Detox foods that can not be missing in your daily diet

Detox foods that can not be missing in your daily diet

During December, excessive consumption of foods with a high content of fat, sodium and sugar is very frequent. Foods that include these characteristics are often the most harmful to the body, especially the liver and kidneys. However, to alleviate these eating disorders you can include detox foods in your daily diet or to start this new year, because they contain depurative properties for the organism and by the wide variety you can combine them in many different preparations.

It is important to remember that to keep the body full of health and vitality it is necessary to combine this eating plan with some physical exercise routine. Also, specialists recommend doing yoga or meditation regularly, this will make you manage to balance your emotions and therefore adopt positive thoughts that will improve your mood.

Detox food for your recipes:

Green tea: this infusion is par excellence the drink with more antioxidant properties , favors the loss of body weight. Contains flavonoids , properties that are responsible for naturally inflammation of the body. Pineapple: this fruit is not only known for its delicious tropical flavor, it is also famous for its diuretic power, as it is responsible for significantly improving the circulatory system and fights the effects of cellulite on the skin. It is advisable to consume it naturally, that is, in pieces or pieces in the snacks.

Whole grains: there is a wide variety in the market, but the main attraction of these foods is that they contain a lot of fiber and are ideal for controlling insulin levels in the body. It is preferable to consume them during breakfast, as they will provide energy and vitality for the entire day. Lemon : this citrus fruit should never be missing in your kitchen , not only helps to reduce toxins and bacteria, but it is also very common to use it as a natural dressing for salads, smoothies and infusions. You will get excellent detoxifying results if you ingest it every morning with a glass of warm water. Broccoli: it is one of the most effective detox foods . It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, which significantly improves the digestive process. At the time of its preparation, you can keep them with a crunchy consistency so you can take better advantage of their depurative properties.

Fennel: it is a plant with multiple benefits for the body, reduces swelling of the abdomen, regulates digestion and helps to dispose of retained liquids. It is advisable to take the head of fennel in hot drinks or infusions, but it will also be an ideal companion for stews and green salads. Artichoke: among detox foods , the artichoke is one of the most used vegetables in diets, because thanks to its acids, vitamins and minerals it is favorable to purify the liver of toxins. It is very easy to prepare, you can taste it sautéed, with a touch of lemon and salt or in the company of salads. Raspberries: this exquisite fruit is rich in fiber, minerals and antixodantes . Due to its large amount of water, it favors the detoxification of the liver and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. They are an option for breakfast, as long as they are consumed whole instead of in a juice or shake.