Fashion Price Index 2018

Fashion Price Index 2018

E-commerce is growing rapidly throughout Latin America and it is necessary to keep abreast of changes in various industries and markets. Reason why Linio exposes the Fashion Price Index 2018, since this category is one of the preferred by users to acquire online throughout the region. In Peru 58% of users buy a product from the category "Fashion" online.  

In this report we wanted to analyze the experience we have on the sector to show common points and contrasts by country, as well as contribute to the study and improvement of the industry.  

After researching and comparing the cost of more than 30 items in electronic stores within the category "Fashion" including clothing, footwear and accessories, which can be seen in Table 1 the five cheapest products and the five most expensive to regional level:  

Fashion Price Index 2018  

Top 5 most economical products  


Regional Average Price Most economical country to buy it

Most expensive country to buy it

Zero sleeve pole   $ 11.32   Colombia $ 8.02 Ecuador   $ 16.33   Polo color   $ 14.43   Panama $ 10.95 Argentina   $ 20.59   Black polo shirt $ 15.34   Colombia $ 9.43 Argentina   $ 19.92  

Belt / belt

$ 17.60   Mexico   $ 11.52   Ecuador  

$ 28.99  


$ 18.58   Colombia   $ 9.09   Argentina  

$ 35.15  

More expensive products


Regional Average Price Most economical country to acquire it Most expensive country to acquire it  


$ 88.00  


$ 60.74  


$ 156.09  

Leather jacket  

$ 70.07  


$ 40.35  


$ 128.22  

Trench coat  

$ 68.57  


$ 38.93  


$ 133.50  

Ankle boots   $ 66.59   Colombia   $ 34.64   Argentina  

$ 129.75  


$ 66.47  


$ 43.28  


$ 93.03  

* Prices are in dollars .

The total budget to buy a basic wardrobe in the region is more than $ 1,200 dollars with an average price per product of almost $ 40 dollars. The least expensive country to acquire this wardrobe is Argentina, while the most accessible is Colombia. Immediately inside the T abla 2   the average prices per country will be observed, from highest to lowest, together with the regional average.  

Total wardrobe price  



Average price per pledge



$ 1789.88   $ 58.84  



$ 1356.23   $ 43.45  



$ 1265.54  

$ 41.65  

4 Ecuador   $ 1248.23  

$ 41.28  



$ 1026.15  

$ 33.90  



$ 977.04  

$ 33.04  



$ 888.36  

$ 28.51  

Regional average

$ 1221.63  

$ 38.75  

* Prices are in dollars.

Next, in Table 3 shown below , the sum of the items and the average cost of the products by categories was added, in addition to the total and average item price, both per country as well as at the regional level, which allows to examine and compare with more determination the current state of the industry.  

