Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

A sustainable home, is not only based on the idea of ​​having a house that remains alone, but those small actions that can be done to make the home more ecological and friendly with the planet.

On the other hand, self-sustaining houses are guided by very environmental principles when building them. A clear example is the use of wood for the construction of infrastructure. For this purpose, the engineers make sure to reforest the area from which the trees were cut. In addition, sustainable homes are able to generate a smaller amount of waste, since they have an insulation system that helps reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning.

It is for this reason that renewable energy sources are often used. The most common are solar energy plates, water heaters or wind generators. That is why some recommendations have been recommended to improve the sustainable life of homes in large cities.

Ideas to make a sustainable home

Having an ecological lifestyle is not a thought that is followed by fashion; but now, it is an idea that must be realized because of awareness of the planet. For a sustainable home, there are three Rs, which are based on recycling, reducing and reusing . In this way, you can contribute to a less polluted world.

Ecological ideas

A first point to achieve a sustainable home is to change the conventional bulbs by led bulbs , which are much safer than traditional light to not contain mercury or tungsten; they can even reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

On the other hand, these types of bulbs usually last more than 45,000 hours, which can make them last for about 15 years, if only used for 8 hours. In addition, they do not generate heat, since 80% of the energy consumed turns into light. In contrast to traditional bulbs, these can reduce electricity consumption and this will be noticed in the electricity bill and carbon emissions.

During the day, the ideal is to make the most of sunlight. Therefore, you must raise the blinds and open the windows. Many choose to use solar panels to use the sun's radiation as an energy source. Before installing one, an assessment must be made of how much is consumed in the home for a month. Here you must include all kinds of household appliances.

In addition, it is important to learn how this system works. Basically, it is divided into several areas. The panels are the surfaces that are made from semiconductor materials, being responsible for absorbing the sun's rays. The cells of the panels are microscopic, there the solar energy is stored; which then goes through an investment, converting it into alternating current.

As for maintenance, they are easy to care for. The cover of the panels must be cleaned periodically, since the dirt that accumulates in this area can damage the equipment. It should be cleaned at least every two months, also checking the connections and pruning the vegetation that grows around so that the branches do not touch the panels.

Sustainable home

If the installation of these panels is not what is needed, other measures can be adopted. During the night, if the temperature drops, you can use a fan instead of air conditioning to keep the room cool.

The use of air conditioning is something that must be regulated to ensure good consumption and contribute to a sustainable home . The health of people should also be taken into account, since sudden changes in temperature can cause colds.

In the shower, you can regulate the water temperature and at the same time save up to 6% energy. In addition, it is important to always check the condition of the plumbing and toilet tanks. If one leaks, you can waste an average of 48 liters of water per day. Therefore, each tap must be in perfect condition to avoid this problem.

As for the appliances , the ideal is to adapt the power of the appliances and the location of them will help save. One recommendation is to locate the refrigerator in a cool place in the kitchen, at least 15 centimeters away from the wall. The doors must close perfectly to prevent the food from thawing and to spend more energy than necessary.

When the oven is used, it can be turned off a few minutes before the heat ends cooking the food. Pressure cookers are a good way to save time, since food cooks faster.

With these small ideas you can get a sustainable home that gives back to the planet all the good that it gives to the human being.

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