The body types that exist and how to dress correctly

The body types that exist and how to dress correctly

To be able to find the perfect dress you will have to know the body types of each person in order to choose the best option, achieving that, in this way, a woman will make sure that each area of ​​her body is completely balanced and take her attributes to shine. This diversity is just what makes each person unique.

There is no perfect body type. All have points in favor and points against, so it is important to know which group belongs. But not only to learn what garments look better, but also you can devise a proper exercise routine to strengthen the weak points.

Another consideration is to keep in mind that you can never change the body you have. It is necessary to focus on the areas to be improved and discover the qualities offered by the different types of bodies. Perfection is subjective.

Body types and how to differentiate them

Basically there are five types of bodies and to identify which one belongs is very important to know the measures you have.

Many times, the types of bodies are usually associated with figures or fruits to make reference to them. The first type is the oval or apple body . They are bodies that have thin limbs, but the shoulders are round. On the other hand, it has no waist, since all the fat is usually lodged in this area.

Body shaped like an apple

Body shaped Apple

The best thing for this type of body is to wear garments such as tailor-made sacks , skirts and straight-cut blouses. Additional should be sought balance the figure, using straight lines in the neck area and avoiding round necklines. That's why the best thing is to wear an empire cut dress which marks the waist area using a belt or a dress draped in that area, avoiding wearing dresses with flights or volume.

Other body types that are among the most common, is the pear shape or also known as triangular. It is usually identified quickly by having the shoulders smaller than the hips, therefore, tend to have less bust and shoulders more inclined. The fat accumulates in the area of ​​the hips and in the front of the thighs. Therefore, it is classified as one of the most curvilinear body types.

Dresses for pear-like bodies

Clothes for Bodies Type Pear

Women with this type of body are favored by V-necks, since they add volume and stylize the neck. You can choose to use prints , as they also provide style, but only at the top, the shades at the bottom should remain solid and dark. Avoid using belts, as it would unbalance the figure, as well as blouses that end in the hip.

Another form of body also considered as curvilinear is the hourglass , which is usually considered the perfect silhouette. The shoulders and hips maintain the same proportions, along with a defined waist, stylized and well-turned legs. On the other hand, the bust provided to the waist narrowness. In contrast, fat is usually stored uniformly throughout the body.

Dresses for hourglass bodies

Dresses for bodies Type Sand Watch

These types of body are favored to wear garments that conform to the waist, as well as V-shaped necklines, as they lengthen the torso. For pants, the best are those that have a straight cut. The waist can be the focal point of the outfit, as this will highlight the rest of the curves. The best dresses that women with this type of silhouette can use, will be those with a defined waist. Solid colors will be the best allies and if you have short legs, the skirts must end above the knee, so the height will be compensated.

The bodies with straight or rectangular silhouettes are characterized by maintaining very similar measurements in the shoulders, waist and hip, so that the central area of ​​the body almost does not stand out. They tend to be very straight despite being very proportionate. They have little bust and gluteus, but their limbs are very thin.

These types of body tend to go well with flying skirts or ruffles , as well as tube skirts. As for the trousers, those with tweezers and a straight cut will provide the waist, as well as the skinny jeans and the rounded or V necklines. Regarding the dresses, those who have a skirt in A cut should be chosen if she wants to wear a tight dress, she should try to accentuate the waist and have a little volume.

Finally, the bodies in the shape of an inverted triangle are characterized by having wider shoulders than the hips, as well as narrow hips and slender legs. The dresses in line A, will make the top part is countered with the lower part of the body. In addition, you should avoid wearing suspenders and little volume in the skirt area, as well as move away as much as possible from the shoulder pads.

Each of the different body types that exist have something wonderful to offer. None is better than the other just for having more or less curves, or for being more or less slender. Each figure can be taken advantage of and molded to highlight its weaknesses and look perfect.

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