The 11 steps of a correct cosmetic routine for gentlemen

The 11 steps of a correct cosmetic routine for gentlemen

The skin of men has different characteristics with respect to that of women because it is thicker, fat and has a more acid pH, making it necessary to create your own male cosmetic routine to look healthy and jovial.

The most common type of skin among men is mixed, which is distinguished by brightness   moderate and enlarged pores in front, nose and cheek, but these conditions do not always represent an advantage, because the oxidation of sebum, sweat, environmental factors and dead cells favor the appearance of impurities such as blackheads, pimples or pimples.

Cosmetic routine for men:

Next, there are 11 basic care that should be integrated into the cosmetic routine of every man, with the intention that the skin remains fresh, radiant and prevent premature signs of aging:

Cleaning: In the market there are many facial cleaning products, such as gels, soaps, foams, among others, which are designed especially for men. For example, in the case of men with oily skin or predisposition to acne, the recommendation is to wash the face two or three times a day with products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Sunscreen: It is suggested to use a sun protection factor that ranges between the range of 30-50, which has a fluid consistency, free of oil to avoid causing a greasy sensation. Many current moisturizers contain sunscreen and other ingredients that protect from wind aggression, temperature changes, pollution, preventing skin aging. Shaving: The ideal is to use hot water before the cream, foam or shaving gel, or shave after bathing. There are special creams based on fatty acids, lanolin and paraffin, which soften the hair. When it is done dry or with a machine it is preferable to apply lotions of high alcohol content or aqueous emulsion so as not to cause any irritation. Shaving should be done in the direction of hair growth and not vice versa, after the process, both wet and dry, we recommend a lotion that counteracts the aggressive effect, which produces a pleasant sensation due to its soothing and moisturizing effect. alcohol-based tonics or balsams in the form of a fluid emulsion, the latter have more restorative power. Exfoliation: This practice helps eliminate dead skin cells and a simple way to do this is to apply products designed for this purpose or other elements of natural origin that help to eliminate dead skin, such as sugar, salt and sodium bicarbonate. Hydration : To achieve a smooth and smooth face, male skin needs to be hydrated, because when dry it causes the pores to be more open, in addition to losing softness and elasticity. Therefore, choose a hydrating treatment with a filter, making sure that its texture is in accordance with your skin type, season and climate. Contour of eyes: This is one of the most delicate parts of the face, because it is the first area in which you begin to notice the signs of aging, so it is important to use a moisturizer especially for this area, applying it in the morning and nights before going to bed and after cleaning the face. Trim facial hair: Sometimes they appear   hairs on the nose and ears that protrude and do not look aesthetic, that is why each time must be cut. Dental cleaning: Oral hygiene is essential not only to avoid problems in the teeth and gums such as cavities, gingivitis, etc. but to prevent and avoid bad breath. Brushing after each meal, dental floss and mouthwash, with ingredients such as baking soda, are key to making the teeth look whiter and brighter. Apply some lip balm: Perfect to moisturize them and prevent them from drying out or breaking, especially if you expose yourself to the sun or extreme cold. In the market there are many special lip protectors with filter, which are colorless and can be applied perfectly to men. Use hair conditioner: Although the hair is short, the conditioner provides shine and softness. Therefore, apply after shampoo at least once a week, remember not to use it daily so you do not lubricate your hair. Clean and trim the nails of the hands and feet: Try to take good care of the nails of both extremities, keeping them short, clean regularly and making sure to check up under them with a brush. If you wish, you can apply some moisturizing product to achieve a better appearance.

As a recommendation for healthy lifestyle habits, avoid smoking as this will rejuvenate the skin at least five years, because the tobacco produces negative effects such as decreased levels of vitamin A, production of collagen and elastin, giving a gray appearance and emaciated to the skin.

Another valuable suggestion is to consult a dermatologist, who is the right person to indicate the most appropriate cosmetic treatment or routine to your skin type, avoiding the irritations or damages generated by certain products.

The skin must be a priority for the human being, understanding that establishing a cosmetic routine will involve greater economic effort and some adjustments in daily habits, but at the same time, will result in an improvement of its appearance and exterior image as well as the strengthening of good mood and self-esteem.

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