Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods for cameras and Smartphones

Tripods are a powerful tool to get the best pictures. One has the idea that these devices are used only by professionals, and that it is difficult to use and transport them. Here we expose the 5 best options for photo enthusiasts.

Tripods for compact cameras

More and more people are deciding to invest in sport or Reflex cameras . All these options ensure an incredible image quality for a comfortable price. Among the favorites, are those marked GoPro, Nikon, Canon and Sony. These gadgets have a great potential that you must learn to use to have the best results.


Specialized in sports cameras. This small device has the possibility of converting its three legs into a single control, which has a comfortable handle to use while doing other activities. Its different folds help capture different angles and its low angle shooting stabilizer ensures good shots in both video and photographs.


It is a tripod with a stabilizing head to give the camera all the support and precision of professional shots. Easy to install and adaptable to any body, this extension can be used to record in different positions and always obtain a stable shot. Favorite tool for making amateur films.

Tripods for cell phones

Technology has advanced to such a high point that most mid-range and high-end cell phones have an impressive photographic quality. You can now find smartphones with cameras up to 19 MP, which ensures fantastic shots from the comfort of a mobile phone.


The favorite of many for its functionality, size and design. This tripod is 100% transportable and adapts to momentary needs. It is perfect for travel and some models have a remote control that allows you to take pictures without the need to ask for help. The versatility in its legs makes it adapt to any surface and no snapshots leave moved.

Panoramic 360 °

A camera base that can be adapted to cell phones and sports cameras. Its innovation lies in the possibility of turning it with a remote control at 360 and 90 degrees. In this way the landscapes and panoramic photos will not suffer any kind of oversight, since the shot can be done with bluetooth technology.


Designed to stand on straight surfaces, the desktop tripod can be used in classes or conferences where it is worth recording what happened. It will be necessary for live broadcasts that are captured with professional quality.

Tripods are functional tools for taking pictures. They exist of all shapes and sizes to adapt to any equipment. If you are looking for a more professional level, you can find accessories to start a small photography business or simply for the pleasure of capturing the best moments. Do not forget to give constant maintenance to the lenses so that the quality is constant. For cell phones, specialized applications can be downloaded to get better portraits.

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