cocoa powder and when everything is incorporated, small pieces of brownie and dulce de leche are added. Again, they will go to the refrigerator and be ready to taste.

With the option of chocolate cookies , the cream will be removed first and will be reserved for later use. The cookies are mixed together with the frozen bananas and then the cream that is removed is added. Here, you can leave the whole cream or you can melt it to incorporate it into this recipe.

The important thing when making ice cream recipes is to let the imagination fly to make fun combinations. In minutes you can have a tasty ice cream that the whole family loves.

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Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair is usually curly and difficult to handle, but not impossible. More and more women want to have this type of style, so they resort to tricks to make the curls. But those who have this hair in a natural way, should take care day after day with him, deciding if they perform a treatment to subdue him or let him flow naturally.

But, oddly enough, this type of hair was not always in trend. At least until the 1950s, women who had this hair, especially women of color, used to straighten it. When the Black is Beautiful movement emerged in the 60s, both men and women began to wear their wonderful curls with honor.

The beauty of curly hair

Curly Hair Beauty

Over time, curly hair became a hallmark of people fighting for the rights of African Americans. But at the beginning of the decade of the 70s, this brand was losing due to the fact that fashion adopted Afro hair as a symbol of disco music.

Even so, in recent years, many women have begun to show their curly hair with pride. Either to refer to their African-American roots or because they are proud of having it and want to show it to the world. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of it correctly.

Some basic care for afro hair

As Afro hair is curly, it must receive a very meticulous care, both when combing it and when washing it. In addition, it is usually very easy to entangle, so combing it is a complicated task. That's why it's important to use your fingers or thick-toothed comb , so you'll avoid splitting the strand of hair.

When untangling it , it is important to use water, oil or hydrating masks. You have to be patient and very careful not to hurt the scalp. One piece of advice is to establish a schedule to comb the hair, giving two to three days a week to do this work. First with the fingers and then with a thick comb.

On the other hand, this type of hair is very porous, which means that, when applying any treatment, it will absorb it more quickly than a smooth one, but it will not be able to retain said treatment for a long time. That's why you should constantly hydrate. You can prepare a mask with a avocado, an egg, olive oil and a spoonful of honey. All this mixes very well and is applied throughout the hair. Letting it act for 30 minutes and if you want to see more results, you can use a bathing cap.

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Some women recommend wetting the hair with a water spray throughout the day. Another option is to use a non-rinsing conditioner or a styling cream. After hydration, a good idea is to seal it so that the afro hair does not lose moisture so fast. So you can apply natural oils after the mask.

At the time of washing you should try to use a specific shampoo for afro hair. If you do not have one of this type, you must take care that the product applied is free of sulfates, so you will avoid losing your natural oils and look drier.

Some hairstyles to help care for curly hair

It is a myth that extended that this guy is usually not easy to comb. But the truth is that there is the same amount of hairstyle as those of a smooth one. In addition, comb or braid it, protects it and gives it shape.

If you wear it short , you can wear it with style and look great with a modern outfit . First, you can play with hair styling. This will have a modern cut that will not go unnoticed. On the other hand, you can play with colored hairpins, pick up hair in a kind of mohican and decorate it with hairpins.

Afro with mohican

Afro with Mohicano

If you have the length of a considerable length , you can make traces or collected. For a simple collection, all the hair is carried to the highest part of the head, there it can be held with a thick bow. The hair will fall naturally and will be beautiful if a cloth headband or a handkerchief is used.

Braids are another option for this type of hair and can be made boxer style or loose. The boxer braids can be lengthened with the help of extensions and if they are of a different color to the natural tone of the hair, much better. Another type of very popular strands are the Twist Havanas , since they are made very easily by simply winding two strands of hair.

Wear curls with style

Wear curls with style

Whichever style you choose, Afro hair is a great accessory that can show off with great pride.

