QLED TV: a new generation of HDTVs

QLED TV: a new generation of HDTVs

In his constant innovation Samsung arrives with a new generation of televisions named QLED TV. This new visual proposal promises to get the most out of the colors and be aware of the landscapes, in addition to offering a good performance in terms of the quality of movement.

The company reinvents the proposal of interactive televisions, since these new models offer the opportunity to initiate direct commands through voice commands , directing directly with the team so that when starting a process the user has the opportunity to command.

These new devices in addition to having considerable measures in their design, the colors have a great opportunity to accentuate a wide variety of ranges, especially if backgrounds with landscapes or random movements with color included.

These televisions are named like this thanks to its Quantum dot technology which is responsible for accentuating a wider variety of tonalities, capable of specifically designing movement and shapes, as well as being made up of lightweight materials that provide the team with a light weight.

"Our priority is to satisfy the needs of the consumer, and even anticipate them, which has made us world leaders for 12 consecutive years. Our philosophy: always use the best.

What makes a perfect TV? Image quality and functionality. The new QLED TV 2018 series goes beyond the imaginable, offering superior image quality3 and simple interaction. With QLED TV you will live incredible experiences thanks to our better image quality and its easy and intuitive handling with a design that you will want to show to the whole world "-the company declared.

What can QLED TVs really offer?

This new generation of televisions, besides having an excellent visual quality and fluid movements, offer more than a billion colors, making them a perfect option for the home, so that the public can more comfortably appreciate the different shades of warm colors .

An advantage of these new equipment is that its projection is not distorted by the amount of light present in the environment; It does not matter if the sun is reflected on the screen, neither the colors nor the quality will be affected by these external elements, so that your images will not be compromised by other agents.

LG oled

New generation of Televisions.

These new devices help to visualize beyond the shadows and contrasts difficult to appreciate by lighting, thanks to its HDR10 + technology that allows to bring a fixed balance of shadows and excess light in the images, so that the details of the edges of the objects may be more visible and perceptible to the eye.

The technology technology HDR10 + allows to finalize the dark spaces and darken the spaces with excess light giving a greater impression of detail when perceiving the edges of each shape. Leaving to appreciate the image as if it were technology in third dimension.

In the same way, the possibility of perceiving the movement of these devices is impressive, projecting a sensation of almost perfect realism, so that each color is in accordance with the sensation of movement.

"Our design philosophy is to take away any possible distractions so that you focus only on what you are seeing. Say goodbye to the annoying cables or the screen off, and enjoy the real freedom: freedom of space, freedom to have fun in a big way "-Samsung.

These new audiovisual equipment have control systems that allow access to any need that the user may present when editing the image features, without the obligation to perform tedious editing processes.

The voice control command offers the opportunity to increase and decrease the volume of the equipment or increase the range of colors present on each screen.

"With the intelligent voice assistant of the new QLED TVs of the 2018 series, it will be very easy for you to find what you are looking for, browse through your channels, and even ask questions such as what time it will be tomorrow, and everything with your voice. Just click on the voice recognition button of your remote control or smartphone, and you will have your TV at your disposal "- added the brand.

In the same way the television has a large variety of options that allows you to edit the options of the equipment to the user's taste, trying to ensure that the consumer enjoys the best possible experience.

The options range from modifying the warmth of the colors, increasing or decreasing the audio, or choosing the frames of the equipment to display larger windows in the same session.

It is worth noting that this new generation has properties that allow surfing the Internet and download applications, such as Netflix or social networks.

This new launch of the South Korean company opens the doors to new possibilities in image quality, especially if the funds have a variety of colors that allow these teams to take their best performance when defining images and project scenarios, landscapes or environments.

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The rituals for the end of the new year to attract prosperity

The rituals for the end of the new year to attract prosperity

The arrival of a new year is a great reason to renew the energies and above all to consider new objectives. Therefore, you should know some of the rituals for traditional end of the year that will fill your life, and that of your loved ones of abundance and hope. All over the world, they are made according to the culture of each country, these customs that have passed down through the years for generations. Dare to know them and make them this end of the year to attract all your desires.

End of year rituals:

Twelve grapes : this is one of the oldest rituals for the end of the year and that many people perform around the world. It consists of eating one grape per bell of the clock in the last seconds of December 31st . It is believed that such a ritual will bring success and prosperity for next year. Eating lentils : lentils symbolize wealth and fortune, that's why it's a must-have food at the New Year's table. This tradition is very common in countries like Italy and Venezuela. Money in your pockets : so that next year you will have economic prosperity for all your projects, you just have to put a ticket in one of your pockets or you can also use a coin in the shoe. Light colored candles : according to an old legend, each color represents a purpose for the new year, which will come to your life if you let the candle burn out completely. For example, the color green is associated with good health , the orange attracts intelligence and the red is linked to the love of a couple.


