3 most used gadgets that you can not stop having

3 most used gadgets that you can not stop having

Technology has become a tool that helps people to facilitate their day to day, so that certain tasks are easier and the work is optimized. For this reason, many gadgets serve as support during certain specific activities.

Some devices are more complex than others, however, all have a particular goal, either for entertainment or to make your life easier, gadgets have become tools that have unwittingly become part of people's lives in a way inseparable.

For the fans of technology, these devices will always be indispensable tools since their evolution is constant and they are always innovating their functions.

What are the gadgets you must have?

Photography is one of the things that give shine unforgettable moments, or spectacular scenarios from anywhere in the world. Many people do not miss the opportunity to capture a photo and get it instantly.

Instax Mini9 Camera with a Mirror – Light Blue

This fabulous gadget has as its main function to print the photograph instantly , so that the user can visualize it on a photographic paper and collect moments without the tedious process of passing information to the computer.

This camera is the improved model of an old design, becoming one of the most used modern devices, however, it adheres to the original concept that is to take a photograph and print it at the time after the capture. At first this device was not interesting to the public, however, little by little it became popular because of its practical functionality.


Camera with instant photos.

One of the details of this camera, which was received with open arms, was the size, because by measuring 116mm x 118.3mm x 68.2mm it represents dimensions that are quite manageable for people and that makes it competitive with photographs taken by the mobile.

This represented a very favorable advantage when taking a selfie , since managing the device with one hand is not a problem thanks to its light weight, in addition to having a shutter: 1 / 60s, which captures clear and clean photos, without details of movement that distort the image.

It is important to note that this team can take pictures in the dark thanks to its effective range of flash: 0.6m – 2.7m, which accentuates the dark backgrounds and highlights the details of shadows achieving a constant sharpness in each captured photo.

GoPro Hero 5 Session 4K camera

The recording of extreme sports or any activity that requires a fluid and constant movement was never easier than with this continuous recording device, since its specialty is moving images.

Similarly, this gadget has a vision of 150 degrees that allows you to collect information from different perspectives to achieve excellent videos or photographic captures.

This camera has a resolution of 4K30 / 1440P60 / 1080P90 which allows to collect information with a high quality during the performance of high speed activities, such as extreme sports, mountain bikes, or parachute jumps. The colors are scanned and projected realistically during recording.

Your camera allows you to record videos distinguishing shadows and light, defining images with higher quality; accentuating the most important details, without visual obstacles such as sun spots or zonzas 'burned' by the light.

The performance of these devices can reach about 9 continuous hours, thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery , which has the ability to collect information for an extended period of time, without interruptions.

In the same way, this device has properties of voice control commands, to perform certain indications, such as taking photographs during a video, pausing an image or starting to record. In addition to the moment the battery is finished the device is giving alerts to warn the user of the power capacity of the device.

Google – Chromecast 2nd Generation HDMI Streaming – Black

The transmission of streaming series will no longer be a problem thanks to this device that became one of the most used gadgets to view online content on TVs. It is only necessary to have a strong 5 flips for it to work properly.

The applications Netflix, YouTube, HBO Go, Google Play are some of the ones that can be visited with the help of this small device connected to some source of transmission, be it a television, or a computer.

This device brings with it a high definition cable capable of projecting high quality images on any HDTV, which represents an opportunity for many users during its use.

It has the ability to connect the user on music platforms such as Spotify, which works online , without problems in its transmission during its screening.

These gadgets are technological items that have been highlighted by their sales and acceptance rates among Peruvians. Testing them will be enough to show how useful and entertaining they are.

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