How to manage the satisfaction of the public in an ecommerce?

How to manage the satisfaction of the public in an ecommerce?

As the saying goes, the customer is always right. Therefore, here we offer you some keys to successfully manage the satisfaction of online buyers .

When we start in the world of ecommerce we will find a wide variety of competitors offering products similar to ours, or perhaps the same ones; However, what will make customers prefer us will be their level of satisfaction throughout the purchase process. But how to achieve it? The specialists of Linio, the largest online store in Latin America, recommend their sellers pay close attention to the following points:

Find a good logistics partner

To obtain a good ally for our sales is decisive. We must start to satisfy the client from the management of the suppliers, so that they comply on time with the orders made. One of the most frequent failures in ecommerce is the delay of suppliers, but if we work with responsible partners we will achieve an important differential advantage for the customer.

Comply with everything you promise

The images shown in the store must reflect as faithfully as possible the product to be delivered. On this depends the satisfaction of our buyers, because their choice is according to what they see in photos and videos. The same happens with the information of delivery times, payment methods, etcetera. It is always recommended to provide accurate information, and step by step of the purchase process.

Offers safe and simple payment methods

If we have a very secure shopping platform, the chances of the customer buying and, best of all, buying back will grow. This security is evident when working with the most important banks in the country, and with a wide range of payment methods. Also, a form of payment with simple and short steps translates into convenience for the client. What we are looking for is that our buyers are not discouraged in the last step of purchase.

Provides a personalized delivery service

A personalized service allows communication with the client to be direct and effective. When making the delivery of the product it is important to coordinate the reception schedule and the place with accuracy. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to call the customer one day before delivery to reconfirm the details. On the same day of delivery we can send a message notifying that the product is already on the way. If some inconvenience occurs in this way, it is advisable to send notifications by text message or mail, and offer a solution.

Use surveys to measure your satisfaction

There are several virtual platforms to publish surveys. Using these tools allows customers to express what they liked or disliked the service provided, in order to collect information about the entire purchase process, interpreted quality, delivery service and customer service. The questions to be formulated should be straightforward and simple: is our product what you expected? Has the information prior to purchase been useful? Would you return to buy in our store?, Among others.

Recall that customers are the protagonists of our ecommerce. Your satisfaction in our store depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on the confidence and comfort that we offer.