Take out the bags : this is one of the rituals for the end of the year that will allow you to attract the opportunity to travel to many different destinations. You just have to leave your house with a suitcase full of clothes, after several laps around, you must return to your home. Red or yellow underwear : there are several versions about the colors of intimate clothes that should be used to attract happiness, love and good fortune . Red is related to passion and yellow to money, whatever your choice, remember that the garment must be totally new. Throw water through the window : it is said that with this tradition you will remove bad energies or past sorrows, thus giving way to new and unforgettable experiences. New clothes : try to wear a newly purchased garment during the end of the year. It does not matter that only the underwear, what counts is that you use something that renews your energies and fills you with security.


Sweeping during midnight : with this you will expel the bad energies, the anguish and the negative thoughts of your home . To make it work, you must sweep from the inside to the outside of the house. Wish list : this is one of the most popular new year's rituals around the world . Many people firmly believe that in order for their wishes to materialize in reality they must be written. You can make another list that contains solutions to the problems that may arise, then fold these sheets and keep them in a safe place until next December 31st. Climbing a chair or ladder : they say that this method is really effective to start the new year with good omen. You climb a chair or ladder and you must fall with the right foot to attract luck in all your initiatives. White clothing: white represents renewal, there are those who say that wearing this color during the last day of the year will be positive for the future.

Too Faced a really different makeup line

Too Faced a really different makeup line

Too Faced is a make- up brand that has been characterized by the ingeniousness of its packaging, the novelty of its collections and the high quality of its products. And, this company invests many hours of research to provide the best experience to its users, launched on the market countless products. Many have a theme, which they tend to expand beyond a single type of makeup. So you can always count on a wide variety of cosmetics, for all tastes.

Too Faced 1

From inspired peaches lines passing through the chocolate until its new line inspired by unicorns, rainbows and sirens, Too Faced is a cosmetiquera with politics "Cruelty -Free" which has generated attract a greater number of women, for their actions in terms of not testing animals.

Because of its quality, dedication, design and environmentalist policies, it has become the favorite of many bloggers   and Youtubers   from the world of beauty. And also in the favorite of the common woman, for its extensive range of products.

Too Faced: his little great story

Too Face was born from the merger between Jerrod Blandino , a professional make-up artist, and Jeremy Johnson , an expert in advertising in the world of makeup, in 1998. At first Jerrod, noticed that the cosmetics world needed a brand that expressed audacity and mischief , which inspired women to show a new side of themselves through makeup.

Since Jerrod, I notice the deficiencies that were in that world, decided to create the same his own products . The remarkable thing about his work was the fact that he started making them himself at home, using his microwave. Over time, his friend and partner, Jeremy, noticed how popular the products were becoming.

Too Faced 2

So both decided to partner and combine their skills to create the brand as we know it today. A brand that comes to fuse the feminine with the innovative of its formulas, in order to provide women with a different experience when they use their products.

Your love for chocolate

The use of chocolate as inspiration and as an ingredient in their products was born when Blandino discovered the countless benefits that cocoa brought to the skin. All this as a result of a series of beauty treatments based on grain powders that were offered in the makeup designer's favorite Hawaiian spa.

From here, an endless number of lines inspired by this delicious ingredient began to develop. One of its most iconic collections is the Chocolate Bar shadow palettes. The packaging simulates a dark chocolate bar, which consists of 16 shades, which are divided into 6 with matte finish and 6 with metallic finish.

Too Faced 3

When the palette is opened, the first thing that can be noticed is the surprising smell of chocolate that it has, which distinguishes it from the others. On the other hand, the tones can be considered as neutral, but with some nuances of irreverent colors such as blue or purple.

From here Too Faced has not stopped in his mission to take the seed everywhere. They have launched paddles like Chocolate Bom   Bom , Chocolate Chip, white Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Mate , and among its latest launches inspired by this range, is the Chocolate Gold , which is a palette that has 16 shades, between metallic and matte, which promises to provide a bright and bold look .

Too Faced 4

Your Life's a Festival line

Life's a Festival , is the new line that brings this brand for this 2018. It is inspired by the rainbow , the shine and the unicorns . Thus becoming the boldest line that has launched the brand so far. The collection is made up of lipsticks, eyelash masks, blushes, eye shadows, among other products that will fill women's faces with life and color. In the packaging of this new line, they have decided to use the unicorns as the main protagonist. This spectacular mythological animal.

