Colored candles: Discover the meaning of each one

Colored candles: Discover the meaning of each one

Many people believe that candles are only decorative elements for the home , office and outdoor spaces. However, it is important to know what the color of each candle means , so that in this way we can use those tones that benefit all areas of our life. The colored candles are often combined with incense that not only flavors the atmosphere, but also provides good vibes for meditation and relaxation of the human being.

Meaning of colored candles:

White candle: represents harmony and tranquility , it is advisable to light a candle of this color when concentration and imagination is required. Also, they are very useful in ceremonies to attract good energies and peace in your home. Green candle: green is par excellence the color of nature and personal growth . Placing this candle in the workplace, will make you achieve a better performance not only physical but also intellectual. Yellow candle: it will help you to reinforce communication with your loved ones, it will significantly improve your creativity and also has the power to attract economic abundance for your life. Place it in your office or shop to invoke prosperity. Blue candle: this beautiful color is related to tranquility, spirituality and serenity. Lighting a blue candle will turn the room into a place conducive to reflection and effective communication. Purple candle: candles of this color are associated with wisdom and intelligence . They help to clear the mind and strengthen the memory . They have the ability to achieve power and success, but they should not be used excessively because it can generate arrogance.


Red candle : the red color is linked with passion, romance and sensuality . It provides energy and vitality in difficult situations. It also stimulates the sense of pleasure, at the moment of a romantic evening with your partner. Pink candle: pink is the tone of sweetness , friendship and beauty. Because of these characteristics, they tend to associate with femininity. It is advisable to place it in the room so that it favors your sentimental expression towards others. Celestial candle: helps the domain of emotions. It attracts understanding and consensus before discussions. Family ties greatly benefit, so they should be placed in the room or in the dining room . Brown candle: color represents earth and stability . It is ideal to obtain success in the projects that you propose and to connect with your interior. However, they must be used by people who are safe and determined. Orange candle: orange is a festive color, which produces positivism and motivation . Because it is a mixture of yellow and red, it is considered that it attracts the fortune of both colors. Use it when you need to improve your mood.


When we speak of interpretation, the candle represents the body of the human being , while the fuse is the thought and the flame the spirit . In this sense, it is very common to observe the shape that the candle is taking as it is consumed, to intuit our physical and mental state. Choose the colored candles that relate to your aspirations and enjoy their kindness.