Fashion Price Index 2018

Argentina Chile Colombia Ecuador Mexico Peru Panama Average LATAM Blouses and t-shirts Sleeveless 12.44 10.67 8.02 16.33 11.75 9.77 10.28 11.32 Black t-shirt 19.92 21.38 9.43 11.66 19.40 14.67 10.95 15.34 T-shirt color 20.59 13.64 12.43 15.66 15.51 12.22 10.95 14.43 White blouse with buttons 38.76 207.78 21.95 23.98 40.61 17.53 32.95 54.79 Print blouse 37.74 29.46 21.09 30.65 23.11 12.63 39.95 27.80 SUM 129.46 282.93 72.92 98.28 110.37 66.81 105.08 123.69 AVERAGE 25.89 56.59 14.58 19.66 22.07 13.36 21.02 24.74 Sweaters Closed sweater 53.27 28.79 22.85 30.31 24.87 32.42 25.28 31.12 Denim jacket 84.47 59.16 29.83 35.66 52.80 36.30 35.28 47.64 Turtle neck 29.16 30.52 21.00 33.65 23.28 29.36 24.95 27.42 Cardigan 55.78 34.15 47.01 28.65 44.50 30.17 35.28 39.36 Sweatshirt 60.53 55.30 38.96 30.00 47.66 36.48 32.95 43.13 SUM 283.20 207.92 159.66 158.26 193.11 164.74 153.75 188.66 AVERAGE 56.64 41.58 31.93 31.65 38.62 32.95 30.75 37.73 Pants Comfortable jeans 58.02 27.28 29.22 38.64 33.53 28.33 43.95 37.00 Knee skirt 29.92 26.17 23.32 40.64 34.85 20.17 30.62 29.38 Skinny Jeans 50.96 23.89 51.54 43.02 35.65 42.60 33.95 40.23 Beige pants 24.39 34.53 23.78 41.77 37.22 16.10 30.62 29.77 Shorts 22.84 22.97 06.06 30.57 23.00 17.21 19.95 22.09 Black jeans 36.75 36.42 35.58 39.98 50.54 22.21 33.95 36.49 SUM 222.87 171.26 181.49 234.62 214.79 146.63 193.03 194.96 AVERAGE 37.15 28.54 30.25 39.10 35.80 24.44 32.17 32.49 Shoes White tennis 71.57 34.68 33.24 44.98 55.22 63.40 38.62 48.82 Black flats 49.46 49.96 19.96 43.98 33.51 37.44 35.28 38.51 High sandals 52.11 34.20 19.53 60.98 46.28 26.17 48.62 41.13 Ankle boots 129.75 57.82 34.64 84.98 44.09 57.58 57.28 66.59 SUM 302.89 176.66 107.38 234.91 179.10 184.59 179.80 195.05 AVERAGE 75.72 44.16 26.84 58.73 44.78 46.15 44.95 48.76 Coats Blazer 124.92 38.71 38.59 66.64 52.38 46.04 40.62 58.27 Leather jacket 128.22 111.31 40.35 60.64 52.64 52.03 45.28 70.07 Trench coat 133.50 39.33 69.20 59.98 82.44 38.93 56.62 68.57 Coat 156.09 60.74 75.75 93.31 87.21 76.26 66.62 88.00 SUM 542.72 250.09 223.89 280.57 274.67 213.27 209.13 284.91 AVERAGE 135.68 62.52 55.97 70.14 68.67 53.32 52.28 71.23 accessories Belt 13.43 18.70 13.41 28.99 11.52 21.19 15.95 17.60 Evening bag 70.59 59.38 16.55 29.32 29.45 9.68 23.95 34.13 Pashmina 35.15 14.14 9.09 23.99 14.68 15.08 17.95 18.58 Sunglasses 63.00 24.50 22.69 38.99 71.17 53.82 18.62 41.83 Clock 63.02 93.03 43.28 49.00 90.41 81.24 45.30 66.47 SUM 245.20 209.76 105.03 170.29 217.22 161.29 121.77 175.79 AVERAGE 49.04 41.95 21.01 34.06 43.44 41.20 24.35 36.44 Others Pajamas 25.54 26.64 20.17 39.31 31.64 19.25 30.63 27.60 Black dress 38.00 30.96 17.82 31.98 44.64 20.47 32.95 30.98 SUM 63.55 57.61 37.99 71.29 76.28 39.72 63.58 58.57 AVERAGE 31.77 28.80 7.00 35.64 38.14 19.86 31.79 29.29 TOTAL 1789.88 1356.23 888.36 1248.23 1265.54 977.04 1026.15 1221.63 AVERAGE 58.84 43.45 28.51 41.28 41.65 33.04 33.90 40.10

Peru has some highlights of the 2018 Fashion Price Index:

Of the 31 products analyzed, the new ones have a lower average cost compared to the rest of the countries.   The cheapest item is the zero sleeve polo with an average price of $ 9.77 and the most expensive would be the watch with an average price of $ 81.24.   To buy a basic wardrobe, a Peruvian would spend $ 977.04 in total, with an average per garment of $ 33.04.   The total products by category from highest to lowest is: Coats $ 213.7, Sweaters $ 164.74, Accessories $ 161.29, Pants $ 146.63, Shirts and Polos for $ 66.81 and others in # 39.72.

In addition, we were able to know that in the region there are features that have to be studied more in detail, such as the habits of the users, their preferences, preferred times and the challenges they face in order to obtain the items they most aspire to. We estimate that this Index could help you understand them better and give them the necessary tools to make an informed decision and enrich the shopping experience.

Methodology used:

The search focused on knowing the average cost of a basic closet for women in each country for regional comparison. We inspected the prices of each of the products in at least three e-commerce of the countries where Linio is present by popularity, taxes and other associated costs of purchase, without calculating the delivery to home as this may vary according to the zone. A calculation was made in the Regional Average Price comparing it with the Average Price per country of each of the garments.  

The exchange rate used was taken from Bloomberg Markets in the week of March 5 to 18, 2018. The 2018 Fashion Price Index took into account 31 items divided into seven categories incorporating clothing, footwear and accessories.

