Fashion tips for plus size girls

Fashion tips for plus size girls

Appearance is not paramount but it helps to reinforce your self-esteem, to feel good and more confident with what you project. Gone are the sizes 0 and the myths that beautiful clothes are not for the gorditas because you find sophisticated, feminine and flirtatious model in big sizes for work, to do sports or go out to eat with your friends.

The first thing you should do is look in the mirror and analyze which are your areas with better proportions that you can highlight and which ones you should or want to disguise so that you take it into account when buying clothes or getting dressed. We want you to feel beautiful and sure of yourself and that is why this material will give you some signs of what you should do with your outfit .

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What you should not use:

Avoid pants with cut to the hip and pockets. Very tight clothing is not advisable. If you have a lot of bust eludes the necklines pronounced. Very short skirts will not make you look good.

Tips of what you can use in large sizes:

If you prefer that you do not see the arms use long sleeves to hide the thickness of your arms and preferably loose. The pants with straight lines and dark colors are the ones that favor you. As for accessories, it is better to choose handbags and jewelry that is not so big or striking. If you are wide, try to use complete pieces like a dress. Pay attention to the color that makes you look better according to your skin tone. High-waisted dresses are a good option. If you want to use stripes that are vertical. Look for long skirts that are at the waist.

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Try to find fabrics of good quality and optimal finishes, cuts that reduce your measurements and there is an abundant variety of products of large sizes, even, there are manufacturers that specialize in this type of public.

Every woman wants to look good and high shoes are an excellent option to look taller, thinner and with thinner and more sensual legs. Using dark colors favors you, this does not mean that you are going to put aside the other tones, contrast colors and textures intelligently for the effect to be positive.

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Take advantage of your curves because the stereotype that women should be thin. Nowadays the voluptuous woman is considered a much more attractive woman, that is why the market has been concerned in developing fashion styles and fabrics that cover these needs.

You can also lean on the strips that will make you look more stylized in the same way, it is very important that you make sure you have a good underwear that gives you the necessary support. Remember to complement your look with a nice hairstyle, makeup and good shoes. Say goodbye to the complexes and if you have a few extra kilos learn how to do so that they do not get noticed and do not be afraid to ask for help, advice or advice.