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Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods are a powerful tool to get the best pictures. One has the idea that these devices are used only by professionals, and that it is difficult to use and transport them. Here we expose the 5 best options for photo enthusiasts.

Tripods for compact cameras

More and more people are deciding to invest in sport or Reflex cameras . All these options ensure an incredible image quality for a comfortable price. Among the favorites, are those marked GoPro, Nikon, Canon and Sony. These gadgets have a great potential that you must learn to use to have the best results.


Specialized in sports cameras. This small device has the possibility of converting its three legs into a single control, which has a comfortable handle to use while doing other activities. Its different folds help capture different angles and its low angle shooting stabilizer ensures good shots in both video and photographs.


It is a tripod with a stabilizing head to give the camera all the support and precision of professional shots. Easy to install and adaptable to any body, this extension can be used to record in different positions and always obtain a stable shot. Favorite tool for making amateur films.

Tripods for cell phones

Technology has advanced to such a high point that most mid-range and high-end cell phones have an impressive photographic quality. You can now find smartphones with cameras up to 19 MP, which ensures fantastic shots from the comfort of a mobile phone.


The favorite of many for its functionality, size and design. This tripod is 100% transportable and adapts to momentary needs. It is perfect for travel and some models have a remote control that allows you to take pictures without the need to ask for help. The versatility in its legs makes it adapt to any surface and no snapshots leave moved.

Panoramic 360 °

A camera base that can be adapted to cell phones and sports cameras. Its innovation lies in the possibility of turning it with a remote control at 360 and 90 degrees. In this way the landscapes and panoramic photos will not suffer any kind of oversight, since the shot can be done with bluetooth technology.


Designed to stand on straight surfaces, the desktop tripod can be used in classes or conferences where it is worth recording what happened. It will be necessary for live broadcasts that are captured with professional quality.

Tripods are functional tools for taking pictures. They exist of all shapes and sizes to adapt to any equipment. If you are looking for a more professional level, you can find accessories to start a small photography business or simply for the pleasure of capturing the best moments. Do not forget to give constant maintenance to the lenses so that the quality is constant. For cell phones, specialized applications can be downloaded to get better portraits.

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Know the benefits of the genotype diet to lose weight

Know the benefits of the genotype diet to lose weight

The Genotype Diet was created in 2007 with the purpose of educating the genes through a good and healthy diet, according to the blood group of the person, which indicates the secretory gene, and is helpful in determining the type of diet for each type of person, becoming a personalized option that Peter D`Adamo proposed naturopath of alternative medicine.

The data mentioned above are: Body measurements of the torso, leg, hip, fingers, head, waist, jaw, teeth, fingerprints, blood group, Rh factor, among other factors to obtain a genetic and prenatal history. Some of the ailments or diseases that require the genotype are sensitivity or susceptibility to certain toxins, depression or cognitive dysfunction such as Alzheimer's gene, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancer and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis as well as, the anthropometric measurements.

The inheritance of the parents, especially the maternal one, defines many aspects, among them the genetic load and with this diet we seek to enhance the beneficial genes and silence the negative genes that make up the person. There are 6 types of genotypes: Hunter (Blood O), Harvester (Blood O or B), Explorer (Blood O, A, B and AB), Teacher or Teacher (Blood A and AB), Warrior (Blood A and AB) and Nomad (Blood B).

lose weight in a short time

What are the foods that should be consumed?

Explorer : Birds, legumes, rice, some fruits and certain vegetables. Collector : Animal proteins, meats, eggs, fish, dairy products and algae. Warrior : A Mediterranean diet with lots of fish, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Teacher : Legumes, fish, cheeses, yogurt, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Hunter : Animal protein from red meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and rice Nomad : Beef, lamb, fish, rice and fruits.

foods to lose weight

What differentiates the Genotype Diet from others?