Sources :  

CACE   CCCE   Adimark   Internet Association Ecommerce Day Ecuador   Ipsos Peru  

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Mermaid fashion: carry the sea in style no matter how old

Mermaid fashion: carry the sea in style no matter how old

From small, all the girls dreamed of being sirens; swim by the sea, talk to the animals and have a spectacular tail. But unfortunately that remained in a dream that could not be realized. What has been done to alleviate the pain, is to create an entire culture inspired by these mythical creatures: Mermaid fashion.

This trend ranges from hair to clothing and makeup. There are even people who take this aspect seriously and have brought the mermaid fashion to their daily life as a philosophy.

Mermaid in the sea

There are also makeup lines inspired by sirens. This fashion creates an air of carefree and relaxed, is linked to the romantic side of women and inspires them to follow their dreams from the diversity of pastel colors that make up the look.

The clothing is inspired by mermaid fashion

As it was said at the beginning, you can not have a mermaid tail, but what you can have is clothes inspired by them. There are several ways to apply this pattern to the clothes that are used. The first is to use, obviously, garments that make reference to these creatures.

Leggings with siren tail patterns are very much in vogue. In this way, it is simulated to have a tail. The impressiveness of these designs, is the combination of colors so beautiful with which they come to be made. The best thing is that it can be completely combined with a white or black casual shirt, some converse and go out on the street looking spectacular.

Mermaid Leggins

Mermaid Leggins

On the other hand, a pattern that looks very nice in stockings is partially complete scales. These give the look a more extreme look, but it remains delicately on the skin and can be complemented with a cut A dress of a soft and smooth fabric.

Mermaid Stockings

Mermaid Stockings

There are also shirts that have two oysters stamped on the chest area, referring to the shells that sirens use. The blouses may have a croptop style or a more casual type .

But if you do not want to wear such extreme garments , or at least take it to a more formal environment, there are mermaid dresses and skirts , which are usually fitted to the body until mid-calf, where the fold opens and the skirt falls to make the illusion of a tail. Do not confuse them with a type A cut, since, unlike this, the mermaid cut is usually cinched up to the knees and then widened thanks to a straight cut.

Dress with mermaid cut

Dress with Mermaid Cut

On the other hand, and as a curious fact, a few months ago, blankets woven in the shape of a mermaid tail became very popular. These blankets became a trend thanks to social networks as many fashion bloggers wore their blankets and recommended them. You will not be able to swim with them, obviously, but in photos they look spectacular.

Mermaid blankets

Mermaid Blankets

Hair, makeup and something more inspired by the sirens

Although it may not seem like it, sirens have reached all areas of fashion. The hair is only the first step, this can be used in two ways; If you want the extreme side, you can dye your hair with pastel colors in pink or blue tones. This will give you a fantasy touch that, combined with the soft waves, will give that look as if it had just come out of the water. On the other hand, you can choose the most formal option and only use the characteristic waves of these mythological beings. Of course, long hair is almost mandatory.

Mermaid hair

Mermaid Hair

As for the makeup, they have created infinities of brushes inspired by the mermaid fashion. On the other hand, there are also makeup lines that inspired the design and colors of their products in these creatures.

Beauty bloggers are often inspired by mermaid fashion to create amazing fantasy faces. The most remarkable thing about this technique is that they usually recreate the scales on their skin. Especially on the forehead, temples and cheekbones, some even include shells and starfish, to give it a 3D look.

Mermaid makeup

Mermaid makeup

As for the accessories, there are a variety of pieces to choose from. From a simple ring with a small shell, to beautiful diadems decorated with sea oysters. The latter are beautiful when they complement the makeup.

Finally, the nails have also received their dose of inspiration in the sirens. You can imitate the design of the scales, as well as using frost to emulate the waves of the sea or any characteristic of the ocean. There are even people who use 3D , to make a more realistic effect.

Mermaid nails

Mermaid nails

Wear the mermaid fashion, it does not have to become a tedious task. If an older woman wants to be inspired by this trend, she can do it perfectly, just as the younger ones can go crazy and dye their hair and use a glue. This fashion adapts to everyone and it does not seem that it will leave soon.

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Nintendo labo: a new form of entertainment

Nintendo labo: a new form of entertainment

Nintendo continues in the search to increase the fun in their devices, in his last presentation he announced the Nintendo Switch which had a great acceptance in the market, now comes the Nintendo Labo which has been a total success, thanks to its intuitive form of construction and its applicability to various games.

The interactivity of this device with the Nintendo Switch console is one of the most lucrative aspects of it, through the unfolding of the constant process and the enriched discovery through the creation of dockable cardboard figures.

