How to choose lens frames according to your face type

How to choose lens frames according to your face type

The lenses must match your face and highlight the lines that favor it but for that, it is necessary that you know the shape of your face so that you can define the elements that contrast with the shape to look better. Variety of materials, models , colors, textures and designs, is what you can find in different brands, to use them for a corrective purpose, fashion or to cover the sun.

Know the type of face you have to choose the best lenses:

The square faces have the forehead and the wide chin, so it is suggested that the lines of the lenses be soft or frameless like the aviator style. As for the oval faces they have a rounded and elongated shape but with a pointed chin. The good thing about this type of face is that you can use almost any type of lens. People with a heart-shaped face, that is, having a narrow jaw, should use lenses that are wider at the top and that the frame is thin. On the other hand, the round faces have as a preponderant zone the round and filled cheeks. They should look for lenses with large frames like rectangular ones or with a well-marked angular shape making you see a thinner face. The triangular faces are highlighted by the wide jaw and narrow forehead. In this case we recommend lenses whose frames are wide to enhance the eyes and, in turn, give weight to the lower area of ​​the face.

When you select the design that you like, make sure they are not too heavy and that they are not easily scratched in the case of both children and adults. Some of the materials currently used for the production of the crystals are those of polymer or organic material, mineral crystal or polycarbonate.

Mineral glass are not recommended for children because they have low resistance to impacts, which makes them susceptible to breakage. Otherwise, it happens with the other two materials because they tend to be lighter, thinner and more resistant and even bring ultraviolet sunscreen.

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Go in the mirror to specify the shape of your face and then go to the store and try several options, do not select the first you see or get carried away by a nice appearance. The lenses should reflect your style and personality so that you feel more comfortable and secure when wearing them.

If you're looking to protect yourself from the sun, you can find daring models in the market that you can wear during the summer while visiting the beaches or going out for a walk with your friends. Gentlemen are not left behind with male models , simple and simple lines for more casual or informal occasions.

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Keep in mind that neutral colors are more versatile when combined with your outfit or other accessories but that does not mean that other colors do not add fun to your look. The black glasses are sober and elegant to go to work, other options add details of brightness to make them more feminine and chic, there are also more sports making them ideal for outdoor training. Remember to maintain it and store it in its case .