Make-up for children in this scary night of witches

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Make-up for children in this scary night of witches

As part of the celebration of the night of witches, an event that takes place on the last day of the month of October of each year, both adults and children are organized to have fun on a night that has a dark and in which children are those who most enjoy being involved in planning and when ordering sweets, share with their friends, perform activities, disguise and make makeup for children of their favorite character. ! In the night of witches, there are no limits to the imagination!

If parents want to complement the costumes, makeup is an excellent alternative to make the characters more real, where caution should be exercised with the materials used because they must be specialized products that do not damage any area of ​​the child's skin because Although they are made for this purpose, they can eventually cause adverse reactions in the skin, scalp and eyes.

It is important not to apply paint on rashes, cuts or skin infections and if possible, consult a dermatologist before putting on makeup as it is the person who will give the most convenient indications as the case may be or to previously make a test of makeup on the arm to see if it does not cause any irritation.

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Usually, the makeup in children is softer and easier with predominantly light tones and if you want, with some shine. Contrary to what happens in the case of adults, children do not have sharp lines of expression so they do not need much makeup, however, if you want to make a more complex makeup, it is necessary to keep in mind that it should not be annoying or uncomfortable for the child. Natural cosmetics are ideal for this because they have a lower content of chemicals to take care of the skin of the little ones.

Sometimes it is not necessary to invest too much money in the perfect attire because just knowing how to use some accessories and a little makeup, you can achieve good results because fantasy and imagination will do the rest.

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Considerations before making makeup for children

You must make a selection of the materials with which you are going to make the drawing, for example:   Waxes, conventional makeup , water or oil based paints . The ideal is to acquire the products in specialized sites that are reliable and that offer a wide variety of colors. It should be noted that water paints are simpler when removing makeup, either with soap or cleanser.

There are several techniques and instruments for the application of the paintings where the type of paint chosen must be taken into account: paint with a soft hair brush and various thicknesses depending on the definition or area where you are going to work, with fingers, or with a sponge if what is sought is to blur . If you already have knowledge or feel that it is more comfortable, you can combine several of the techniques for makeup.

One of the elements that can complement the makeup for children are temporary tattoos, you can also use templates with the design you want to make the design has a better finish with which it is possible to save time and for those who do not. They have so much skill when painting by hand.

It is suggested to have a container with water and paper at hand to clean the brushes or wet towels in case it is necessary to correct the makeup. As well as, keep in mind that if you have long hair or some fringe which is placed on the face, it is necessary to place it with some accessory to be able to work in a clear area.

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Once you have complied with the previous recommendations, you have the space prepared and you have chosen the make-up for children that is going to be done, you are ready to start. It is good to try to see this activity as something enjoyable in which the tastes of the little ones are better known and ideas are exchanged without having to worry about making mistakes, it is best to do it calmly and correct if necessary to achieve an incredible result.

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