Espadrilles for women: a fashion classic that returns

Espadrilles for women: a fashion classic that returns

The espadrilles for women are those shoes that will never be forgotten; On the contrary, every so often their style is reinvented and they re-trend in the most striking outfits .

This footwear is an alternative to rest from sports shoes or sandals; among its benefits, they stand out that they are resistant and comfortable thanks to the materials with which they are made, the feet are kept fresh and protected from the sun's rays.

The selection of women's shoes will depend on the occasion of use; However, there are some models that, thanks to their versatility, fit well with different garments. So it remains to discover some of the recommendations that should be taken into account to enjoy the summer.

Espadrilles for women: A model for every occasion!

Espadrilles with platforms: platform shoes are one of the most used models because they provide a stylized figure and greater balance when walking. Some of the platform shoes integrate adjustable straps to better support the foot. These little elements can be combined perfectly with short dresses. Espadrilles with wedge: this type is just as cool as the others, but unlike the platforms are more elegant and sophisticated, because they are made with other materials such as synthetic leather or suede. What undoubtedly makes them an ideal model for special occasions. Flat espadrilles: this design is classic, in turn is used by both women and men. One of its basic characteristics is that the esparto sole is completely smooth and without heel. In general, the canvas fabric covers from the instep to the sides.

These options are undoubtedly an option for those sunny days of summer when being on the beach is the ideal plan. Like espadrilles with platforms , some flat models have side strips to provide greater security. Some are very similar to sports shoes because they integrate braids as decorative elements.

Types of espadrilles for women

Styles with espadrilles for women:

Espadrilles for women combine with many different styles of clothing; for an ordinary day of work they look very attractive if worn with jeans. Best of all, it is versatile for any top garment such as a blouse or shirt.

Dresses can also be accompanied with shoes, it is only necessary to choose the type of footwear for each occasion. For example, if it is an informal date, a short dress with floral motifs and flat espadrilles will be the best alternative to steal the looks of everyone present.

In contrast, for long dresses are recommended platform, in this way girls of short stature achieve the effect of longer legs. For their part, tall women can opt for flat shoes to compensate for height.

An important trick to always be in fashion is to know how to play with the colors and patterns of the shoes. In this sense, if the pants or blouse are with colorful designs, the shoes to be used must be unicolor and vice versa.

The maxi or long skirts should always be among the main options for a casual day, wedge espadrilles make the difference completely. To complete a handbag is the best alternative.

Espadrilles for women combination

Short shorts and skirts are two key pieces for the heat season, for a walk you can not miss the flat shoes in the company of some accessories such as a hat or sunglasses .

The espadrilles with ethnic print give a lot of life to any look. In children's fashion this footwear also represents an option for girls to feel comfortable and feminine at all times.

The shoes of this style that are made with denim are part of the denim trend and one of the most used styles of the season. For this outfit to work, it is recommended that the trousers be of another tone, preferably in white to achieve a better contrast.

In the same way, striking tones such as red or orange break the color scheme when combined with dark clothing. Also, some shoes are basic inside any girl's wardrobe, especially those in nude or light beige colors.

Within the boho chic style they are used as a way to show a relaxed and fresh personality, for this they can not miss the loose garments, with many fringes and hanging accessories that make this combination one of the favorite of all fashionistas girls.

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Most original types of braids for beautiful hair


Most original types of braids for beautiful hair

Hairstyles with braids have never gone out of fashion, and nowadays they have become trend with more presence and strength than ever; we can see them on red carpets, at weddings, and even at events of political importance.

The braids provide originality and good presence regardless of the type of hair you have, both day and night are an excellent choice, in formal or informal moments in conjunction with the costumes, makeup and the image you want to project.

There are multiple designs and ideas for braids, some are simple to execute, where you do not need many materials and also do not require too much time and effort to give that touch of coquetry and femininity to the hair. In addition, it is important to preserve the health and beauty of the hair using products for your care that ensure that it stays in perfect condition and looks beautiful.

braids 3

Types of braids:

The fishbone is a type of braid that begins by separating the hair into two parts and pulling out small tufts that should be carried to the center to gradually cross over, until ending with an elastic band to hold it transmitting elegance and romance. It can be done right or sideways.