Some of its advantages is that it does not get bored so easily because it is varied and incorporates foods rich in flavor and nutrients, it is healthy and offers meals from all food groups, it adapts to the person, it is not necessary to limit as many products as other regimes more demanding, you will feel satisfied and you will not have to count the calories you consume daily.

On the other hand, it has the guarantee of reducing or eliminating fat and not muscle mass, it favors people who have digestive or stomach problems, it allows it to have a better appearance -in hair, nails and skin-, it decreases aging, the results they are maintained over time and it is possible to detoxify and extinguish the fluid retention.

The diet must be complemented with an exercise plan that fits the genotype of the individual to promote the interaction between cells and genes. There are 6 diets depending on each genotype that includes 14 categories of foods with which the person can highlight or include in their meals. They are tailor-made programs with the intention of optimizing health, regulating weight and helping to prevent or eradicate diseases.

The Genotype Diet, pursues the reprogramming of the genetic response to have optimal health, maintain the ideal weight and repair or strengthen cells to avoid diseases predisposed in the body. Each person is different and processes food differently, that is why the Genotype Diet offers potentiate the macro and micronutrients that favor the body and remove those that are harmful, assuming it as a change in lifestyle.

genotype diet lose weight


Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas were born to make this beautiful holiday season one of the best of the year. Although they are apps that last a short time on your smartphone , they are truly useful for successfully overcoming the festive time.

Both for the iOS operating system and for Android, there are many free apps for Christmas, but among the many that exist, these are some of those that are worth more. For fans of photography and Christmas cards, this is the time to discover the simplest tools to edit, filter and decorate.

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas are not very spacious, so it will be much easier to download them for a short time without causing major alterations to the phone's memory. Also within the list will be specified those that consume less Internet so as not to exhaust cellular data.

The best mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Elf yourself

The fun application allows you to make a video montage of the faces of the most beloved people to turn them into elf dancers who coordinate to the rhythm of Christmas music. With this program, you can select up to 5 members to perform a choreography and be the most friendly and fun Santa helpers.

This program is very easy to use and can be downloaded from official app stores or its website.

Secret Santa Organizer

The exchanges of gifts will never be simpler. With this application it is enough to say the names and emails of the people who will participate in this dynamic, and the same application will be responsible for choosing your 'secret friend' and sending an email to notify you. This application ensures that names are not repeated and there are special functions to specify if there are restrictions between two members.

My Christmas Recipes

As its name says, this is one of the best applications to enjoy Christmas, since, The Dinner is one of the most anticipated moments for all. This digital app guarantees to give more than 1500 traditional recipes of the time and has filters according to the region in which they live. This is the answer you were looking for if you want to impress your mother-in-law or delight a large family.

iCarta Reyes Magos

A simple way to discover the gifts that children want. There is also a version of Santa Claus for different family beliefs. In this program, children will "play" to write their letter to receive gifts. The magic of this application lies in the fact that alternatives and items similar to the selected toys are presented in case a product is not found or the budget is too high to afford it.

Christmas is a magical time where families and friends gather to share, technology simply helps make this much easier, shortening traditional entanglements and exponentially improving the December experience.

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Controversy over Versace's murder in ACS

Controversy over Versace's murder in ACS

The morning of July 15, 1997 became a date that the fashion world would remember for all eternity. Under the bright sun and the clear sky of Miami, the murder of Versace happened at the hands of a serial killer, who would later end his life without explanations of why he took the lives of so many people.

Around this fact, the second season of American Crime is centered   Story or as it is known "ACS" After 20 years of the murder, there are still many questions to answer. But, beyond what is revealed in the series, the Versace family is not very happy with the production by Ryan Murphy, Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson, which is based mostly on the facts reported in Maureen's book Orth V ulgar Favor: Andrew Cunanan , Gianni Versace, and the   Largest   Failed   Manhunt in US History .

