Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas were born to make this beautiful holiday season one of the best of the year. Although they are apps that last a short time on your smartphone , they are truly useful for successfully overcoming the festive time.

Both for the iOS operating system and for Android, there are many free apps for Christmas, but among the many that exist, these are some of those that are worth more. For fans of photography and Christmas cards, this is the time to discover the simplest tools to edit, filter and decorate.

Mobile applications to enjoy Christmas are not very spacious, so it will be much easier to download them for a short time without causing major alterations to the phone's memory. Also within the list will be specified those that consume less Internet so as not to exhaust cellular data.

The best mobile applications to enjoy Christmas

Elf yourself

The fun application allows you to make a video montage of the faces of the most beloved people to turn them into elf dancers who coordinate to the rhythm of Christmas music. With this program, you can select up to 5 members to perform a choreography and be the most friendly and fun Santa helpers.

This program is very easy to use and can be downloaded from official app stores or its website.

Secret Santa Organizer

The exchanges of gifts will never be simpler. With this application it is enough to say the names and emails of the people who will participate in this dynamic, and the same application will be responsible for choosing your 'secret friend' and sending an email to notify you. This application ensures that names are not repeated and there are special functions to specify if there are restrictions between two members.

My Christmas Recipes

As its name says, this is one of the best applications to enjoy Christmas, since, The Dinner is one of the most anticipated moments for all. This digital app guarantees to give more than 1500 traditional recipes of the time and has filters according to the region in which they live. This is the answer you were looking for if you want to impress your mother-in-law or delight a large family.

iCarta Reyes Magos

A simple way to discover the gifts that children want. There is also a version of Santa Claus for different family beliefs. In this program, children will "play" to write their letter to receive gifts. The magic of this application lies in the fact that alternatives and items similar to the selected toys are presented in case a product is not found or the budget is too high to afford it.

Christmas is a magical time where families and friends gather to share, technology simply helps make this much easier, shortening traditional entanglements and exponentially improving the December experience.

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