The classic braid is uniform and symmetrical, is aesthetically beautiful and allows the hair to look neat and elegant. For girls who may have a more sweet personality, crowns or tiaras will be a beautiful alternative in which you can add some brightness or floral details by letting out some strands to give it a certain naturalness.

For women with a more risky and daring style, the inverted braid will give more personality to their style because they are woven 3 parts – which were previously divided – from bottom to top and ends with a bun or tail. The braids on the side or on the sides of the head is a variable in which both sides can wear braids that are not necessarily the same. In the same way, you can take an area to make the braids and let loose the rest of the hair, or if you wish, you can make some curls to complement the hairstyle.

The cascade type braids are simple but beautiful, in them small strands are mixed and the rest of the hair is dropped, remaining free and loose. On the other hand, the African type braids differ in that they are several that are divided in equal parts and go from the root to the tips with a fairly tight finish and attached to the head usually with geometric shapes. This design is not so suitable for important events, but it may be ideal for use on the beach.



With the braids there are no limits – because although the girls with long hair are the ones that usually do it, those with short hair can also wear them in a tight design and of a reduced length.

Similarly, when you use the hair collected with braids is the ideal time to wear garments with striking designs or give relevance to jewelry and the face. Even for the smallest of the house, they are an excellent option so that they look trim and beautiful in their daily activities.

The braids are a very versatile hairstyle, they can show off on different occasions and they will always provide style plus personality in any outfit.


On World Animal Day, adopt a pet


On World Animal Day, adopt a pet

Since October 4, 1929, the World Organization for Animal Protection declared this day a celebration of the fauna in all its forms of expression in almost the entire world, also commemorating Saint Francis of Assisi, known as the patron saint of animals.

This festival is held every year with different traditions ranging from the blessing of animals – religiously – in churches or open spaces, fundraising events for shelters, exhibitions, marches, work projects in the school area, among other activities to celebrate and protect animals.

animals 3

Hands to work for the animals

It is time to become aware of the importance of these species in the ecosystem and of the human actions that affect their permanence as living beings. Some of the animals that are in danger of extinction are: bees, giraffes, African gray parrot, cheetahs and the vaquita marina. These are only a small sample of the 3100 species that are classified as endangered and whose protection is essential for their subsistence.

It should be noted that some statistics indicate that 40% of animals are about to become extinct or their habitat has suffered damage. There are a lot of environmental activities that, as responsible citizens can begin to perform, for example: collecting waste, not damaging natural areas, being vigilant with the use of water and staying alert when driving the car. All these measures help to guarantee better conditions for the animals.

animals 2

Children should be told about respecting all living beings, as well as showing sensitivity to them and the dangers to which they are exposed, such as abandonment and abuse. The premise: be more grateful! Animals fill life with joy, each species has characteristics that make it unique and beautiful. It depends on society to better coexist with animals both domestically and in the natural world.

Being a volunteer, collaborating with the dissemination of messages, or showing interest in understanding the form of animal development, will be the best contribution that each person can make. It is important to file complaints with the relevant authorities when you are aware, or in the presence of any illegal activity that goes against the animals.

animals 5

On this special date, doing a good job, such as the adoption of a pet may be the best decision, although it brings with it responsibilities, the reward will be much greater, since the unconditional love that animals give to being rescued is something unique, to the point of becoming a member of the family.

It is a better idea to adopt than to buy a pet, because there are many animals that are in deplorable situations, needing the care and love of someone. There are places where you can adopt the pet, preferably without generating additional costs and sometimes involves a paperwork that is not very complex. In a short time you can have that new member of the family at home.

