Ecommerce Day in Peru: a growing business model

Ecommerce Day in Peru: a growing business model

This July 10 is the day of ecommerce in Peru as a way to encourage and propagate the fundamental role that electronic commerce is fulfilling within the country.

As in most Latin American countries, Peru has gradually managed to integrate into the constant advances that technology brings to industrialized society, since many of the commercial sectors carry out the exchange of goods and services on a daily basis. from Internet.

To understand the dynamics of this business model, it is essential to put into perspective how strategies have been developed to meet the needs of customers. Taking into account the opportunities for improvement, electronic commerce can become a key pillar for the national economy and making the day of ecommerce in Peru a more relevant industry.

Ecommerce day in Peru: how has growth been?

There are many interesting data that can be untapped when talking about the current situation of electronic commerce in Peru , without a doubt one of the most relevant is the profile of the buyer. According to the Peruvian newspaper El Comercio, consumers are increasingly more varied, that is, they belong to many different sectors of the population.

In this sense, 50% of virtual buyers belong to sectors A and B, while the remaining 50% belong to stratum C. The majority group is between 25 and 35 years old, being the so-called millennials who perform more online transactions. One of the key features is that they are not familiar with any brand in particular, on the contrary, their searches are focused on the price-quality of the products.

The Chamber of Commerce of Lima (CCL) offered some figures on the categories that most interest Peruvians when they enter the electronic commerce portals, first, technology and electronics lead the list. In the following positions are located articles related to fashion, home and travel. Finally, there are health and beauty, sports, toys for children, pets and food.

Electronic Commerce Peru

What to expect from electronic commerce in Peru?

Similarly, according to figures provided by the CCL, the Cyber ​​Day 2017 season left good results for companies engaged in electronic commerce in the country, since approximately 70% of the payments made during the campaigns come from digital platforms, which means a significant increase in the number of clients that rely on the virtual purchasing process.

This point is essential in all Latin American countries; Reliability and security are key for more and more people to make their purchases online. For this, better procedures must be applied that improve the user's shopping experience from start to finish.

For its part, Linio Peru implemented in 2017 discounts of up to 75% with free shipping to certain cities in the country such as Lima and Callao. In this way, customers were able to enjoy special promotions in the technological articles of the moment; among which the most well-known brands stand out: Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Motorola.

In addition, other household products such as televisions, appliances and appliances were the most purchased. There is no doubt that buyers celebrate the day of ecommerce in Peru looking for the most tempting offers in the latest generation items for entertainment and to perform housework.

ecommerce in Peru

Cyber ​​Wow: 72 hours of unmissable offers

The cyber day 2018 of Linio Peru will be taking place on 9, 10 and 11 July. In this sense, customers can make their virtual purchases with excellent advantages, especially for those who download the Linio app , because through this tool, buyers will have access to incredible discounts on the items of their choice.

The promotions of this campaign will focus on fashion items: clothing, footwear, accessories, cell phones, televisions, appliances, sporting goods, among others. So it is impossible not to find all the products that are indispensable for the day to day.

Also, the cyber day brings free shipping in merchandise selected from the catalog. In addition, to encourage the credibility of new users will be available several banking promotions that offer the customer the opportunity to choose the payment method that best suits their needs.

Same as the previous time, the percentage of discount is of more than 70%, reason why the season of Cyber ​​Wow 2018 is the opportunity for all those that wish to make the purchases of half of year without having to invest great sums of money. So Linio Peru makes available to its customers the best promotions in the best known brands in the market.

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Recommendations to capture the best photos

Recommendations to capture the best photos

The photos represent the opportunity to capture unique moments so that the memory lasts in time as a trip to a new destination, a reunion with special beings, the practice of an extreme sport and those memorable moments that last over time. In the marked you can find instant, aquatic, digital cameras, compact, easy to carry, light and friendly in its operation. In this article we will give you some tricks that will make your images the best:

Do not stop capturing any moment

It does not matter that you have to wait a little longer to achieve that great shot because it is possible that you play a little with the environmental conditions where light or weather does not always favor us.

