Alcatel: the new series of Smartphones for 2018

Alcatel: the new series of Smartphones for 2018

The CES ( Consumer Electronic Show ) has brought numerous devices from many brands such as Samsung, Sony and Huawei, catching the eye of several consumers, thanks to the impressive features and qualities they possess, such as: new security measures, cameras of greater quality, higher resolution on the screens, etc. Taking from the aesthetic point of view to the technical point of view, Alcatel's products with their 3 new models, the 1X, 3V and the 5 , are the most striking.

Alcatel: What are the novelties of these smartphones ?  

This company that had its focus on attracting users between the middle and lower ranges in terms of budget for its accessibility in costs, this time has innovated with models characterized by impressively large screens of 18: 9, and fingerprint sensors in the back .

Among the three teams it can be summarized that the Alcatel 1X is the most accessible in terms of price, even with the specifications mentioned above. The characteristics of facial recognition and personalized design by materials apparently of the "Premium" category, provide greater comfort in it, with an impeccable and resistant design for daily use.

The Alcatel 3V is in what would be called the "midpoint" among the 3, since its price is somewhat higher, providing better features apart from the 18: 9 screen that now has high resolution, front and rear camera , which is covered by a bright black housing.


Last, but not least, model 5 is at the highest point of the price range of the three selected, characterized by a battery of excellent quality, with 3000 mAh capacity, allowing the user to use it for a day whole; Added to the ability to take double selfie's with the front camera, accompanied by an LED flash. The phone also has a textured back panel with primary camera sensor and a fingerprint sensor.

Christian Gatti, president of the global business division of Alcatel, mentioned that with these new products the company marks a mark at the beginning of the year, leading the sector of 18: 9 screen phones, being an area not yet very occupied by the competition, always considering accessibility for all users globally in terms of guaranteeing a quality device and profitability.

Although the prices of the phones have not yet been revealed specifically, if it has been mentioned that they will have processors between Qualcomm and MediaTek , it remains to be seen the more specific characteristics of the same and the date on which they will be available for acquisition in the market, probably being revealed in the MWC of the current year in Barcelona.

These cell phones represent an innovation   considerable for the company, achieving the perfect combination of state-of-the-art devices with an elegant and portable design, in any case, they are smart phones of great quality and that it would not be valid to pass by the predecessors that the firm has had throughout of its history.