Tips to prolong the life of a Smartphone's battery

Tips to prolong the life of a Smartphone's battery

The battery in the Smartphone is probably the most delicate piece of hardware for users. Especially for its constant discharge, which, as time goes by, tends to be less efficient, since its useful life is shortened considerably. That is why it is always advisable to keep in mind tips to prolong the life of the device's battery.

How to prolong the battery life of the mobile device?

– The Achilles heel of the Smartphone continues to be the battery. It is important not to use it immediately once it is opened from its factory box.

– Do not allow the device to be completely downloaded. It is better to charge it when it is still above 5% battery, put to the constant flow of electrolytes, it is advisable to always have it between 20% and 80%.


Many times we have the necessary knowledge to take care of our smartphone.

– In the case of a brand new battery, whether the phone is purchased for the first time or to replace it with a completely new one, it is advisable to fill the charge completely. In case of some instability in the load, it is advisable to let it discharge completely and then fill it will cause the battery to be recalibrated.

– It is advisable not to leave the Smartphone plugged in once the device has reached 100% of the load. The electrolytes, despite having reached the maximum load, will continue in constant movement, exhausting the useful life of the cell phone battery, causing it to last with less time.

– Some applications operate in the background, that is, despite not being at first sight, they keep using the processor and therefore depleting the battery. It is recommended to close any application that is not being used.

In the case of Android , you can access configurations through Settings / Application Management / All, there you can view open applications, selecting and closing those that are not desired. In iOS , you access the multitasking bar, pressing each of the icons shown until the closing appears and you click on it.

– Generally the most consumed battery in the phone are WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth connections , which remain active by default. If you are not using any of these, it is advisable to disable them.

With WiFi, it is best to configure so that each time you want to connect to a network, ask the user so he can be very conscient if he is connected, or not.

Bluetooth is something that should not be kept permanently on, it should only be used when necessary to transfer files to another device, including to other devices that receive this signal or for hands-free. Extending the life of the battery can be easier if this fusion is switched off if it is not necessary.

Now, in the case the 3G connection or another type of data access by means of a telephone line operator, it can be activated in the following way: in Android through Settings / Wireless and mobile networks / networks, while, in iOS, it is done through Settings / General / Mobile Data and this function is disabled. It is advisable to turn them off when you are on a wireless network.


The batteries have a life time, however, it can be shortened if you do not know how to take care of it.

Probably the easiest way to disable all kinds of connections is to place the Smartphone in airplane mode, this will block all Internet connections of any kind.

– To prolong the life of the battery it is important to pay attention to the level of brightness of the screen. It is an important factor to consider, since the higher the intensity, it will discharge much faster. Therefore, adjusting to a medium level will save a lot of battery and keep the brightness at a comfortable level for most uses.

In Android it can be adjusted through Settings / Display / Brightness; while, in iOS, it is done through Settings / Brightness and Wallpaper.

– The Maps application can be very useful for location purposes. Most of the information stored in the phone's cache memory will be used to provide the necessary data of the current location, but in case you need some other place, you must use the Internet and, therefore, spend more battery of the device. This is one of the applications that can most damage the life of a battery.

– Geographical location by means of GPS is used by most applications (maps, compasses, search my iPhone) up to (Twitter, WhatsApp or SoundHound), generally to provide content relevant to the current location or data collection.

Each time you use any of them, the device will go to the GPS and to the data of the telephony antennas plus the WiFi connection points to determine the geographical point, to deactivate it, in Android it is achieved in Settings / Location and Security or Configuration / Location Services, in iOS the applications that make use of it are located in Settings / Privacy / Location.

With these tips you can help a phone have a much longer life and do not have to give such constant maintenance or spend on additional parts.

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