How to receive the good energy of the Spirit of Christmas?

How to receive the good energy of the Spirit of Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, where the joy and illusion of children and family, plus traditions, spiritual aspects and hope come together for a single celebration. One of the most popular rituals before Christmas Eve is the preparation for the reception of the Spirit of Christmas that takes place on the longest day of the year within the winter solstice, where it is believed that it falls to earth and Visit those who welcome you.

The Spirit of Christmas brings blessings and renewal of energies related to prosperity, health, love, peace, etc. its origin is linked to the Nordic countries and has been extended to other territories. There are several versions around the Spirit of Christmas will be a character or real figure or if on the contrary, it is based on a set of stellar energy in which to connect with light beings like angels.

December 21 is the date in which friends and family gather to share and thank in different ways, one of them is cleaning the house previously to discard the bad and improve the receptivity of positive energies through elements such as plants or herbs such as pine and rosemary. Also, it is recommended to create a suitable atmosphere with elements such as candles of different shades, essences, sandalwood incense and tangerine, as well as flowers and ornaments typical of the time such as bells or offerings such as fruits with paper and pencil.

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The Spirit of Christmas, step by step

The first thing is to light the candles , light the incense and spill a little essence even on the body and then open the windows and doors to favor the flow of energy. In the same way, the invitation is to remain some minutes in silence to get in touch with the objectives and dreams fulfilled, to apologize for the bad actions and to promote the alignment with the universe.

With the paper and the pencil will write the wishes without any type of limitation but considering the order in which they want to be fulfilled, incorporating petitions about loved ones, personal wishes and even for their environment such as your country. The tradition is to ask for 21 wishes, so it is better to think them well and not forget to thank for the wishes granted this year.

Once the person has finished, it is advisable to leave the paper on the table during that night in the company of other things and if you wish, save until next year where you can reflect about it. Some people prefer to make the wish list with odd numbers, burn those that were fulfilled and keep those that are pending.

Finally, a toast or a delicious dinner will be the finale to conclude this special moment, which becomes another excuse to spend time together and propose to be better human beings every day with traditional rituals.

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Welcome Prayer

For those who like to take a prayer with their spirituality , there are also several texts that can serve as a reflection to thank and begin the spiritual connection. The perfect moment for this can be before writing the wishes for next year, in order to give thanks before asking for new wishes.

In your name, Almighty Presence, I welcome the Holy Spirit of Christmas, who comes down to this planet with the mission of giving. I greet you, I acknowledge you and I bless you; I thank you for the wonderful work of love, joy and peace that you make.

I open the doors of my heart and my home to your radiation, and I recognize you as a privileged guest at the celebration. I demand, accept, receive and make an abundant provision for myself, for my family, my friends and for all humanity.

I invoke the law of forgiveness, the transmuting violet flame and the pink flame of divine love, to dissolve with love all that is inharmonious during this Christmas in my home and on the planet. Light to the earth, so that peace, balance, well-being and joy fill my life and the whole world.

I am the faith that moves mountains. I am the hope of giving and receiving big. I realize the greatness of the great presence and the prosperity that comes to grant the nativity. I erase in my mind, with violet light, every concept of limitation and scarcity, and I do not accept it anymore.

May the sacred fire of transmutation cleanse and purify the Earth during this Christmas, so that the Christmas Spirit is well in the time it visits us, and can carry out its work without interference. I am the transmutation of the violet flame into action, and the perfection of the beloved Master of the Nativity manifests itself on the entire planet by the power of divine love.