On the other hand, make sure you have a photographic equipment that meets the requirements you are looking for and after buying your camera, take a few minutes to carefully study its functions and capabilities so that you can make adjustments when you need it.

take good pictures

The power of photography

If you want to use it more professionally, you should keep in mind that standard cameras do not usually use several lenses , but in the case you want to give a more specific use. For example, the fish eye is more suitable for large spaces where you are looking for a panoramic view that encompasses larger dimensions of the environment.

In the case, telephoto lenses are ideal for long distance shots very appropriate for those who practice sports and like to be in contact with nature. As for the macros are ideal to appreciate the details because they are used at close range.

Dare to experiment making sure you have a source that provides you with the necessary energy during the time you want to photograph as well as enough storage . Another element with which you can complement the photo shoot is the tripod , very useful to give stability to the image and with which you benefit from being able to use a remote trigger. Do not forget a good case where you transport your equipment so that it is protected all the time and therefore enjoy greater durability.

good pictures

Create your own photo gallery

Your creativity plays an important role because you decide the perspective you want to give the photo. You can document and search for sources of inspiration, try different angles, framing, depth and study the composition of the image.

Let your imagination open up and if a shot does not look good, no matter you can keep trying because one of the advantages of digital photography is that you do not have to reveal the photos to know which ones were good. The photo must have an intention, try that the image projects an emotion in who sees it or who tells a story.

Once you have the photos you want selected, there are programs with which you can retouch or edit by incorporating filters or effects to achieve quality photos. It is not always a good idea to combine all the elements or techniques in the same photograph because the results may not be as expected, it is better to choose simplicity.

digital cameras

In Linio Peru you can find cameras of recognized brands such as Panasonic, GoPro, Cannon, Sony and others with multiple functions so that the photos come to life with vibrant and striking colors. So find yours next to a wide range of accessories.

Live football: what should not be missing for the 2018 World Cup

Live football: what should not be missing for the 2018 World Cup

With less than a week to go before the 2018 World Cup, many fans are fully prepared to support their respective teams. To do it as it should, it is necessary to have the right tools, Linio Peru knows it and that is why it brings the Vive el fútbol campaign that integrates the best articles to enjoy the World Cup fever with enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

No matter what type of fan you consider yourself, you will surely find an article that will make the difference and will accompany you in this soccer season from start to finish. The 2018 World Cup will be full of surprises, one of the most rewarding is that the Blanquiroja team returns to dispute the world cup after 36 years of absence, which undoubtedly represents a great reason to make this edition a transcendental and more exciting event .

Live the 2018 world football: a product for every type of fanatic

See the opening presentation of the World Cup would never be the same without having at home a TV with the ideal features to observe the details of each game, in principle the models that have Full HD are preferred by all. Since, they will make this experience even more exciting and unforgettable for the spectators. The most recognized brands such as Samsung, LG and Panasonic have impressive discounts that range from 50, 40 and 30% .

Likewise, technology is not far behind in terms of advances to enhance interactivity and connectivity from various smart devices. Such is the case of Chromecast , whose advantage is that they allow viewing the same content as that of a laptop on the television; This is really useful when the matches are seen by the live broadcast that place some web portals.

In this way, those fans who love technology can be the hosts from home and enjoy every sporting event as if it were the stadium itself. As for the audio section, Linio Peru brings many unmissable surprises, since the products are: audio systems, music players, speakers and home theater systems.

World Cup 2018

In the category of top products , are the best-selling items on the page and that in turn perfectly complement the passion for football as: cameras, headphones, strength equipment and of course the collectible albums with their respective figurines that every fan exchanges with his friends to fill it in the shortest time possible.

Many people associate team sports, such as football, with a good barbecue or outdoor barbecue, for those fans there is also space in this season of promotions . The Chinese boxes represent an excellent alternative to make grilled meals, because they are made of resistant wood and steel inside. In Peru, this invention of Cuban origin is one of the most popular to make healthy meals abroad and with an insurmountable flavor.

Using it is very simple, only the food is introduced in the internal compartment, later the embers are placed in the upper grill. Most of the models include an auxiliary grid in which coal can be used to prepare some accompaniment. The best thing about Chinese boxes is that they do not require permanent supervision, so the amateur will not have to miss even the smallest detail of their favorite sporting events.