Edgar Rámirez Versace

Edgar Rámirez Versace

The successful story behind the Versace murder

Gianni Versace was born on December 2, 1946 in Reggio di Calabria , Italy lived in a house next to his parents, his older brother Santos and his younger sister Donatella . Her passion for design and fashion began thanks to her helping her mother to make dresses. At age 16, she moved to Milan and began to study Fashion Design, where the whole story began.

His extravagant style caused a sensation in the fashion world, attracting the attention of the renowned brands Genny and Callaghan . Years later, he was encouraged to create his own clothing line. But it was his ability to relate to Hollywood actors and singers that allowed the brand to achieve success.

Versace murder

Versace murder

The signature of Versace was differentiated from the rest of the competition by its aesthetics and its great color , something that nobody was used to in a haute couture line. At that time, if you wore a Gianni dress , it meant that you belonged to an Elite group.

This time was necessary to consolidate the brand in the world of fashion. But the extravagance was not the only thing that characterized him, since he implemented innovative techniques for the development of his designs, as well as the use of unconventional materials, but making his clothes look in perfect harmony.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace

ACS and the cast that recreates the story

The production of American Crime   Story set on Thursday January 18 as the day they would come out the first chapter of the second season, which was titled: The Man Who Would Be Vogu e   and it was headed by director Ryan Murphy .

On the other hand, the cast has the figures of international actors such as the Venezuelan actor, Edgar Ramírez , who is in charge of reviving the deceased designer and who has been praised for the similarity he has with him, which was strengthened with the help of prosthetics and makeup.

the murder of Versace cast

the murder of Versace cast

On the other hand, Gianni's sister is played by Penelope Cruz . The Spaniard, also a friend of Donatella, has expressed that she interprets the character with all the respect and prudence that her role allows, likewise Ricky Martin recreates Antonio D'Amico, who was a couple of the designer for 15 years, finally, Darren Criss will be the murderer Andrew Cunanan.

The controversy behind the murder

Days before the new season premiered, the Versace Family made public its opinion about the production. Much was heard about this, even began rumors of lawsuits against the television network that directs the series.

The statement openly states that, at no time, they were consulted about the series, so they did not give their authorization to carry it out. This, as a result of which the production is partially based on the book of Maureen Orth, which, in their opinions does not tell the truth of what happened and only seeks to stain the image of the designer. Asking the public to see it as a piece of fiction.

the murder of Versace ACS

the murder of Versace ACS

In the book, he tells how the Italian maintained relations with other men, which were sought by Gianni's partner at that time, added to the fact that he could have suffered from HIV, a rumor that was denied at the autopsy.

On the other hand, many want to see the program to learn a little more about the reasons for Cunanan to commit the murder of Versace and the rest of his murders, and above all, the reason for his obsession with Versace. And although, it is still alleged that Gianni and Andrew never met, the book explicitly narrates that their relationship dates 7 years before the murder occurred.

Andrew Cunanan ACS

Andrew Cunanan ACS

Large fashion brands have sided with the relatives, expressing their dissatisfaction with the production. It is also alleged that what happened is a fact that still hurts in the family of those affected, so reliving it after so long, only brings back bad memories.

On the motives that led to the murder of Versace and its author to be angry with the designer, much could not be deciphered, since nine days after committing the crime, he took his life with a shot in the head, so the police and the press can only speculate about their motives. The theory that enjoys greater acceptance is that which establishes the murderer as a selfish person, who wanted the same thing that Gianni had achieved. Succeed with his talent, have an empire and have the acceptance of the world for being homosexual.

The series will be broadcast until mid-March, so there is still much to discover about the murder of Versace, the reasons and the relationship with his sister Donatella.

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How to manage the satisfaction of the public in an ecommerce?

How to manage the satisfaction of the public in an ecommerce?

As the saying goes, the customer is always right. Therefore, here we offer you some keys to successfully manage the satisfaction of online buyers .