Nintendo labo and its possibilities:

Labo also allows controlling a car powered by RC by Joy-Cons and even playing a piano made of cardboard, providing a unique feature to each structure made, effectively making use of every fragment that the technology integrated in the Nintendo Switch can offer. provide totally magical experiences.

For most people looking for new experiences when playing video games, this new system can be friendly, but mostly for children, since construction is an intuitive process that allows intellectual development, becoming one of the experiences Most charming that can be found today in the console.

This serves as a reminder that so much fun can offer the Nintendo Switch, making use of its different features, emphasizing the gyroscope of the same, allowing its implementation in different peripherals to make use of the technical specifications that it has.

Like a Lego version, but on paper, the Nintendo allows you to perceive a very similar experience, each of them fitting well. Each of the pieces offers a respectable resistance, allowing to personalize it to the taste of each one by means of colors, crayons or decals.


Create your own tools to have a unique entertainment

The Nintendo Labo Software provides a user-friendly interface, allowing the realization of different models such as the RC car or the Piano complex, enabling the constructor to correctly use each of the pieces, offering revolving 3D images to ensure that each aspect of the model is in place.

Depending on the user's budget, there are different types of kits available, from the Robot Kit to the Variety Kit , they will vary both in price and time, since every construction process involves a procedure that can be as simple as complex, as it is clearly visible with the RC car that can be built in just 10 minutes, unlike another that could take from 1 to 4 hours.

Presumably, each creation made with the Nintendo, removing the arduous process by which the user can pass to complete the construction, depending on your choice, when playing, the Nintendo Switch allows you to converge your Hardware and Software with the construction made, turning a simple videogame into something much more fun.

Putting aside intuitive designs like the Piano and even the Fishing Rod, the Nintendo Labo consists of a mode called Toy-Con Garage , which is a special mode that allows you to create your own Toy-Con through scenario programming "if it passes this, then this. "

creation of nintendo

The variety of creation are determined by the level of creativity.

This being only the tip of the iceberg, since inventive owners of Labo have created rhythm games, up to dioramas using Toy-Con Garage , opening the way to innumerable creations as time goes by and more people begin to make use of the application.

Within it, a Discovery mode is offered, which is responsible for teaching everything you need to know when making a construction, within it can be found from decorations and basic functions of the Toy-Con to the most important points. fine of the Toy-Con Garage , all this narrated by a repertoire of comic characters who possess a notorious Nintendo style.

The decision lies in which Lab Kit should be acquired, it falls solely on the need of the user, whether you want to purchase the Variety Kit for $ 70, to make use of most of the basic constructions available and some more complex, or acquire the Robot Kit for $ 80, which includes more complex robotic games, however, both allow use of the Toy-Con Garage .

In conclusion, this new design makes use of the vivid and fun experiences for which Nintendo is known and bringing them to the real world, being fun the construction with these cardboard pieces and even more fun when playing with them, interacting with the Nintendo Switch of interesting shapes.

Even when the creation of the most recurrent models is completed, the Toy-Con Garage can be used for an infinite number of possibilities.

Acquire it here

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Galaxy Note 4; the first Samsung with Android Lollipop

Galaxy Note 4; the first Samsung with Android Lollipop

Samsung brings innovation this year, introducing its Galaxy Note 4 with integrated Android Lollipop. This smartphone marks a route for the next phablets of the brand to quickly become the favorites of the entire public thanks to its constant innovation.

In October 2014 when the Samsung device came out, mobile phone enthusiasts discovered a truly powerful machine, which possessed very novel sensors for the time: heart rate, fingerprints, barometer, smart rotation , ambient light adaptability, detection of gestures and infrared light transmitter.

With all these functions, the 'skeleton' needed a powerful heart that could carry out these tasks. To solve this problem, the Korean company turned to its well-known Android friend, who gave the cell phone Kitkat version, which was outdated for the many possibilities that had the device, with its multitasking, its 16 MP camera, and possibility to record in 4K.

An opportunity was given to update it to all Marshmallow versions. This was a great step to be able to fully exploit the capacity of the smartphone .

As belonging to the high-end, the Galaxy Note 4 was part of the list chosen to have a new system called Android Lollipop. This is the real update that was waiting for you. With this OS, the phone has new improvements. The version that will arrive will be 5.1.1.

Features of Android Lollipop

The most famous of this new system is the use of "Material design" which in simple words is responsible for making the icons, buttons and letters much more visible so that the user knows what it is about. For this improvement, the design has given a change compared to its predecessor that followed a more basic graphic line.