All fans know that to make a masterful move you need a complete team, that's why this category integrates the accessories that can not be missing for the grills from the tweezers, knives, spatulas and leather gloves to avoid burns. We just need to choose what will be the menu to enjoy the first match between Peru and the Denmark team.

Enjoy the 2018 World Cup

Up to Peru: true fans support their selection

For Linio Peru it is very important to demonstrate his support for the national team and what better way to do it than with the products most desired by the fans. All these are in the category of Arriba Perú , which contains all the official products of the selection such as: shirts, sneakers, watches and cushions with messages alluding to the 2018 World Cup .

As sports equipment there are discounts on soccer balls and bicycles to share with the smallest of the house. In addition, for the stay with family and friends to be pleasant, there are also items for the home to share the most delicious snacks and snacks to enjoy the game.

What counts in this World Cup year is to live each match with passion, so enter Linio Peru right now so that you get the fever for football and live an experience full of unforgettable moments in the company of yours.

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Monopoly: one of the best table games to share

Monopoly: one of the best table games to share

The recreational activities that make up board games serve to entertain themselves in free time, promoting learning, the development of motor and sensory abilities, as well as social relationships. They are good at strengthening math skills, learning to follow directions and make decisions. Board games are classified into: dice, tokens, cards, roles or board.

One of the best-selling table games is the Monopoly, produced by the Hasbro brand -with the alternative of giving production licenses to other companies- used by children or adults, and which consists of a system of exchange and real estate in which The objective is to make a monopoly of offers to acquire properties. It is a game in which negotiation skills, the value of money, planning, strategy and administration are stimulated.

Board games: How to play Monopoly?

The game is made up of 8 chips that represent each player, pieces such as houses and hotels, a board, dice, regulation, communal Ark or Chance cards, property titles and tickets (without commercial value) that are used when playing for turns, moving around the board and clockwise.

When it is the turn of the person, the dice are thrown and the card moves as many spaces as these indicate; When it is on a property of public services, streets or railroads that do not have an owner, it can be bought from an imaginary bank or let the bank auction them, if they are not purchased.

Houses or hotels can be built when the player has all the titles of a group of color; the same happens when you want to mortgage because when you do it on a property, it will affect the rest of the constructions that you have in the same group of color.

If the properties already have owners, the amount of tax assigned on the card must be paid or an offer of purchase can be made to the owner and so on, until the participants want to terminate the game or someone seizes all the properties .

New versions of Monopoly

Throughout the years some versions have been maintained as the standard and deluxe, but there are other novelties such as the change of the presentation, the payment system and other editions that have been adapted to other cultures, have promoted products such as movies cinema, special dates and even television series, all this as a result of the expansion it has had.

For example, in Ciudad Monopolio, people can create their own city made up of 80 three-dimensional buildings and with some variables compared to the conventional one, such as the incidence of revenues as a result of the strategies of other competitors.

The Empire Monopoly gives you the possibility to buy important brands that enjoy international recognition and the World Edition Monopoly, with which you can buy cities around the world. Today even local and world championships of this popular game are organized.

The recommendation is to choose that perfect gift for children and young people that generate moments of healthy recreation in the home or other spaces. If you want to reinforce any specific area, it is suggested to invest a few minutes to find the appropriate game that preferably incorporates other people and that admits a wide range of ages in which the interaction between the stages is observed. Linio Peru offers a wide variety of items such as quality games and toys , in different prices and models that are available 24 hours a day.

Table monopoly

Breast Cancer: a battle of life that is possible to win

breast cancer 10

Breast Cancer: a battle of life that is possible to win

The World Cancer Day Against Breast Cancer is celebrated on October 19, the date on which the commitment is ratified and people are striving to raise awareness in the fight because every day there is less disinformation regarding this disease that affects 1 of each 8 women without distinction of race or economic level but that is totally treatable when its detection is on time. Equally, it is necessary the support and support that can be provided to all those who suffer from it by offering them tools at a medical and psychological level to overcome this stage.

breast cancer 2


The causes of breast cancer may be due to risk factors or family history. Changes in DNA are inherited from parents, exponentially increasing the risk of suffering from the disease. However, there are also other risk factors, related to lifestyle, such as diet and exercise that increase the chances of getting breast cancer.