When we start in the world of ecommerce we will find a wide variety of competitors offering products similar to ours, or perhaps the same ones; However, what will make customers prefer us will be their level of satisfaction throughout the purchase process. But how to achieve it? The specialists of Linio, the largest online store in Latin America, recommend their sellers pay close attention to the following points:

Find a good logistics partner

To obtain a good ally for our sales is decisive. We must start to satisfy the client from the management of the suppliers, so that they comply on time with the orders made. One of the most frequent failures in ecommerce is the delay of suppliers, but if we work with responsible partners we will achieve an important differential advantage for the customer.

Comply with everything you promise

The images shown in the store must reflect as faithfully as possible the product to be delivered. On this depends the satisfaction of our buyers, because their choice is according to what they see in photos and videos. The same happens with the information of delivery times, payment methods, etcetera. It is always recommended to provide accurate information, and step by step of the purchase process.

Offers safe and simple payment methods

If we have a very secure shopping platform, the chances of the customer buying and, best of all, buying back will grow. This security is evident when working with the most important banks in the country, and with a wide range of payment methods. Also, a form of payment with simple and short steps translates into convenience for the client. What we are looking for is that our buyers are not discouraged in the last step of purchase.

Provides a personalized delivery service

A personalized service allows communication with the client to be direct and effective. When making the delivery of the product it is important to coordinate the reception schedule and the place with accuracy. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to call the customer one day before delivery to reconfirm the details. On the same day of delivery we can send a message notifying that the product is already on the way. If some inconvenience occurs in this way, it is advisable to send notifications by text message or mail, and offer a solution.

Use surveys to measure your satisfaction

There are several virtual platforms to publish surveys. Using these tools allows customers to express what they liked or disliked the service provided, in order to collect information about the entire purchase process, interpreted quality, delivery service and customer service. The questions to be formulated should be straightforward and simple: is our product what you expected? Has the information prior to purchase been useful? Would you return to buy in our store?, Among others.

Recall that customers are the protagonists of our ecommerce. Your satisfaction in our store depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on the confidence and comfort that we offer.

Beer: miraculous and unknown uses for health

Beer: miraculous and unknown uses for health

The main thing that could be done with this bubbly and fresh alcoholic beverage would be to drink it. But beer, beer or chela not only serves for that, they would be wasting all their properties, since the "golden elixir" has qualities that some are unaware of.

cosmetic uses of beer

The beer could be used as a culinary ingredient, beauty treatment , cleaning agent, insecticide and even medicine. In addition, it could be a super economic exit at the time of saving, which of course, always comes in handy. It is a drink with a certain percentage of alcohol, bitter taste, made with barley grains plus other cereals, and is almost one of the oldest drinks in the world.

In turn, it has a high nutritional content, since it has very high benefits for the body and health. Because of its high alcohol content, it is able to alleviate muscle pain and act as a natural analgesic, it can be even more effective (economically) than paracetamol, provided it is ingested moderately; without abuse.

The beer has positive ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, barley and vitamins, which are qualified by experts to be used as beauty treatments without altering anything at the body level. Here are some uses of this "miraculous" drink:

Beer: Incredible capillary rinse

beer hair care

This drink has a lot of antioxidants and proteins that will make the hair look shiny and silky, helping to eliminate capillary dryness , strengthen the roots and avoid baldness.

Only one glass of beer should be applied after the shampoo and the conditioner, leaving it to act for 2 to 5 minutes and then rinse it with cold water, the results will be immediate.

Firming and body repairer

beer for the face

Beer and its nutrients are able to control the excess of fat, sagging and imperfections of the skin, since, thanks to its antioxidants able to prevent the aging of it. It also contains a repairing and firming effect that will help tighten the skin helping to prevent and eliminate wrinkles .

Use 1 tablespoon of beer, an egg white and 3 drops of almond oil (coconut or olive); apply this mixture on the face previously washed with warm water to open the pores and place so that all this substance prepared, penetrate the skin, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and you will be ready to show off an impeccable and tenacious face.

