Clothes for couples: how to combine on any occasion

combinations of clothes in couple

Clothes for couples: how to combine on any occasion

The clothes in pairs represent a symbol of the union of both. There are several ways to combine, either take a single outfit garment and use both or simply carry the same colors. It is such a popular trend now that it is not something that looks strange or uncomfortable to others.

This fashion started in Seoul , South Korea , in the nineties. In this country, the signs of affection and affection are not well seen, so the young couples began to dress the same to show the society that they were engaged in a relationship. Even now, it seems that this custom has changed, young people continue to use this way of dressing, which ranges from sharing the same type of garment, shoes or even underwear.

Merge as a couple

Combine in Couple

The couple's clothing is not limited to lovers, there have also been many photos on social networks of parents, especially mothers, who dress their children just like them. But in this aspect, if you use the same model of clothes in a more childlike version. Whether adapting the heels to tennis or changing the length of a dress.

Mother and daughters dress the same

Mother and Daughters

Tips before using clothes as a couple

Some of the basic notions that are used in fashion apply when you want to wear clothes as a couple. The first thing is to know the type of body you have, both the man and the woman. This will help the garments that are chosen favor both.

On the other hand, it is important to know what the other's style is , in order to respect it and maintain synchrony. But what happens when both styles are very different? Well, this becomes the perfect occasion to leave the comfort zone and try new things. Maybe a girl does not wear jeans at all, but her boyfriend does. So now, wearing jeans can become a common practice.

know the type of body

Know the type of body

Another tip that is important to know, especially men, is that the girl is usually the one who takes center stage when it comes to clothes. This does not mean that it will be her that always stands out when wearing a pair of clothes, but that for men it is easier to combine their clothes than for women. So, if they use a color to combine, the boy may wear a shirt and pants. Instead, the couple should look for more accessories for their final look .

The basic garments can become the ally of any relationship when they want to go combined. Since these, can be used with more eye-catching accessories or simply use both a white shirt and blue jeans , being in perfect sync.

Another tip to take into account is to make use of the accessories. If you do not want to coordinate the entire outfit , you can use a complement that identifies them as a ring or a bracelet.

Some combinations to go according to the couple

As stated above, you do not necessarily have to dress completely the same. But if it is the option that is chosen, you can always choose comfortable options that both of you like. A denim trousers , a flannel and a jacket, become the perfect option for couples who want to go hand in hand. In addition, you can also combine your shoes, wearing white sports shoes and a head cap.

couple combining clothes

Continuing with the clothes in a simple couple, you can alternate the colors to achieve a contrasting effect. For example, if the man wears a jeans jacket and black pants, his partner can wear a black shirt and pants of the same type. This subtle change in colors makes the intention not so obvious.

Another thing that can be done is to combine the styles of both, so they will not use the same garments, but they will be in perfect synchrony. In summer, the girl can wear a bohemian overalls, while the boy can go with a style of tracksuit and shirt. The good thing about this style is that the prints are striking and combine perfectly.

combine styles

combine styles

If there is a special event, such as a wedding or a dinner, you can choose to use a color that represents the couple. For example, the color of her dress can serve as inspiration for his tie. Here it is also important to take into account what is the color of the suit you will use, since, in this way, the color of the tie will not clash.

And if you go on a trip, blue and white become the perfect colors to go from the airport to the hotel. Both can wear a blue shirt, can be jeans or a cotton fabric and white pants. Shoes, it will always be better to wear low shoes for comfort on long walks. Among the accessories, you can always choose between sunglasses or a hat.

When combining clothes with a partner, it is important to know that coordination and complicity is important, and that this will further strengthen the bonds of the relationship and create incredible moments.

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