It should be noted that there must be stronger reasons than the simple fact of beauty or tenderness to adopt; Many times unforeseen events may arise. An alternative is to start planning a daily routine, where your physical and emotional needs of the animals are covered. Later integrate it into the activities of its owner, thus achieving the attention it deserves without neglecting the rest of the daily responsibilities.

animals 4

Tips when having pets:

One of the first aspects that it is necessary to verify before having a pet is the space in the home. It has to be a place where the pet can be comfortable and have space for food and water. In the same way, it is necessary to consider the climate of the place and the type of animal that you want to adopt to create conditions that keep them healthy and happy. It is also necessary to analyze if you will spend part of the day alone or accompanied, if you travel regularly and if you have children at home to take the forecasts about it and not leave it alone. At the time of having a pet, and even more in the case of adoptions, it is essential to take them to a veterinarian to check their health status, apply the appropriate vaccines and carry out the necessary studies and analyzes to preserve their health. According to the species chosen at home, special attention is required in terms of space, food , hygiene, among other aspects. That is why, the most advisable is to choose depending on the capabilities of each home to make the life of the animal and its owners better. In reference to food, this should be appropriate for the type of pet, as you get to know the animal more you can buy an amount that covers your needs and preferences. In this sense, it is vital to remember that a good diet is essential for their well-being. The most advisable thing is to consult with the doctor the type and portions in each particular case. It is necessary to have some essential items and items for pets, such as containers to place water and food, toys, some hygiene products, and a bed to rest or shelter.

Pets fill life with joy and good times. On this day of the animals the best option is to give love and home to many beings who need it. With small actions it is possible to make a difference, and adopting a pet can change not only the life of that animal but also that of its owner and all the people who interact with it.

Use bralette or bra What is the best option for you?

Use bralette or bra What is the best option for you?

Ever since they were invented, they caused a sensation by their innovative technology, as well as the doubt that it was better to use bralette or bra ? Currently many women think that the second option is synonymous with oppression reason has popularized the use of bralette, a piece of underwear that allows women to feel free and sexy at any time.

Wearing bralette has become such a common practice that many women can be seen wearing these pieces on the outside of their clothes. It is precisely this versatility that has given her so much popularity among young women.

Differences between using bralette or bra

There is no doubt that there are women who love to wear bralette , but there are also those who hate it. The same happens in the case of the bra . But the truth is that each of these garments have a specific function. The first fundamental difference is that the bralettes do not give shape to the bust.

Different uses of bralette

Different uses of bralette

From the previous point, certain questions begin to emerge. Brass cups help women round out the bust, especially for women who have large breasts. Although it also applies to small breasts. If the intention is to shape, you should definitely choose a bra .

The second difference is that using bralettes is more comfortable ; They do not have metal rods or stiff cups that sometimes leave marks on the extra skin do not hurt the bust when used.

Another fundamental difference is that the bralettes will make the bust look smaller, whereas the bras make it look bigger. This will depend on the taste of each one. It also depends on the type of clothing used, for a fitted blouse, it is best to use a good bra that provides support and form.

The bralettes diminish the bust

fashion bralettes

Regarding their visibility, the bras are designed so that they do not look when they are worn, since it is not so important what designs they have or how beautiful they are, since they are hidden under clothes. But using bralette as a crop top or looking under a blouse is socially accepted. Also, if they are not shown they lose their charm, as they are designed to be displayed.

And the last difference is one of the main answers to why it is so accepted in society . The bralette focuses on fashion, while the bra is fully functional. There are infinities of styles, which are designed combining different types of lace or interlaced ribbons and if they are not shown it does not make sense to use them. When a bra is used, the braces are hidden and the bust lifted.

How to use bralettes with daily looks ?

It does not matter if at first they were designed for women with firm and small breasts, now they are a trend that all women can use; They can be combined perfectly with skirts, pants, loose shirts or use them alone.

A point in favor of this type of bra is that they usually have many designs on the back , so it becomes the main ally. If you have a piece that has crossed straps on the back, it can be worn with shirts that are loose and with open back, this way it will look perfect and you can complete the wardrobe with a pair of high-rise jeans or shorts along with Bohemian boots

There are women who dare to combine a sophisticated look with the sensuality of underwear. In this way, they take a formal shirt in white and leave it a little open to show some of the lace of the bralette . The best thing is to wear black heels and pants, as it will balance the entire outfit.