There are no studies that prove that breast implants, the use of antiperspirants, the use of brassieres and pesticides increase or are linked to breast cancer.

Symptoms :

Some of the symptoms that may show that you are in the presence of breast cancer may be aspects such as breast size or shape, nipple discharge, skin changes or irritation, inverted nipple, bump when the surface is touched. the breast, sustained pain and alteration of the color and temperature of the breast, enlargement of the lymph nodes in the armpit, bone pain, swelling of an arm near the breast and weight loss.

breast cancer

Types of breast cancer:

There are different types of breast cancer, each has special characteristics and that is why you should pay attention to any symptoms in the region of the breasts that show any of these injuries. Among the types of breast cancer are:

DCIS: ductal carcinoma in situ CDI: invasive ductal carcinoma Tubular carcinoma of the breast Medullary carcinoma of the breast Mucinous carcinoma of the breast Papillary carcinoma of the breast Cribiform carcinoma of the breast CLI: invasive lobular carcinoma Inflammatory breast cancer CLIS: lobular carcinoma in situ Breast cancer in men Paget's disease in the nipple Filoid tumor of the breast Recurrent and metastatic breast cancer


The treatment will depend on the type that is suffered, the study of cancer, if it is sensitive or not to certain hormones and if it produces in excess or not a protein called HER2 / neu. Each condition is different, because not only cares for the type of cancer but also the particular health circumstances of the person and the evolution of the disease in their body, however, some of the usual procedures to treat breast cancer are:

Surgery Lumpectomy or lumpectomy Quadrantectomy Simple mastectomy Modified radical mastectomy Intravenous or oral medications or chemotherapy Radiotherapy Biological therapy Adjuvant therapy Hormonotherapy Medications to prevent and treat nausea Psychotherapy

breast cancer 7


The prevention of breast cancer in an effective and timely manner, is essential to prevent it from spreading to other areas of the body, as this affects the treatment and reduces the chances of life.

Many of the cases do not present signs or symptoms that warn about what is coming, however, there are changes that can be appreciated, and to which we must be attentive and give them the importance they deserve, in this case the most advisable is assist a specialist who can perform the necessary evaluation according to the case.

Some types of breast cancer have characteristics that can be associated with other diseases, such as the inflammatory, in which symptoms such as mastitis occur and that is why it is not possible to detect it with the naked eye. Cases like this one present severe injuries in young women that are usually discovered when the disease has progressed considerably.

That is why regular medical review is essential to detect any change that may be a sign of a problem of this nature. Conducting studies such as a mammogram can make the difference between winning or losing the battle against cancer, since an effective evaluation can have an impact on the mortality rate, reducing it by up to 30% and being recognized as a method to identify early lesions. Unfortunately, only 60% of cases are diagnosed at an early stage, therefore, preventive studies should be done regularly.

Data of interest

Breast cancer in young women is usually more aggressive and as they get older the risk of breast cancer rises, which results in the majority of advanced cases occurring in women aged 50 to 90 years. years.

Compared to men, women are 100 times more likely to suffer from breast cancer.

Some data suggest that approximately 90% of all breast masses are caused by benign lesions. Those that are soft and elastic masses, are usually associated with a fibroadenoma in women from 20 to 30 years of age and cysts in the period between 30 and 40 years.

With or without symptoms, early detection makes the difference,
that's where the importance of regular exams lies.


Linio first retailer to implement WhatsApp Enterprise

Linio first retailer to implement WhatsApp Enterprise

This December, Linio became the first retailer in Latin America to implement the pilot test of WhatsApp Enterprise offering an innovative instant messaging service to track your orders in real time. From today, any purchase you make in online stores in the 8 countries where the e-commerce is present, you will receive via WhatsApp, a message about updates and the status of your order. The notifications include from the confirmation of your order, a link with your shipping guide to be able to track it, and notices of the day of delivery.

