Beer: miraculous and unknown uses for health

Beer: miraculous and unknown uses for health

The main thing that could be done with this bubbly and fresh alcoholic beverage would be to drink it. But beer, beer or chela not only serves for that, they would be wasting all their properties, since the "golden elixir" has qualities that some are unaware of.

cosmetic uses of beer

The beer could be used as a culinary ingredient, beauty treatment , cleaning agent, insecticide and even medicine. In addition, it could be a super economic exit at the time of saving, which of course, always comes in handy. It is a drink with a certain percentage of alcohol, bitter taste, made with barley grains plus other cereals, and is almost one of the oldest drinks in the world.

In turn, it has a high nutritional content, since it has very high benefits for the body and health. Because of its high alcohol content, it is able to alleviate muscle pain and act as a natural analgesic, it can be even more effective (economically) than paracetamol, provided it is ingested moderately; without abuse.

The beer has positive ingredients and nutrients such as proteins, barley and vitamins, which are qualified by experts to be used as beauty treatments without altering anything at the body level. Here are some uses of this "miraculous" drink:

Beer: Incredible capillary rinse

beer hair care

This drink has a lot of antioxidants and proteins that will make the hair look shiny and silky, helping to eliminate capillary dryness , strengthen the roots and avoid baldness.

Only one glass of beer should be applied after the shampoo and the conditioner, leaving it to act for 2 to 5 minutes and then rinse it with cold water, the results will be immediate.

Firming and body repairer

beer for the face

Beer and its nutrients are able to control the excess of fat, sagging and imperfections of the skin, since, thanks to its antioxidants able to prevent the aging of it. It also contains a repairing and firming effect that will help tighten the skin helping to prevent and eliminate wrinkles .

Use 1 tablespoon of beer, an egg white and 3 drops of almond oil (coconut or olive); apply this mixture on the face previously washed with warm water to open the pores and place so that all this substance prepared, penetrate the skin, let it act for 10 to 15 minutes and you will be ready to show off an impeccable and tenacious face.

Ideally perfect to harmonize the dream

Skin care

It contains hops, a key ingredient that is a sedative and hypnotic par excellence, which helps you fall asleep naturally.

The secret is to wash the sheets and covers of the pillows with a beer after the usual cycle of washing, so after drying, you will enjoy a relaxing aroma that will help you fall asleep quickly and will encourage you to sleep deeply.

The best relief for tired feet

beer for the feet

Thanks to its bubbles and effervescent effect; The beer is ideal to relieve the pain of tired feet either by being a large part of the day standing or wearing many heels.

Place a couple of cold beers in a bowl and soak the feet of this golden elixir, as it will help considerably to relax the limbs after a long and tiring day.

Special agent to eliminate dead cells

beer feeding

In addition to being ideal for toning the skin , beer is great to remove all dead cells , because they cause two different shades of what the skin naturally is.

Take a handful of strawberries, crush them, mix them with two tablespoons of beer and sugar until you get a paste-like mixture, wash your face with warm water so that the pores expand and apply this mixture with your fingertips circularly, After this, rinse the face with plenty of cold water.

Beer can serve much more than going out on the spree, it does the body very well, improving all the bad days, being able to provide that healing both inside and out.

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