The bralettes can be used elegantly

The bralettes can be used elegantly

Another alternative would be to wear only the bralette under a black blazer and boyfriend pants. Not only will it look elegant, it will be comfortable all day. Always remembering that the office should be a little demure and it is recommended to close the jacket.

There are fashionistas who have started using this garment over t-shirts and even dresses. This trend had already been seen before, but focused on wearing dresses over shirts. They are usually complemented by high- waisted jeans and leather jackets. You could even wear plaid shirts tied at the waist.

Bralette over a shirt

Bralette over a shirt

If they are used with skirts, they should opt for those that fit in the waist, never in the hip. You just have to leave a small part of the skin of the abdomen exposed to achieve a delicate and romantic effect. The colors must be counteracted or combined, that is a principle that must always be present.

Using bralette is not better or worse than bra , each has its weaknesses and strengths, the important thing is to take into account the purpose for which it will be used to not clash with the rest of the outfit .

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What are the male contraceptive methods?

contraceptive methods

What are the male contraceptive methods?

Generally, the information regarding contraceptives is oriented towards women, however, it is necessary that men know more about how to protect themselves to avoid diseases of sexual transmission or unwanted pregnancies. It is understandable that not all men abstinence is a viable option but the important thing is to identify the different methods to know which is best suited to the needs.

Pills: Now men can also take pills regularly as in the case of ladies whose purpose is to inhibit the production of sperm, these were created by investigating more about the functioning of some hormones such as testosterone, progestin and androgens. Sometimes this type of product brings with it side effects but with effective results in the majority of the male population.

contraceptives 2

Patches or gels: They are placed on the skin and work with testosterone with variable doses and with which you can experience mood changes. It should be noted that after its application it is necessary to be attentive to the contact of this product with other people because they do not want to expose them involuntarily to this type of products.

Within this category is the jiftip that is a hypoallergenic sticker, which favors men and women if they are allergic to latex. It is made of polyurethane and covered with a special adhesive safe for the skin, which ensures a good grip both inside and outside and in any position that is as well as, the security of not staying in the couple. Among the benefits provided by the jiftip is the simplification of the cleaning procedure after sexual intercourse as well as offering a more secure intimate encounter without interfering with the sensations that are experienced.

Injections: Contraceptive injections for gentlemen have non-hormonal and non-toxic polymers that work by blocking the sperm, these injections are applied to the duct where the sperm passes. Some of these injections can be applied every 3 months and offer the alternative of reversing the effect when you are already planning to start having children.


Skin implants: They are placed inside the arm of the man with a small incision that must be done by a doctor or health professional, they are made of androgens and progestin, their duration is approximately 12 months. It is possible that the implant is perceived when it is touched or subjected to some kind of effort.

Condoms: It is one of the most popular contraceptive methods for sexual encounter, which is not very expensive, which is used simply and quickly by placing a latex cover and removing it for disposal after the sexual act. There are hypoallergenic condoms , with spermicide, retardants, with aromas, textures, among others.

Vasectomy : It is the most permanent option of those mentioned so far, but it can not be reversed, so you must be sure when making the decision. With this type of method you must have a specialist who will perform a surgery to obstruct the ducts where sperm exit and pass with a high percentage of effectiveness.


Several of these systems are still under investigation but are valid methods to not only leave the responsibility in the hands of women but to begin to take control of sexuality.

Currently there are multiple contraceptive methods that are available in the market with variations in terms of effectiveness, however, in such a competitive world is looking for innovative alternatives that bring with them products to solve some of the problems typical of traditional methods and to improve the sexual experience by enhancing the sensations while protecting themselves in the intimate encounter.


Internet TV, live an innovative audiovisual experience

internet tv

Internet TV, live an innovative audiovisual experience

Internet TV devices have come to revolutionize the market and the way in which audiovisual content is viewed, with better quality, a wider screen, better resolution and from the comfort of home. There are different types, makes and models of devices, it is possible to find some with a compact design with HDMI output that works as a Pen drive through a USB system as well as other more comfortable designs with integrated HDMI cables.

