Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair: how to take care of it to keep it always healthy

Afro hair is usually curly and difficult to handle, but not impossible. More and more women want to have this type of style, so they resort to tricks to make the curls. But those who have this hair in a natural way, should take care day after day with him, deciding if they perform a treatment to subdue him or let him flow naturally.

But, oddly enough, this type of hair was not always in trend. At least until the 1950s, women who had this hair, especially women of color, used to straighten it. When the Black is Beautiful movement emerged in the 60s, both men and women began to wear their wonderful curls with honor.

The beauty of curly hair

Curly Hair Beauty

Over time, curly hair became a hallmark of people fighting for the rights of African Americans. But at the beginning of the decade of the 70s, this brand was losing due to the fact that fashion adopted Afro hair as a symbol of disco music.

Even so, in recent years, many women have begun to show their curly hair with pride. Either to refer to their African-American roots or because they are proud of having it and want to show it to the world. Therefore, it is important to know how to take care of it correctly.

Some basic care for afro hair

As Afro hair is curly, it must receive a very meticulous care, both when combing it and when washing it. In addition, it is usually very easy to entangle, so combing it is a complicated task. That's why it's important to use your fingers or thick-toothed comb , so you'll avoid splitting the strand of hair.

When untangling it , it is important to use water, oil or hydrating masks. You have to be patient and very careful not to hurt the scalp. One piece of advice is to establish a schedule to comb the hair, giving two to three days a week to do this work. First with the fingers and then with a thick comb.

On the other hand, this type of hair is very porous, which means that, when applying any treatment, it will absorb it more quickly than a smooth one, but it will not be able to retain said treatment for a long time. That's why you should constantly hydrate. You can prepare a mask with a avocado, an egg, olive oil and a spoonful of honey. All this mixes very well and is applied throughout the hair. Letting it act for 30 minutes and if you want to see more results, you can use a bathing cap.

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Take care of your hair to have a nice afro

Some women recommend wetting the hair with a water spray throughout the day. Another option is to use a non-rinsing conditioner or a styling cream. After hydration, a good idea is to seal it so that the afro hair does not lose moisture so fast. So you can apply natural oils after the mask.

At the time of washing you should try to use a specific shampoo for afro hair. If you do not have one of this type, you must take care that the product applied is free of sulfates, so you will avoid losing your natural oils and look drier.

Some hairstyles to help care for curly hair

It is a myth that extended that this guy is usually not easy to comb. But the truth is that there is the same amount of hairstyle as those of a smooth one. In addition, comb or braid it, protects it and gives it shape.

If you wear it short , you can wear it with style and look great with a modern outfit . First, you can play with hair styling. This will have a modern cut that will not go unnoticed. On the other hand, you can play with colored hairpins, pick up hair in a kind of mohican and decorate it with hairpins.

Afro with mohican

Afro with Mohicano

If you have the length of a considerable length , you can make traces or collected. For a simple collection, all the hair is carried to the highest part of the head, there it can be held with a thick bow. The hair will fall naturally and will be beautiful if a cloth headband or a handkerchief is used.

Braids are another option for this type of hair and can be made boxer style or loose. The boxer braids can be lengthened with the help of extensions and if they are of a different color to the natural tone of the hair, much better. Another type of very popular strands are the Twist Havanas , since they are made very easily by simply winding two strands of hair.

Wear curls with style

Wear curls with style

Whichever style you choose, Afro hair is a great accessory that can show off with great pride.

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