Look with horsetail: alternatives for each day

Look with horsetail: alternatives for each day

A hair tail is one of those alternatives for those women who want to look fresh and youthful, without the need to invest a lot of time in difficult or elaborate hairstyles. A good look with a ponytail will depend, to a large extent, on the combination of good makeup and fashionable attire appropriate to the occasion and the time of day.

This hairstyle is very versatile and with many variants; To achieve a proper appearance it is necessary to maintain good hair care. This is only possible when using the best products according to type: fat, wavy, dry, brittle or smooth. Hair strands are also favorite hairstyles for mothers when it comes to making a simple hairstyle for girls.

Look with ponytail for the diary:

One of the styles most used by girls lately is the ponytail with braid , it is very simple to do for a day of shopping, walking or just to be at home doing routine activities. To do it, start with a traditional French braid, from the sides and join until the end of the hair, to end up tied with a garter.

Another look with a ponytail that can not be missed among the options for the diary is one that goes from the side, can be used both in a casual meeting and in a formal party during the evening hours. To do it, comb the hair to one side and tie it with a ribbon.

The tail of romantic hair is for those cool days and in which comfortable clothes are used to go out to take a breath or to enjoy nature. To do this, the hair is unraveled, then a high ponytail is made, covered with a garter, a tuft is taken and rolled to cover the previous bun. In one of its variants, a simple braid is used on one side of the head and even very well when combined with a headband.

Hair tail styles

If what you want is to look really different, but authentic and feminine, a pigtail with toupee is the best option for those days of rebellious or oily hair. To make this style, take a thick hair and comb it from top to bottom, as this will make it look much brighter and more voluminous; Finally, a high ponytail is made. For an informal day, it is advisable to use a scarf to complete the outfit.

The tail with toupee is also used with bangs, this modality tends to be one of the most used by girls. Just take a lock of hair from the top and separate it from the rest, make a simple pigtail behind and then take a comb so that the lock is lifted. Later, the hair is tied with some hairpins , and voila, a completely different look .

The half tails will never go out of style, because regardless of when they are used, they make the girls look feminine and authentic. To make this simple hairstyle, the hair is divided into two halves, one upper and one lower, the upper part is taken and a garter is placed; the part that remains loose can be smooth with the help of the iron so that it feels more formal and fixed.

Loops or waves can make a simple ponytail change radically. To achieve this effect you can use both the iron and a modeler, both options are valid and achieve a different effect on the hairstyle. It should be noted that when it comes to this style it is recommended that the bow is as high as possible, so that it is seen with greater volume.

Hairstyles with pigtails

Recommendations for a look with ideal ponytail:

The first thing that should be done for a perfect tail is to completely untangle all the hair, this is the same for girls who have it long as for those who have it short. You can use some products to improve the appearance of the hairstyle, there are many varieties that are available in the market. However, it is advisable to use a cream or spray fixative to make the hairstyle last all day, in addition it will bring shine and a silky sensation to the hair. Some girls prefer a more rebellious or disheveled style, to achieve this they only have to make the hair look with more volume, for that they can use a comb or even their hands. The tips of the damage and frizz must be protected before using the dryer, the iron or the curling iron . One option is to use a few drops of silicone before applying the heat.

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