In order to fully enjoy the Internet TV service, it is necessary to have a television with Smart technology which works via WiFi or Internet cable. However, if the TV does not have these functions it is possible to adapt it with elements of easy installation so that the multimedia experience is enriched by maximizing the functionality of the equipment and being able to control operability in digital form.

Through the touch system with LED technology or through a smartphone and with the help of a chromecast can be connected to the network from any TV with wired or wireless Internet connection to reproduce the desired information without the need for wiring and a computer. The synchronization will not be a problem because with the HDMI input you can adapt and later, activate the WiFi network thanks to the Google Home application. Best of all, this device is small and compact in size, you can take it wherever you need it.

Smart TV

Smart TV

It is already possible to explore other alternatives and not be satisfied with using the TV to watch movies or series, but Internet TV offers endless possibilities in which to watch videos, search for information of interest, watch news, among other alternatives, applying pauses, backing down or by changing the playlist, it is even possible to share data with friends or family.

It is possible to control this technology through different operating systems, since it is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows. Thanks to devices such as a Chromecast it is possible to surf the web without a PC, just by connecting this compact computer you can access the internet from a much wider screen, with a more powerful sound system and providing the possibility of remote management simply by synchronizing a smartphone.

Advantages of Internet TV:

Music : With Spotify you can listen to a wide catalog of themes, since it is a streaming music service with which it is possible to classify playlists of all types of music. Another option is to access YouTube and enjoy multiple content.

Video calls : Some webcams include a webcam , which serves as a tool to be in contact through Skype. You can also make projections to expose topics that will reinforce the information you want to impart in a more explicit and dynamic way, with graphic support. Conducting teleconferences is another virtue of an Internet TV, which will be very useful for the business world where it is constantly necessary to hold meetings with people who are in other latitudes.

Social Networks : In Smart TV you can check social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, in real time and without interrupting other content that is being viewed.

Games: With a Chromecast it is possible to play online from the comfort of the TV screen, as well as access different pages of games and enjoy the best of entertainment for gamers on a high definition screen.



The possibilities offered by Internet TV devices are unlimited, for every need it is possible to find interesting functions and tools to enjoy the best in Internet connection on a large screen. To improve the audiovisual experience it is important to have a stable WiFi connection that allows you to open the different contents quickly to enjoy everything that smart technology has to offer.


Clothing designed by an algorithm: technology is combined with fashion

Clothing designed by an algorithm: technology is combined with fashion

For years, fashion has become the way of expression of many people. Currently, you can see many brands innovating in their designs and showing their creations in fashion shows, to go to magazines, then to television, until they reach social networks. The clothes designed by an algorithm is the new step that will have to face the world of fashion.

How can this be possible? Will computers design clothes? Different researchers have begun to work on various artificial intelligence systems that will focus on designing the clothes that are used. The idea of ​​a clothing designed by an algorithm is that clothes are always in trend and to the taste of the consumer.

What is the process of clothing designed by an algorithm?

There are different programs and different companies that are working on this process. The simplest is known as GAN, for its acronym in English Generative Adversarial Network . It consists of two very deep neural networks that merge to get to learn very efficiently what are the trends of the moment.

Latest fashion trend

Latest trend in fashion

In this way, the algorithm learns a particular style of fashion and styles, based on images; Later, he will be able to assimilate these styles and design garments based on him.

On the other hand, there is another algorithm that has an automatic learning system, which helps you to analyze some labels on the images of the clothes; this in order to determine if certain garments are elegant or not .

What else could these algorithms do?

The clothes designed by an algorithm not only apply to the latest trends, but also to identify a pattern in the way of dressing. For example, several American researchers based on geolocalized images of the Instagram social network , focusing on the city of Buenos Aires, to determine the type of clothes that people wear most often. As well as the colors and how fashion has evolved in the last three years.

With this system it was described that in winter black and brown usually predominate. But in summer, white and blue reign. They even showed that the red color is losing popularity, because it is not usually as used as the colors mentioned above; however, from time to time it comes back to the attention of people, and it becomes fashionable.

