Know the benefits of the genotype diet to lose weight

Know the benefits of the genotype diet to lose weight

The Genotype Diet was created in 2007 with the purpose of educating the genes through a good and healthy diet, according to the blood group of the person, which indicates the secretory gene, and is helpful in determining the type of diet for each type of person, becoming a personalized option that Peter D`Adamo proposed naturopath of alternative medicine.

The data mentioned above are: Body measurements of the torso, leg, hip, fingers, head, waist, jaw, teeth, fingerprints, blood group, Rh factor, among other factors to obtain a genetic and prenatal history. Some of the ailments or diseases that require the genotype are sensitivity or susceptibility to certain toxins, depression or cognitive dysfunction such as Alzheimer's gene, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancer and autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis or multiple sclerosis as well as, the anthropometric measurements.

The inheritance of the parents, especially the maternal one, defines many aspects, among them the genetic load and with this diet we seek to enhance the beneficial genes and silence the negative genes that make up the person. There are 6 types of genotypes: Hunter (Blood O), Harvester (Blood O or B), Explorer (Blood O, A, B and AB), Teacher or Teacher (Blood A and AB), Warrior (Blood A and AB) and Nomad (Blood B).

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What are the foods that should be consumed?

Explorer : Birds, legumes, rice, some fruits and certain vegetables. Collector : Animal proteins, meats, eggs, fish, dairy products and algae. Warrior : A Mediterranean diet with lots of fish, vegetables, whole grains and nuts. Teacher : Legumes, fish, cheeses, yogurt, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts. Hunter : Animal protein from red meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits and rice Nomad : Beef, lamb, fish, rice and fruits.

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What differentiates the Genotype Diet from others?

Some of its advantages is that it does not get bored so easily because it is varied and incorporates foods rich in flavor and nutrients, it is healthy and offers meals from all food groups, it adapts to the person, it is not necessary to limit as many products as other regimes more demanding, you will feel satisfied and you will not have to count the calories you consume daily.

On the other hand, it has the guarantee of reducing or eliminating fat and not muscle mass, it favors people who have digestive or stomach problems, it allows it to have a better appearance -in hair, nails and skin-, it decreases aging, the results they are maintained over time and it is possible to detoxify and extinguish the fluid retention.

The diet must be complemented with an exercise plan that fits the genotype of the individual to promote the interaction between cells and genes. There are 6 diets depending on each genotype that includes 14 categories of foods with which the person can highlight or include in their meals. They are tailor-made programs with the intention of optimizing health, regulating weight and helping to prevent or eradicate diseases.

The Genotype Diet, pursues the reprogramming of the genetic response to have optimal health, maintain the ideal weight and repair or strengthen cells to avoid diseases predisposed in the body. Each person is different and processes food differently, that is why the Genotype Diet offers potentiate the macro and micronutrients that favor the body and remove those that are harmful, assuming it as a change in lifestyle.

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