At the beginning of November the pilot test was started, in which Linio registered as a Verified Company for WhatsApp Business, at this stage only orders notifications are sent to users, but soon the channel will be enabled to a bilateral communication where the user can have a conversation with the online store, make purchases, clarify your doubts and many other features.

For the protection and security of the user, just press the name of the contact at the top of the conversation to find the green badge next to the "Verified company" legend, this confirms that it is a reliable account of a company.

" Linio joins with WhatsApp, the most important messaging application, to develop a unique service to continue with our main objective of providing the best shopping experience for our customers and helping our partners grow," added Isabella Gomez, Regional Director of Operations in Linio.

The collaboration of these two companies generates a great differentiator in the market, helping to perfect the relationship with consumers, continue innovating in the improvement of their service, and offering the best technology, thus achieving a unique and unparalleled shopping experience for all users that use the Linio platform.

Cyber ​​Peru Day 2017 positively impacts your pocket

Cyber ​​Peru Day 2017 positively impacts your pocket

The long-awaited Cyber ​​Peru Day 2017 gains more strength every year and today, is one of the most important commercial seasons for Linio Peru, do not think about it anymore because you have very few days to buy in   the largest e-commerce in Latin America and take advantage of having all those you wanted at crazy prices.

Until Wednesday you can enjoy the excellent prices with up to 75% discount and free shipping to certain locations such as Lima and Callao. The variety of products at a technological level, ranging from cell phones of major brands such as Sony, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, among others, to televisions, computers, cameras and items for lovers of video games.

Sometimes there are few occasions where the budget is possible but with the Cyber ​​Peru Day 2017 is a reality, where you will no longer have to wait for an offer to enjoy well-being and quality of life with the latest equipment, compact, useful, Smart, powerful, with high performance and beautiful designs.

discounts in Peru

What can I buy at Cyber ​​Peru Day?

You find white goods, appliances and furniture for the bedroom ideal to equip your home with quality items that will give you comfort.

On the other hand, prepare for the arrival of your baby with chairs to eat or for the car, cars, kangaroos, musical toys, diapers, monitors and cribs. If on the other hand, you want to entertain those who are a little older, the toys will love you because they will make the moments of unforgettable fun.

If it is about fashion, it was time to renew the wardrobe with watches, bags, shoes, both for girls and modern boys of different colors, cuts and textures. Also, beauty items such as exquisite fragrances, makeup, face masks, combs, hair straighteners, digital scales, curling irons, vitamins and supplements.

The platform is friendly and simple to use, making it easy to filter by categories or by selected products that are priced below 200 soles, such as: bicycles, shoes, coffee makers, hearing aids, shavers, watches, backpacks, video games , blenders, hair dryer, etc.

There are other items at special prices such as the Daewoo HD TV with digital tuner at only 569 soles, the 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive at a cost of 189 soles, HP Ink Advantage 2136 printer at a price of 89 soles, the Oster blender at 129 soles , among other special offers.

Linio Peru discounts

Why buy online?

If you are looking to give that special someone something useful and aesthetically beautiful, what you have to do is register on the page if you are not yet, select the product and add it to your shopping cart and in a short time you will be receiving your order in your home.

Because in Linio you find a very extensive catalog of products for all tastes and ages without the need to search a lot or make queues. In addition, you can buy 24 hours a day backed by a great customer service that is to help you, clarify your doubts and advise you during the purchase process to make your experience the most reliable and safe, in addition to following up on your order with the tracking system.

How can I pay during Cyber ​​Peru Day?

Cash payment approaching the authorized establishments and making the payment to the Cash Payment account   in soles indicating the CIP code. As soon as you finish your purchase through our page, you will shortly receive an email confirming the registration of your order, in it you will find the CIP code. It is very important that you make your payment within 48 business hours after receiving the mail with the registration of your order since, otherwise, the system will cancel it automatically. Mastercard credit card and in 48 hours you will be receiving the confirmation to your email.

Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras: unforgettable moments instantly

Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras: unforgettable moments instantly

Have you ever wanted a camera that has the ability to deliver the picture instantly? Now the Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras offer the opportunity to print captured images quickly and easily, thanks to its type of film that allows you to create a direct positive , and make a clear and clear impression in seconds.

This equipment was created from the initial model Polaroid 95 launched in 1948 by Dr. Edwin Herbert Land , who began experimenting with the idea of ​​creating a device that could print images instantly, without the need to reveal the photograph and go through the tedious process of transformation.

Similarly, Dr. Edwin Land , aware that not many people had the knowledge to perform the development process, was in need of adapting a device with features that would allow users to easily use the camera.

Now, what is the difference of vintage Polaroid cameras to those of today? advances in technology have allowed the constant progress of the reflector lenses and approaches in different planes, these new cameras have the ability to capture images in a much more defined quality and with a variety of more accentuated colors.

What makes the Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras so special?

The Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras were well received by the public and quickly became popular. This is due to its efficient operation and high quality results, besides, among users, it was attractive to rescue an old concept and modify it with elements of current technology.

This camera has a shutter that has a speed of 1/60 second to capture moving images and prevent photography from being printed with vibration effects that may deteriorate it, it also has properties in its configuration that allow it to adjust the darkness levels of so that the image always comes out clear, regardless of the light conditions in which the user is.

Instant camera

Instant camera

Fast and efficient

What is the time it takes for the camera to reveal the photo?

The camera takes the picture in seconds , there are no internal clocks, nor automatic focusing times that delay the capture of the image. Once the photo is taken, the device will eject a small sheet where the portraits will be printed on Fujifilm Instant Mini Bright paper size 86 × 54 mm , and it will only take 3 minutes with 6 seconds to reveal, very fast time considering the quality of the photos in relation to the sharpness and variety of colors.

Ideal for photos Selfie style

The Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras have a reflective material that meets the fusion of a small mirror , with the aim of providing greater comfort. This is ideal for those passionate about selfie- style photographs, as it offers a reference point for evaluating the angles and framing of images.

Practical and easy to use

This equipment has the ability to make fast burst photographs, thanks to its automatic photo function, so I could store 10 photo cards per cartridge, so that the user does not need to change it with each image captured, this It saves a lot of time and facilitates its operation.

Adaptable to lighting

The camera has the ability to adapt to the light varieties in which the user is, thus achieving a greater focus and perception of the environment, so that the device can detect dark environments and automatically start its night mode and activate the flash .

polaroid camera

Polaroid camera

3 focus modes

Framework Normal Landscape

The cameras Polaroid Instax Mini 25 has the ability to capture photographs in three different modes , so they offer the user a variety of options when capturing moments or scenarios. The frame mode focuses on taking pictures with 2: 1 image magnification focusing sharply on the subject or background.


Focused photography 2: 1

The normal approach is based on capturing the images in a horizontal panorama capturing different planes with different approaches, in order to take photographs in as much detail as possible, also to detect the level of light present in the background adjusting the device to achieve a project good impression.

The landscape mode is oriented to capture photographs with longer horizontal images, so that the user can capture a greater range during the movement of the device.

Either way, the Polaroid Instax Mini 25 cameras have many options to meet the needs of the public, this represents a great opportunity to get the impression of the photograph instantly, taking into account the quality of the photo and the variety of colors that are find present in it.

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Do you know how the correct hygiene of the dog should be?

Do you know how the correct hygiene of the dog should be?

Humans have a commitment to creating the grooming routine for their canine, since having a clean dog is having a healthy and happy dog. The lack of hygiene of the dog poses a risk to your health, so it is recommended to ensure your basic care from the puppy stage to avoid infections and infections.

Bath and drying recommended for dog hygiene

pet hygiene

The puppies can not be bathed until their vaccination is completed and the veterinarian indicates it. The dog's hair remains healthy thanks to the secretion of sebum, which hydrates and protects it from environmental infections. That is why the care does not have to be so frequent, at least you have to bathe them once a month with water at room temperature and shampoo specially made for the pH of your skin.

It is advisable to have a positive attitude that makes them feel in confidence so that the bathroom does not become a traumatic activity associated with fear, but on the contrary, feels that it is a pleasant moment of human contact, massage and attention.

