Samsung folding screens: see the world differently

Samsung folding screens: see the world differently

Samsung's new folding screens will be a key factor for the company's growth over the next few years, so it plans to implement this new feature in most of its equipment offering the public different possibilities of enjoying the latest technology.

This new feature will open many doors and possibilities for all users in the design and utility of most of the company's equipment, as well as alleviate the weight of mobile devices and smart TVs .

These new Samsung folding screens can offer greater comfort when placing the TVs in narrow places, or simply hide them in walls, so that the location of this new generation of devices will no longer be a problem in narrow spaces.

The results of previous years have borne fruit in a very positive way, leading the company to a good position in the market, achieving more than 14 million dollars thanks to OLED screens and 50 thousand dollars in sales last quarter.

Due to the considerable success of that season, the company wants to cover a larger field in the world of technology, opting to use flexible projections, capable of adapting various forms, with a different option of image and color transmission.

Will Samsung's folding screens be for smartphones?

The use of this new feature in the latest generation smartphones has surfed the Internet with many rumors of its launch, similarly speculates on smart TVs that come to market with these new components in its structure.

However, the report that the company makes annually to publicize its innovations and progress in the field points to the implementation of this technology thanks to its statement:

"Regarding the mobile business, Samsung will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones adopting cutting-edge technologies such as folding OLED screens"

This suggests that the project that is called Galaxy X or Project Valley , which consisted of the development of a smart device of the latest generation with this built-in technology, still stands.

samsung flexible

New Samsung Screen

So, if this new smartphone reaches the competitive market, it would be the pioneer of a new generation of devices, offering the public the opportunity to discover new possibilities of use, as well as to include the looks for the level of innovation in their devices.

The most heard rumor is that the new phone could be a device with a 7.3-inch OLED screen that can adapt the shape of a mini tablet so that the user can have a greater handling of the device.

For reasons of ergonomics, Samsung's folding screens will not have buttons, except those of modification of sounds to increase or decrease it and blocking. In this way users will be able to access the options more quickly and without problems, at the same time the deterioration of the start button will no longer be a concern in this developing phone.

A tool in which the company is working is the use of artificial intelligence and IoT , which will allow the user to have greater control of the device, all thanks to the new application Bixby the assistant controlled by means of voice commands .

Folding Samsung

Samsung Foldable

This combination of technology in a single device can give a new direction to the original concept that smartphones have, since in addition to being a novel proposal, the system to handle it offers greater alternatives and options.

A new generation of tablets is currently being developed, capable of modifying its roll-type structure, which has a cylinder-shaped compartment for greater comfort and a significant change in traditional design.

It is expected that these devices have voice commands that identify the owner, so that the security system provides greater possibilities to safeguard the information. Likewise, the control system with voice control guarantees accessibility to the multiple options of the device.

It is unknown if these devices will be able to play videos in 4K quality, since currently not enough information has been provided to define the properties of the components that will make it up. Anyway, it is expected that these new devices have excellent performance in addition to providing a new image quality and functionality that will revolutionize the market, especially if it is new technology, a pioneer in this type of screens.

Samsung, as always, seeks to place itself at the head of this innovation race, if the new implementations are true, we will have to see the movements of the rest of the smartphone developers.

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