The new era of fashion

The new era of fashion

This is just a sample that clothing designed by an algorithm can not only be useful to have a garment to suit each buyer, it can also result in a tool that allows designers to better understand the trends of the moment. You can even make predictions on how buyers will behave in the future and can make collections that adapt to all times.

Artificial intelligence can help buy clothes

The stylists or Personal Shoppers are responsible for buying clothes for other people, taking into account their measurements and tastes. Recommending what favors them and what should be avoided. For this reason, they must anticipate what the buyer will want.

Several Personal Shopper companies use different algorithms to guide decisions when buying. In this way, a projection is made of how many clients will like a certain piece of clothing, such as a dress or shoes. As well as the possibility of predicting that important events will develop in the life of the client, such as renewing the entire wardrobe for the change of season or a spontaneous work change.

Many have raised the possibility that this will result in a reduction of employees in some companies that are dedicated to sending boxes of clothes that customers can accept or return. In this way, the work done by 20 people looking for trends, can be reduced to five people. Although still, many companies are committed to human resources to be supported with this type of program.

Google also has its own algorithm

The clothing designed by an algorithm is not the only new thing that exists in the market that fuses technology and fashion to predict new trends. Google has partnered with a well-known clothing brand to develop an app that uses the smartphone sensor to create a dress that is based on the activities and travel of the person who uses it.

Dress designed by Google

This algorithm will elaborate the garments as if it were a "Tailor" only in a digital version. When a person registers in the application, it will learn which are the routines that the user performs, for example: physical exercise, the places that he visits more frequently, the activities of his agenda, he can even associate it with the time he will do in that moment. In this way, a personalized garment will be generated. Finally, the user will have the option to buy said dress or garment.

Although much can be questioned about this risky elaboration, many are attracted by the idea of ​​using personalized garments to their daily activities.

In this way, a new step is taken in the making of clothes. It is no longer enough to wait for fashion weeks or social networks to see the latest trends. Now, they will be able to be at our hands with the help of technology.

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Perfumes for children: a delicate aroma for every day

Perfumes for children: a delicate aroma for every day

The perfumes for children are a beautiful touch of coquetry for the little ones that seek to imitate some behaviors of the parents and that makes them feel bigger. They are ideal fragrances after bathing or to apply before going to school or a party with your friends managing to transmit a delicious smell according to their age.

It should be noted that children have a particular smell, which is delicate and pleasant because they have not yet developed some physical or hormonal characteristics that adults have, however, fragrances can be incorporated into their daily routine as part of their hygiene and care products.

Proposals for perfumes for children:

Tous Kids : With notes of fruit such as mandarin, lemon, raspberry and apricot accompanied by daisy and orange flowers that combine with musk and vanilla in the case of girls. If we refer to men : herbs, neroli, apples and mandarins are the protagonists.

perfumes for children 6

Vera Wang Princess : Its aroma transmits sweetness thanks to the apple, tangerine, peach, chocolate, wood, musk, vanilla and lily. All these scents merge in a balanced way allowing each of their notes to be perceived, in a beautiful presentation in the shape of a heart in purple tonality and whose lid is a crown that will fascinate the girls .

perfumes for children 7

Tartine et Chocolat: It is a soft and fresh perfume that can be applied when you want it and that is made to take care of the skin of the baby or the child.

perfumes for children 8

Barbie Rose : Its beautiful presentation ideal for girls coquettes to see how charming its aroma consists of citrus, grapes, mimosas and roses.

perfumes for children 2

Hello Kitty Diamond : Emblematic character that has a wide variety of products, among which is this fragrance that has the scents of cherry, vanilla and apples. It is not very invasive olfactory and is maintained throughout the day.

perfumes for children 9

Petits et Mamans: It is a fragrance based on tea and chamomile, so it has soothing and soothing properties. Similarly, Bulgari adds peach, bergamot, rosewood, Sicilian orange, sunflower, rose and vanilla to create a unique fragrance.

perfumes for children 7

Kaloo: It is a colony water line that has gone through testing processes to ensure the well-being of children, as it is alcohol-free and in its different presentations are perceived with soft and delicate smells of notes of caramel, rose, almond , vanilla and flowers. All the ingredients are of natural origin.

perfumes for children 3

It is necessary to take precautions when you have children at home, such as sensitivity to smells and evaluate the components based on what is most appropriate for children. Likewise, the product should not be within your reach and should be placed at the appropriate moments and proportion to avoid any type of discomfort or allergy.