Ideally perfect to harmonize the dream

Skin care

It contains hops, a key ingredient that is a sedative and hypnotic par excellence, which helps you fall asleep naturally.

The secret is to wash the sheets and covers of the pillows with a beer after the usual cycle of washing, so after drying, you will enjoy a relaxing aroma that will help you fall asleep quickly and will encourage you to sleep deeply.

The best relief for tired feet

beer for the feet

Thanks to its bubbles and effervescent effect; The beer is ideal to relieve the pain of tired feet either by being a large part of the day standing or wearing many heels.

Place a couple of cold beers in a bowl and soak the feet of this golden elixir, as it will help considerably to relax the limbs after a long and tiring day.

Special agent to eliminate dead cells

beer feeding

In addition to being ideal for toning the skin , beer is great to remove all dead cells , because they cause two different shades of what the skin naturally is.

Take a handful of strawberries, crush them, mix them with two tablespoons of beer and sugar until you get a paste-like mixture, wash your face with warm water so that the pores expand and apply this mixture with your fingertips circularly, After this, rinse the face with plenty of cold water.

Beer can serve much more than going out on the spree, it does the body very well, improving all the bad days, being able to provide that healing both inside and out.

Chin, chin

Fidget Spinner: Meet the fashionable anti-stress toy

fidget spinner

Fidget Spinner: Meet the fashionable anti-stress toy

The novelty among the fashionable toys of the moment, is presented with the name of Fidget Spinner , an ingenious rotating toy with a rather simple design that has attracted the attention of children and adults around the world.

The spinner is a device that consists of a piece of plastic with three arms and rounded finishes, with a rotating mechanism and a stable center that allows it to rotate for a long time and that has become a highly popular anti – stress toy .

Fidget Spinner: A fun and functional gadget

Its design was conceived about two decades ago, however, it is recently when this device has acquired fame mainly for children thanks to its attractive design and easy game system.

The Fidget Spinner was originally designed to help people with disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and other pathologies related to concentration, however, its innovative design and conception has attracted the attention of the population producing a generalized interest for this interesting gadget and in this way, the market has been filled with these devices.

Designs, materials, colors, shapes, creativity around this toy was not long in coming and we can see how in the market we can find this device with multiple variations to adapt to different tastes and preferences. Thus, this is a novel toy, fun and whose positive effects to control various ailments of daily life, have revolutionized the market of games for therapeutic purposes and for emotional control.

fidget spinner anti stress

A therapeutic and educational tool

The fidget spinners have become a fashion toy, however, these have been used as quite effective tools for concentration therapy, since movement is one of the most used methods to manage the regulation of attention mainly in children.

These have been a tool for teachers, guidance counselors and therapists to promote the regulation of the concentration of children with attention disorders that warrant constant stimulation. In people with ADHD, movement allows them to focus on what they want since there is a movement in the background that occupies that need. Thus, through the power of movement in action it is possible to direct the focus to the desired place.

spinner colors

Concentrate or deconcentrate?

This gadget is certainly useful and fun, and has proven its efficiency in the treatment of children with difficulties to concentrate, however, its widespread use has also shown that there must be a balance in its use so that it does not become the main focus in place of the bottom-up approach that is what has been devised.

This is because in many cases, this addictive game has gone from being a tool for concentration to become a toy, and although it fulfills a perfect functionality as such, especially in children it is advisable to moderate its use on occasions that merit your attention so that you do not see distorted aspects like your learning process.

Beyond that, its usefulness for stress management has surpassed many other toys for that purpose, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and even depression. In the same way it is excellent to handle other types of problems such as hyperactivity, since the accelerated movement of your arms is perfect when you are in situations that merit exercise patience and tolerance. Thus, it is a multifunctional toy, easy to carry and that can undoubtedly give you unlimited hours of entertainment by learning some fun tricks to use it.

spinner shapes

Innovative designs

Although in its simplest design has been plastic and with three arms, the ingenuity and creativity of the people has made fidget spinners come out of the market with different designs, with other fascinating materials and personalizations. Thus, we can now find in the market fidget spinners with LED light, with more or less arms among many other alterations that make this gadget even more attractive.