Too Faced 5

The palette of shadows is characterized by having duo-chromatic tones , combining several tones to leave a more luminous appearance on the skin. While its illuminator, is inspired completely by the rainbow, leaving it to see clearly in its charming design. While bronzer , they are inspired by unicorns to provide a youthful design.

As for the lipsticks, they will release 4 duo-chromatic lipstick tones , which will be called " La Creme Mystical Effects Lipsticke " and will feature the tones "Fairy Tears," Angel Tears "" Mermaid Tears "and their well-known tone" Unicorn Tears . " On the other hand, they will also launch four lipgloss , which will be called " Magic Crystal Transforming Lip Topper ", and their tones will correspond to those already mentioned for lipstick .

This line will be available from February 15 although you can find in Linio some products to try them before anyone but in total there will be 15 products, full of color and life. And what has come to overtake the bloggers and youtubers who have tried this line before anyone else, is that it will become the favorite of many this first season of the year.

Images :
.https: //www.chicprofile.com/faced-chocolate-gold-holiday-2017-collection.

Tai chi chuan: a martial art for improving health

Tai chi chuan: a martial art for improving health

"Millenary art that brings obvious benefits in health", is one of the ways in which you can define Tai Chi Chuan , a martial art that originated in China, where it is a very popular activity, so it is not strange to see the squares full of people , especially old people, executing the slow and slow movements of this discipline.

How this practice originated has many theories. One of them states that it was created because of a monk from India who traveled to China when Emperor Wu of the Liam reigned. This monk, spent a lot of time meditating in the mountains, then when he got tired, he went to exercise imitating the animals. When he returned to the temple where he lived, he began to transmit his knowledge to the residents there.

Another myth states that one day a Taoist monk observed how a crane and a snake fought. He was surprised by the way in which the snake defended itself from the other animal and decided to copy the movements of the fight. In this way, Tai Chi Chuan is born, mixing flexibility with firmness and strength. Although historical records, expose that this martial art began about 300 years ago.

Why start practicing Tai Chi Chuan?

In China, it is believed that Tai Chi Chuan can delay aging. Although this idea is deeply rooted, it is partly right. This art is recommended for any type of person since it helps control energy and improve physical condition . Despite the smoothness with which each movement is made, muscle strength, flexibility and balance are worked.

Practice a martial art to improve health

Practice a martial art to improve health

In a study conducted in Japan, it was found that people who performed Tai Chi habitually had an increase in body strength of up to 30% with respect to people who performed other types of exercises.

In addition to improving strength, it also helps to strengthen flexibility and balance , even reducing the risk of suffering some kind of blow. This, above all, helps the elderly, since as they get older, they lose track of their body with respect to space and usually suffer falls.

On the other hand, it is not a passing fad , and will not be seen in social networks as the new trend, due to the time that has been practiced throughout the world. And as described above, it can be practiced by anyone of any age. So grandparents can take their grandchildren to the square to establish healthy habits.

It also helps improve aerobic capacity and reduces stress. All this thanks to the way you should breathe when practiced. In addition, the concentration to perform some movement encourages relaxation. Connecting in this way in the body and the mind.

Finally, it is good for the joints, especially because it does not compromise the knees or shoulders to excessive tension, which then will result in a problem. The classic modalities protect the body by promoting postures that, when executed correctly, help correct the problems they present.

Principles of Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan has many styles, but all are characterized in some general aspects. First, calm and relaxation are sought. In the same way, the softness with which the movements are executed also plays an important role. It is important to remember that "the soft overcomes the hard" by referring to the legend of the snake that defeats the crane.

On the other hand, gravity is the principle that seeks to maintain the center of gravity balanced , resting all the weight of the body on the feet, fusing with the floor like the roots of a tree, which helps to achieve better stability, preventing the body moves when it is not due. Of course, this concentration of energy must be natural, because that way it will be inspired to improve the movements.

Find the balance to perform the movements

Find the balance to perform the movements

Circularity is a principle that helps to execute better movements, avoiding angles and straight lines. In addition, these movements must be accompanied by slowness to execute them correctly. On the other hand, they must be continuous, linking each step with the next, without interrupting them, as this ensures that the energy continues to circulate throughout the body.

The body must be in harmony and attached to each act that is performed to accompany the movement. Because "if something moves, everything moves" to the rhythm of a puppet. Finally, the vacuum principle also participates. This becomes the most important thing to practice Tai Chi Chuan . Thoughts, emotions and judgments must swing out of the mind, leaving only the present and the awareness of what is happening at that moment. When this is achieved, the energy flows naturally throughout the body.

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