Although the battery of the Galaxy Note 4 is of type 3200 mAh with support for Quick Charge , Android Paleta (by its name in Spanish) ensures that the utility time in day to day will be optimized by 90% to perform with much more freedom the multitasking function, which ensures it to be one of the most powerful phones in the market.

Notifications will also be protagonists, since now with a blocked screen, you can manipulate more information than you are used to. You can answer messages, turn off alarms, and in some cases manipulate images.

Kill Siwft is the name of the function that is now incorporated to block and delete data in case of theft or loss. And for dangers within the web, Lollipop has a more aggressive antivirus function than its predecessors.

Also with these improvements, the RAM memory will benefit, since it will be possible to free "junk" space automatically.

Android Lollipop 5.1.1 comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 as an accelerated to make it the best phablet of the entire field, making it powerful inside and out.

Increase serotonin: discover how to be happier

Increase serotonin: discover how to be happier

Serotonin is a chemical that is produced in the human body and has the functions of a neurotransmitter. It is considered responsible for the state of mind and some of our recurring emotions. That is why the decrease of this element in the body can bring with it the feeling of hopelessness, melancholy and even chronic depression. Increase serotonin is possible in a natural way, especially if they modify some very common negative habits such as: poor diet, lack of sleep, lack of physical training and consumption of snuff or alcoholic beverages.

It is considered that serotonin is also associated with the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, that is, it is involved in the digestion process and contributes greatly to the reduction of appetite or the feeling of satiety at the time of eating. Today, it is possible to measure the levels present in the bloodstream with tests performed in a clinical laboratory, however, so far, you can not measure the amount of the hormone that is in the brain.

In any case, there are several recommendations that we can follow to feel happier and transmit positive energies to the people around us, no matter where we are. Take note, these are some of the tips you should follow:

Increase serotonin through feeding:

Serotonin can be improved considerably by changing some eating habits. Although, there are many myths about this, one of them is that you should increase your intake of bananas or bananas to improve your mood; While it is true that this food contains many nutrients, by itself is not enough for the body to produce happiness.

hormone of happiness

A good alternative is to consume more healthy fats that contain Omega 3 fatty acids. People with low levels of serotonin suffer from DHA . These natural lipids can reverse their effects on health , the foods that have these nutrients are: fish and nuts. There are also vitamin supplements such as fish oil, which reduces cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Dark chocolate is widely recommended by resveratrol. This component increases endorphins and serotonin with only consume 30 grams a day. Cocoa contains flavonoids, which act as antioxidants in the body. So those who have always enjoyed this product, now have the perfect excuse to integrate it into their regular diet.

Take away stress and stress: just be happy

The effects of stress and exhaustion can greatly affect health, but an overload of worries can interfere with the synthesis of the happiness hormone . Practicing outdoor activities such as yoga, meditation or pilates can reverse these negative effects and make a person feel, regardless of age, full of energy and vitality.

To feel good about yourself and balance the levels of stress that are acquired with the demanding daily routines, it is essential to get enough sleep for the body to recover energy. While sleep occurs, the body releases the hormone melatonin that strengthens the immune system. The lack of sleep for prolonged periods activates adrenaline and cortisol, also generates mood changes, less physical performance and alterations in appetite.

In adults, it is advisable to rest for at least 6 to 8 hours a day. To achieve this, you can reduce the time you watch television programs or work on the computer. You will feel more willing to start a new day and give your best in everything you undertake.

Smile and be happy

Likewise, doing sports or exercising regularly is one of the activities most recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence of the United Kingdom , as this helps to stimulate this substance in the metabolism.

If you are someone who prefers to be at home, maybe a nice hobby or hobby, such as gardening or music, can help you to clear the accumulated pressure of daily tensions. As you will see, increasing serotonin is much simpler than it seems, because with small actions every day you will achieve great changes.

Laugh, share and enjoy the moment:

There is no better remedy for the spirit than to share quality time with those who are loved. Enjoying company with family and friends can be much more effective than any medication for depression. Sunbathing on the beach helps increase the vitamin D that is necessary to assimilate calcium in the bones of the body and overcome other autoimmune diseases.

Avoid Depression

Finally, reliving pleasant moments is also very comforting and effective to increase serotonin in the brain. Since, it prevents us from remembering painful or sad moments that tend to produce the adverse effect in the organism.

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How to choose the sunscreen for each type of skin?

How to choose the sunscreen for each type of skin?