As a preventive measure, it is suggested to plug the ears of the dog to prevent the entry of water or soap, especially if you take into account that the inside of the dog's ears are quite delicate. After having bathed the canine, it is important to dry it thoroughly to avoid colds in the animal.


pet hygiene

Once cleaned and after completing the task of drying, it is important to remove dead hair, for this you can use a brush or comb designed for that purpose, that way it prevents tangling with hair that has not fallen or that expand on the floor and belongings of the house.

Brushing should be done smoothly, without bothering or stressing the dog, so that he becomes familiar. You can start by the head, then the back, the sides, and then brush parts of the body a little more difficult as are their extremities, ie the legs and tail.

Short-haired dogs should brush once a week, although this should increase when the molting season arrives. Those with long hair should brush almost daily, especially so that the coat stays in good condition, untangled and free of knots or balls.

Cleaning of ears, eyes and nail cutting

To clean the ears you do not have to use cotton canes, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, they can harm the animal, however, there are special products for cleaning prepared not to alter the bacterial flora of the ear or irritate the mucosa that covers it internally .

You should have the help of a damp cloth, toilet paper or products on the market for this purpose, it is necessary to perform this task smoothly and in case of using liquids, make sure they do not penetrate the ear canal. Once the ear cleaning is completed, it is important to dry the ears of the dog so as not to generate any bacteria.

Nail cutting is necessary in many breeds, especially in medium and small breeds, to ensure good support of the legs. If the nail exceeds the level of the pad in a side view, it must be cut. The first times it is convenient for a professional to do it and indicate how to do it at home and which instruments to use.

In the market there are special nail clippers that facilitate this work, it is necessary to take precautions so that the cut does not affect the soft or alive part of the nail, since it will be painful and can cause a small hemorrhage to the animal.

For its part, the cleaning of the eyes should be done in a safe place for the dog with no noise and situations that may stress, using gauze with physiological saline. You begin by gently wiping your eyes and removing the laganes, always taking extreme precautions to avoid damaging the eyeball.

The eyes of dogs should be cleaned with more delicate, do not use drops without veterinary prescription and not resort to those that have been prescribed for other cases. Discard any drop that has been open for more than 15 days.

Dog hygiene: oral and dental cleaning

pet hygiene 2

It is necessary to maintain a good hygiene of the dog, in the market there are multiple products made especially for this cleaned, as they reduce tartar and bacterial plaque while freshening their breath, thereby avoiding the bad smell that may come off its mouth.

An alternative is tooth brushing with toothpaste made especially for dogs, possibly some will show sensitivity, even not be convenient because they show symptoms of bleeding gums or inflammation in these cases, snacks and toys specially designed for the prevention of tartar, gel or spray are the most suitable products to keep the dog's mouth in good condition.

Periodic reviews and even oral cleanings performed by the veterinarian are recommended, since, without a doubt, a professional exploration positively affects the health of the dog.

It's time for sneakers! Know the best according to your activities

It's time for sneakers! Know the best according to your activities

Who does not like to be comfortable during the day? Who does not like to walk, run, dance and exercise lightly? Reason why Linio Peru brings you the shoe campaign to find the one you've been looking for.

Walking in sneakers can be one of the best things in the world, not only because you feel super comfortable, but because they tend to combine with many outfits, with different styles of jeans, even skirts and seasonal dresses.

The Autumn-Winter 2017 season is just around the corner and the Fashion team of Linio Peru , recommends some:

Converse: They are an icon in the history of fashion. Different colors, patterns and sizes will make your walks more fun and lighter. From S / 129, you can find them here:

Nike – sports: Of undoubted quality, designs and colors of season and with a technology that will make your sports routine the best. From s / 159, you can find them here:

Nike – urban: The "White Sneckers" are the sensation of the moment, there is no doubt that they are a "must" of this season. On the other hand, we also have the "Force One" of Nike that are very voceadas by all the "influencers" of the world. And here, in Linio, we have them from S / 144

Finally, we invite you to join our sneakers campaign with the best brands of the moment.