The perfumes for children are an excellent way to educate children about their personal hygiene and allow them to participate actively in this process by closing their hygiene routines with a flourish, applying rich fragrances that will give them a pleasant aroma that will help them feel better. The pampered of the house are those who bring joy to the home, that is why they deserve the best and fragrances are basic items for their care.

Spontaneous selfies: the correct way to achieve them

Spontaneous selfies: the correct way to achieve them

A photograph immortalizes the most important moments of a person. Whether portraits with the whole family, or those little funny moments with children. Since its invention, photographs have become the best invention, and its evolution has taken us to the "self-portrait" or Selfies . Which have become extremely popular all over the world.

The selfies have been defined as a photograph that a person makes himself with a smartphone, and then be loaded into a social network. But far from its thousands of admirers, there are also those who hate this type of self-portrait, and even studies have been conducted to determine what behavior is behind the people obsessed with taking pictures of them all day.

self-portraits with landscape

But far from demonstrating a disorder or a compulsion, selfies have fallen in love with everyone. In addition, they have become one of the most instantaneous and visual ways of showing themselves to the world. Millions of photos are uploaded every day to the Internet, and most of them are more creative than the previous ones. From makeup bloggers who upload " close up " showing their works of art, to the traveler who self-portrays teaching a beautiful landscape in the background. All these, seem spontaneous and well done.

So, what secrets can hide take a good selfie ? Spontaneity, creativity or planning ? If there is a secret, no one knows. But what many are sure is that there are a series of steps or tricks that can be followed to have a good result.

What aspects to take care of to take excellent selfies?

Whether alone, or in a group, there are a number of "rules" to take care of when taking a selfie . The first one is to take care of the personal image . Clothing and makeup should be adequate. The hair must also go in accordance with what you want to portray, since the appearance sells. Whether it is taking a picture in your pajamas, it must be correctly designed for this purpose, that is, to prevent this clothing from looking uneven.

On the other hand, if you use the front camera of the phone , you have to remember that, usually, these usually have less resolution than the front. Therefore, it is best to seek more lighting when using the front. This trick also applies to photos in general. Good lighting can help highlight the makeup or clothing that is worn. It is best to use natural light to highlight facial features.

selfies clothes

Another technical aspect that should be taken care of is the background that occupied the selfies . And is that not everything is just show your face and ready. You also have to take into account that a neglected background with clothes thrown away is not visually attractive, so the photographs   in the disorderly rooms and bathrooms, they are forbidden, the space must always be neat and clean. Rooms with solid colors , curtains or furniture, are always a good option, but also the outdoor environments represent an excellent option.

Cafes, bookstores or a restaurant, become the best sources of inspiration to take a picture. Now, it is necessary to think about what should be the attitude that will be shown in the image.

The main thing is that you do not have to move excessively. And although it sounds obvious, the truth is that it can be a great challenge, since it is the same person who makes the photo, so if you move a lot, you can lose an excellent photograph.

take photo with natural light

On the other hand, extreme care must be taken in the angle used when making a selfie . Ideally, practice to get an angle that favors the face, you can practice in a mirror or with the same phone. It should not be too high because it emphasizes the forehead and the nose in an inadequate way and if the angle is very low, it will look like a double chin. So the correct thing is that the camera is a little above the eyes and the head somewhat inclined.

You have to be creative looking for new ways to take a picture. The point is not just to take the phone, stretch your arm and take a picture, but you must play with different filters, angles, scenarios and situations.

Photographs to be sold on social networks

A selfie for a personal network is very different from an influencer's account. And although they basically follow the same rules, they usually cover more technical aspects, such as the camera and the methods to take pictures.