When strolling in the sun, it is important to use sunscreen solar, although there are some people that this idea catches their attention. However, regularly use this product brings benefits to the health of skin, yes, taking into account that each person is different and therefore the dermis as well. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a good sunscreen for each type of skin .

The use of sunscreen is not only for the summer season, since ultraviolet rays are always present regardless of the weather. That is why, it is advisable to add this product to the routine of daily skin care, either in men and women.

It is necessary to know what type of product is suitable for different skin types. This will depend on many factors such as: climate, temperature and the country where you live.

A sunscreen for each type of skin:

The protectors vary according to the filters they contain, these are classified as: biological, physical and chemical. In the case of the chemical filter , the creams or preparations that comprise it are characterized by having a greater reach in the deep layers of the skin, in turn, are responsible for absorbing much better the sun's rays , and then convert them into heat. In this way, it protects both the skin of the body and the face for longer.

Types of Sunscreens

However, among the main disadvantages of use, is the allergic reaction or intolerances by those with sensitive skin . For this reason, it is better to intersperse them with other types of sunblock.

Biological filters are nothing more than antioxidant substances that prevent the formation of free radicals in the epidermis. It is very common to find this compound in other products used for skin care such as: natural oils, creams and balms based on aloe vera or shea butter .

In general, blockers that include biological filters do not have much sun protection factor (SPF), therefore, they are used as enhancers when mixed with other protective filters. Some of the most recognized brands on the market combine the 3 formulas to create a product with greater resistance to the sun.

Physical filters , on the other hand, are mineral powdered substances that, unlike chemical filters, do not penetrate directly into the skin, but become a protective layer that repels the effects of ultraviolet rays.

How to choose a sunscreen

Many articles of natural or ecological manufacture contain it, as it is safer for health. Without a doubt, people suffering from acne or a severe skin condition should use this type of sunscreen , it will not bring alternative consequences after its continuous use.

To prevent sunstroke in oily skin , it is better to opt for blockers with mineral ingredients, since they are the ones that have less amount of fat. However, a dermatologist is best suited to recommend the product for each person and skin type.

In this sense, people with moles or freckles are the most likely to absorb the sun's rays and also to suffer from skin cancer. That is why the protection factor is so important when purchasing a new brand of sunscreen . In turn, white skins should not only take special care at the time of being in the sun, then they should use moisturizers to cool the body and prevent the redness of some areas such as the cheeks, shoulders and arms.

Additional recommendations:

When you are at the beach or the pool, it is advisable to use a first layer of sunscreen before you start enjoying the water. Subsequently, it is reapplied according to the FPS that contains the product or at least 3 times during the day. Before doing so, you should dry your body and face with a towel. In the case of women, it is ideal to apply a sunscreen on the face before using the usual makeup base. This will avoid both stains and wrinkles that cause prolonged exposure to sunlight. People with delicate skin or prone to burn, should opt for blockers with a high protection factor (at least 50 FPS). In addition, to use other elements to protect the skin from heat, such as hats and sunglasses . The skin of children is much more delicate than adults, so they must wear appropriate clothing to prevent sunburn or sunburn. Avoid exposure to sunlight during the hours of noon, it is when they are more harmful to skin contact, on the contrary, it is better to take the sun during the early hours of the day or late afternoon.

As you can see, there is a sunscreen for each type of skin , which have different characteristics to meet different protection needs. This product should never be lacking in the daily routines of body and facial care, as it is an essential ally to maintain a radiant and smooth skin.

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Vintage ideas that will help decorate the home elegantly

Vintage ideas that will help decorate the home elegantly

Vintage ideas have become very popular among women because of its simplicity. From clothes to the furniture of the house, everything can be given a new air without losing a lot of money. Especially, if it is family relics.

The term Vintage is taken from the English vocabulary to refer to ancient objects, some with a sentimental value, to which a second opportunity can be given. The renovation is an essential part of this style, which is usually inspired by the elegance and romanticism of the 30s and 40s.

Vintage room

Vintage room

On the other hand, the colors that usually predominate in vintage ideas for furniture , are the bases in light colors like white, complemented by accessories in more vivid colors. In addition, prints also play a fundamental role, as are floral prints. And as is to be expected, wood and wicker are the materials that are most often restored.

Tips for getting a vintage decoration

Vintage ideas are synonymous with saving. Who does not have at home a piece of furniture that they do not want to throw away because of their sentimental value? The versatility of this style helps you to combine other styles, while at the same time giving them a more personal touch.