Buy your favorite fidget spinner online and relax with a toy that will allow you to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity and depression and also, it is very fun. Know everything that Linio Peru has to offer and control your emotional state while you have fun and you get up to date with the latest trends in products for your entertainment and well-being.

Rainbow Desserts: add color to your meals and desserts

Rainbow Desserts: add color to your meals and desserts

El Arcoíris has inspired many throughout the world. Not only did it become the symbol that represents the LGBT community , but it has positioned itself in all aspects of daily life. Clothing, accessories, makeup and rainbow desserts, are just some of the examples of the scope that the Rainbow has.

Rainbow 1

But, in recent months, it has also been seen that countless recipes inspired by this symbol have begun to be made. The latter, not only because of how colorful they are, because preparing them can mean a fun experience. Since, being a novel and ingenious concept, allows you to implement it in any recipe that crosses your mind.

Rainbow desserts with lots of color

The colors have reached desserts and there are many combinations to make them. Here, the sky is the limit. And mixtures can go through chocolate, cookies and even delicious cakes with each floor of a rainbow tone. On the other hand, it is not always necessary to have an oven, since there are many recipes that can go directly to the freezer to be tasted in a few hours.

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That may be the case of Rainbow Foot which is done without a furnace. For him you will need the following ingredients:

Cake mold 18 cm 1 pack of cookies 760 gr of cream cheese 2 tablespoons of vanilla extract 50 grams of butter 1 cup of water The juice of two lemons Chips of colors Edible colorants 4 envelopes of grenetine without flavor or color The juice of two oranges 250 ml half-cream cartons 2 cans of condensed milk

Its development begins as a conventional foot. For the base, it is necessary to grind the cookies , and then mix them with the melted butter . When the mixture is ready, it is passed to the mold, previously greased, they are compacted with the help of a glass or the hand, and then to the freezer.

For the filling, you must first mix the grenetina with the water and let it rest. Now, it is necessary to liquefy the cream cheese, the condensed milk, the half cream, the lemon juice and the orange juice plus the vanilla. When a homogeneous mixture is obtained, the grenetin is added, which will be passed through the microwave for a few seconds. When this is ready, the cream cheese mixture is separated into several containers.

Now the color stage begins. You can make as many floors as you want. But if you want to do something simple and easy, you can use four colors. After mixing each paste with a color, add the first to the mold with the cookie base and take it to the freezer for 25 minutes . After this time, pour the next color and take it back to the freezer. This step has to be repeated, until it is finished with all the color mixtures.

When finished, leave the pie in the freezer for two hours, then unmold it and decorate it with whipped cream and the sparks of colors and you'll have the rainbow desserts you've always wanted.

Another recipe, involves using the colors of the fruit for a fun combination. For this you can select fruits that suit the colors of the Rainbow, such as kiwi, strawberries, pineapples, blackberries . This will be the combination that, together with the white wine , will create a delicious sangria that will drive those who try it crazy. Specifically, the ingredients used are:

1 cold bottle of dry white wine 3 tablespoons of sugar or honey 2 tablespoons of lemon juice Fruits with the colors of the Rainbow 50 ml of brandy (optional)

Cut the fruit into small pieces and pour them into a jug or glasses . Then you must add the wine, sugar or honey and lemon juice. This is mixed well and left to cool for 15 minutes. Then you will only have to serve it and delight your guests.

Rainbow 3

Another advantage of this recipe is how easy they can be, do not use exotic ingredients or follow the steps of a complicated recipe, it makes many are going crazy for these desserts.

Rainbow desserts can be used in countless recipes. As mentioned at the beginning, the creativity to use them is the limit.

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