To make yourself known on social networks, you have to invest first in a good camera. Although the camera of the phone works in some occasions, a good camera is the starting point to start taking pictures alone and of good quality.

photographic and tripod camera

Another good idea is to get a tripod , as it will help position the angle better . Another necessary accessory is a remote trigger . This encourages you to take pictures without using the timer. In the market there are many, which also come with a GRIP with external batteries to make the photo sessions last longer. With this, it will only be necessary to prepare the environment and the theme to begin with.

Another recommendation is to know perfectly the options of the camera . Like, for example, the types of approaches, shooting options and wireless connections. And as for the latter, there are many cameras that do not have a screen, so you can not know how the photos are going. But what some integrate is an app that help you connect with the smartphone and thus, show what the camera sees.

So it only remains to pose and prepare a good photo session, to obtain impressive results.

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LEGO DC Super-Villains: Now the bad guys will be the protagonists

LEGO DC Super-Villains: Now the bad guys will be the protagonists

Traveler's Tales and LEGO bring us a new release: LEGO DC Super-Villains , where the villains of the DC universe are the protagonists. With classic characters such as Joker and Harley Quinn, who will have the opportunity to embark on an adventure that will test the creativity and ability to solve problems.

This new release LEGO DC Super-Villains , comes with the opportunity to explore various environments in the open field where the user can use elements around to build various tools or weapons that will serve to overcome some obstacles. In the same way, the adaptation of the world of LEGO, allows to appreciate common scenarios such as: Gotham City or Arkham Asylum, made with the classic building blocks.

Lego DC

In this game you must work hand in hand with the villains of the DC world , to defeat a new band of supposed superheroes who plan to take over the city, and it will be up to the player to prevent it. This release allows us to appreciate in a closer way the personalities of each villain in history, so that the adventure is enjoyable and fun.

Customize your own character in LEGO DC Super-Villains

One of the main features of this release is the opportunity to customize the main character in the game, so that every detail, such as expressions, powers or clothing, are chosen especially by the player. Starting from initial objects, the user can give the appearance that they want to their avatar, such as skin color, powers or additional objects such as masks or clothing.

Unlockable objects

As the game progresses, new editing options will be unlocked, so that the initial creation is not the definitive one, but the user can edit his character progressively giving him the opportunity to vary and give him a more threatening or funny appearance . In the same way, different weapons will be appearing in the game, to supply the arsenal with a variety of different tools.

Many of the vehicles where you can move in the game can be found in various scenarios; however, some will have to be unlocked when passing each level. These will be faster and have a longer period of time, offering the opportunity to accumulate more points.

Variety of skills

When you start the game you will have various options to improve the abilities of the avatar with a variety of different powers, such as super strength or super speed. Each world is different, so the constant editing of powers will be necessary to overcome obstacles or defeat enemies.

The powers will be unlocked by eliminating a certain amount of enemies or defeating the heads of each world. This will allow to diversify the combos made and vary in the amount of damage that can be exercised, so that the difficulty of the level is less threatening.

Exchangeable objects

In many cases not all objects can be unlocked, but purchased with coins from the game, so it will be the user's task to explore the map and locate various coins or valuables in other areas.

Some of the predetermined weapons can be improved with the help of the money that is found across the worlds, in this way the combos will be more lethal and the attacks more harmful.

Diversity of characters

Villains of Lego

The Justice League has disappeared, so the land is defenseless against new superheroes who want to destroy it, however, the League of Injustice formed by various villains of the DC universe want to take full possession of the earth's resources, what will be forced to defend it.

The player will have the possibility to assemble his character with exotic costumes of the villains of this universe, with skills and physical characteristics that will gradually give a specific personality.

In the same way, some of the scenes of the game will force the user to make positive or negative decisions provoking alternative endings , so that, in many moments, the player must choose whether to help a citizen or follow his course, following the narrative of comics and movies.

It is important to note that the game's designers decided to keep the same animated concept as previous releases, so that the colors and the presentation of the movement remain with a characteristic touch of the series, so the graphic level of the team does not need to be very advanced. .

In this way LEGO DC Super-Villains will be available on October 19 this year, on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and   Xbox One, to guarantee the experience to all the gamer to live a LEGO adventure, being a super villain.

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