One of the first things you should know, is that you should choose furniture with a classic trend, especially if they have a rounded shape and neutral tones, to avoid damaging the wood when you remove the color. But not everything is about using furniture, you can also choose objects that follow this line of elegance and solid colors. The old suitcases, those of cloth, or even vases that evoke this old style.

Colors and vintage style

Colors and Vintage Style

If you do not have furniture to put vintage ideas into practice , you can go to an antique shop or the street markets in the city. Another idea is to renovate furniture that lacks some touch to make it one. A classic example is to buy a simple piece of furniture, but at a very good price and give it an original touch.

When looking to follow this style, it must be kept in mind that decorative accessories have a certain degree of relevance. In a room with decoration of this style, you can never miss accessories such as cages, lamps or even bicycles.

Finally, floral arrangements also play an important part in this style of decoration. You can do the expense and invest in flowers every day. But fabric flowers are an equally viable option.

Some vintage ideas that will help decorate the home

If you take a piece of furniture and paint it in a pastel and even white tone, but leave some spaces without color, then an idea has been transformed into reality. This piece of furniture can be a small stool or even a small table. If you choose a small table, it can be perfectly in the bedroom or a living room of the house. In addition, it can be complemented with some accessories, such as hardcover books or a floral arrangement.

Vintage furniture

floral vintage decoration

One way to get some original lamps with this style , is to inflate a balloon and go wrapping it with threads soaked in white glue. Another option is to use lace fabric. It is left to dry one night and the next morning, with a pin the globe is exploded and a beautiful lamp will be had. It can also work as a vase if you cut a larger hole in the top and add a bouquet of wildflowers or even roses.

Lamps of thread and lace

Lamps of thread and lace

The wooden drawers have become a versatile accessory when looking for vintage ideas to decorate. They can be left in their original brown tone and contrast with the neutral tone of the walls of the room. Becoming like this, in an excellent place to store things. From sheets to cushions that you do not want to put on the bed.

An idea that can become an insult for the most passionate readers is to use books. Be it your pages or the complete books. A first option is to take the sheets of books and transfer them to a clean and polished surface of any furniture. This will make the sheets remain embedded in the material eternally. In addition, with a wall clock and other accessories in neutral tones, it will complement perfectly.

Box with a book

Box with a book

On the other hand, you can take a book that is already completely spoiled and give it a new use by converting it into a box. This idea consists in opening the book, sticking its pages externally so that they do not move and with a sharp cutter or blade, cutting its pages to create the spaces that allow to store things.

Finally, a very simple option is to make candles. To do this, you can convert porcelain cups into the vessels of the candles. And just enough to get some wax, thread and essence. In addition, if you add some dye, you can give them a nice color that matches the living room.

Vintage ideas are very easy to follow. Whether restoring an old piece of furniture or giving a new use to an unconventional object, the important thing is to have the imagination to do it, remembering that, with little budget, you can achieve great things.

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It is part of the fifth anniversary of Linio Peru


It is part of the fifth anniversary of Linio Peru

Linio Peru is celebrating, and wants to give back to its clients the confidence they have had during these 5 years in the Peruvian market and wants to do it on this anniversary offering discounts of up to 60% and free shipping to Lima and Callao in selected articles , such as mobile device Huawei Y5 II at 299 soles, fragrances Be from Calvin Klein presentation 200 ml at 139 soles, Ebaby high chair at 249 soles and household appliances from 24.90 soles, among other promotions.

5th Anniversary

There are many products that can be purchased at incredible prices during this anniversary, such as Casio watches for both ladies and gentlemen, which are useful for all types of occasions with offers of up to 45%. Likewise, for those who like to take care of their body and exercise, Linio offers the opportunity to save up to 70% in the purchase of bicycles.

Important and quality brands such as Oster and Whirpool will be part of this celebration, guaranteeing functionality and durability to equip the home with premium products, such as mattresses, blenders, rice cookers, juices extractors, blenders, pots, irons, microwaves, toasters , grills, washing machines, refrigerators, kitchens, among other items with discounts of up to 45%.

Buying in Linio is very simple, since the portal offers the facility to filter by the attribute of interest or simply browse through the platform to compare options and prices. If you are not registered in the online store, you must enter the requested information and select the products you wish to include in the shopping cart. The next step is to specify the shipping address and wait for the purchase confirmation. In addition, Linio provides the opportunity to follow up the package with the advice of the customer service staff.

Electronic commerce in Peru

Electronic commerce in Peru

What has been achieved and done where Linio points?

