How to deal with the symptoms during menopause?


How to deal with the symptoms during menopause?

During the month of October, World Menopause Day is celebrated along with other diseases such as osteoporosis and breast cancer with the intention of becoming aware of health and how to ensure a longer and healthier life with a style of more active life. In this sense, perform 2 to 3 times weekly exercise sessions for 30 minutes, take 2 liters of water, maintain a balanced diet, take the forecasts to experience some symptoms by attending the specialist promptly and get medical studies regularly can make a difference to Have a better quality of life.

Menopause is a stage of life that all women must go through when they stop having their menstrual period causing estrogen and progesterone to be reduced as a result, the ovaries no longer produce eggs in which physical and emotional changes are reflected . Generally, in the menopause the decalcification of the bones takes place causing them to lose strength.

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How to have an optimal maturity and cope with menopause?

It is not advisable to reach an advanced age with a surplus of weight, for it is necessary to eat fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, fibers, lean meats, vegetables, dairy, vitamin D as well as being more attentive in the consumption of fats. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the leading causes of death and that is why it is convenient to practice exercises with which you will achieve better response capacity to possible falls, maintain muscle tone and bone mineral density. Combat some bad habits such as alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes since they promote calcium loss and early menopause. Learn about this stage of life to know the changes that are experienced and the best way to deal with them as well as the advances in this area. The accompaniment on the part of the couple and family members in fundamental to help channel emotional instability understanding, that you no longer have the reproductive capacity together with a positive attitude away from stress, in which you close a stage to open another, trying to maintain the quality of life through a good night's sleep and practicing deep breathing. As part of the menopause, the woman begins to have vaginal dryness but that should not interfere in intimate encounters with the couple because they can make use of other products, such as lubricants to ensure pleasant contact. Some people feel more heated with the arrival of menopause and for this, it is suggested to stay hydrated with cold drinks, good ventilation and fresh clothes from natural tissues.


Among the benefits that menopause brings, is the option to eat chocolate with a minimum of 70% cocoa because it contains abundant concentrations of magnesium and antioxidants that favor the reduction of cholesterol and improve heart function.

Facing each stage of life is a matter of attitude and that is why knowing more about menopause plus all the physical and emotional process that is experienced at this time can make the difference to live a harmonious transition, where habits are maintained of healthy life and taking the necessary measures to continue life together with daily activities without the hormonal changes interfering with it. Knowing and preparing for menopause can make a difference to achieve even a better quality of life for both the person and those around him.