Linio Peru has become one of the three most important e-Commerce companies in the Peruvian market, managing to double its online sales in recent years thanks to the focus on improving the shopping experience of its customers, making it safe and convenient. , offering a greater selection of products with the best prices and different payment options, such as online with a credit or debit card, cash payment against delivery, and deposits with bank agencies, which has prompted the public to buy.

Also, the growth is also due to the opening of its platform to sellers from around the world, for example, Asians and Americans, have made it possible to have 9 thousand sellers to 26 thousand in just one year. It is estimated that the sales of electronic commerce in the region amount to almost $ 90 billion dollars.

More than 1,000 orders per day have been received through the 13 available categories; Sports, Toys, Health and Wellbeing, Beauty and Personal Care, Watches and Accessories, Fashion, Home, Computing, etc. and its collaborators that make it possible for customers to feel satisfied thanks to the enthusiasm, commitment and effort, to make Linio the largest e-Commerce in Latin America.

The company has its own delivery fleet called Motorboy, with which Linio Peru has greater control over the dispatch, guaranteeing a good service for customers.

With an annual growth rate ranging between 100% and 300% in terms of traffic, Linio Peru is ranked No. 15 in the national ranking of web pages, according to, above giants such as Mercado Libre and OLX

Linio Peru fifth anniversary

Linio Peru fifth anniversary

Let's celebrate this fifth anniversary of Linio Peru!

Cross-Selling: the cross-selling online trend

Cross-Selling: the cross-selling online trend

In a globalized world where technology covers every corner of the market, it becomes necessary to reach each space with strategies that improve sales on websites. Therefore, much more must be offered to the end customer, not only by having the products they need at their disposal, but also by providing the accessories designed for each of them, in order to increase sales considerably. This type of strategy is known as Cross-Selling or cross-selling.  

What is mainly sought with this technique (which has been present even in other types of markets for several years) is that the amount of each purchase is greater than the initial one; suggesting options for other equipment and products that may increase the customer experience.

This method is not new, since in the traditional market it also exists for years. For example, in a restaurant when some diners request their plate, the waiter usually suggests a bottle of wine of good price and first quality, or a dessert with which they can accompany their dinner.  

A series of invitations like this is present in any other scenario with the sole purpose that sales increase and the customer can have a better service provided by the store where you purchase a product.

Sales increase

Cross-Selling and up selling are not the same techniques   

Sales strategies have been changing, and although they have the same purpose of increasing sales, they are no longer used in the same way, but have evolved.

In the case of up-selling , its main focus is aimed at offering customers a new version of the product they have now, for example, having a Samsung S8 cell phone you can have a new version, such as the S9.  

Otherwise it happens with the Cross-Selling , because in this occasion what mainly looks for is to offer options of accessories for the products. In the case of LG cell phones, it gives you the possibility to consider various alternatives in order to have the ideal complement for the equipment such as: hearing aids, chargers, external batteries, cell phone cases, memory cards, among others; which will increase the experience of what you acquired.  

More options for sale

Gold rules that you should keep in mind at the time of the cross sale  

Each technique has its own rules and its way of doing it correctly with schemes that will be optimal when putting them into practice. In the case of Cross-Selling there are two that are fundamental, such as:  

The accessories that are suggested must be totally related to the main product that the client acquired. The price of the accessory must be lower than the initial product, even if it is a percentage lower than 30% to make it attractive to the customer.  

A step by step for cross sales on your website  

For a project such as an online store , the sales strategy is ideal. Although in the traditional market this modality is already known, the truth is that it is a new contribution in terms of online sales and is a field that can be exploited without becoming invasive.

The first thing that should be known in depth is the catalog of products that has a website, this to know which can be related to each other and that the user does not have a bad experience. The next thing is to prepare an optimal link between the products, always thinking about the need of the target audience, establishing at least 3 types of customers, with accessories designed according to the needs of each one.   Finally, coordinate the place where these links will be placed; there are usually 3 main places: one of them is when describing the main product, another space is when canceling the order and via email once the purchase has been completed.  

Another option for increasing sales is to prepare a bundling , which will help the customer to have at their fingertips the best purchase options and their online experience is great.

This technique is linked to Cross-Selling and is nothing more than having all the alternatives in the same combo with a price that is the same as the initial product. The idea is to show the products in which the potential potential customer has shown interest.  

Cross Selling in e-commerce

Cross-Selling in e-commerce

Also, it should be taken into account that this type of offers of products and accessories will be advantageous for the public. Otherwise, there will be no noticeable results. This technique will allow customers to navigate a little more in the space, checking other promotions and products that can be helpful in their environment, benefiting both parties.

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