Cupcakes: easy and original recipes

Cupcakes: easy and original recipes

Making and decorating Cupcakes is not an impossible task. Although the internet is full of recipes to make and decorate them, many of them are very simple to make. And, with a simple vanilla base you can get an infinite number of combinations of colors and shapes. On the other hand, many have dedicated themselves to replicate famous cake recipes in a version for these fluffy miniatures.

Imagine that you can have small versions of a velvet net or a lemon pie cupcake with the same sourdough. Thousands of fillings and covers of all flavors can be made with simple ingredients, altering one or two elements. Making c upcakes can be simple, fun and above all it is a great decoration for parties and meetings.

Easy recipes to make delicious cupcakes

Nowadays, almost all the cakes that exist have their version for cupcake . To make one of velvet red , the following ingredients are needed:

140 gr of flour ½ teaspoon of salt ½ teaspoon of baking powder 8 gr of cocoa powder without sugar 60 g of butter without salt 150 gr of sugar 1 egg ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 125 ml of milk serum 1 tablespoon of red food coloring ½ teaspoon of baking soda

For this recipe, you must first unite all the dry ingredients and reserve. In another bowl, begin to beat the butter, either with an electric or manual beater . The sugar is added in two parts. Then the rest of the ingredients are added as follows; first, the egg is added and beaten until integrated; then, the red dye is added to the buttermilk and mixed well. From here, you must add the dry ingredients, interspersed with whey. When everything is well mixed, it will proceed to activate the sodium bicarbonate with a teaspoon of vinegar and add it to the mixture.

red velvet cupcakes

From here, it is only to fill the molds and to be exactly the same size, you can use a spoon of ice cream and fill up halfway. Now, take the cupcakes to a preheated oven at 175 ° C for about 20 minutes or until cooking completely.

But this does not stop here, the Red Velvet is characterized, not only by its impressive red color, but also by its delicious coverage of cream cheese. For them, they take a bar of cream cheese, and with a blender they begin to beat to soften it. When ready, add 300 gr of sugar glass . It is important not to beat excessively so as not to leave the cream cheese very liquid. Now you only have to smear the glaze for decoration with a duya (or in its absence a plastic bag).

With this base, you can also make a cupcake of three milks . For the mixture the same steps are followed, previous, only that the cocoa is eliminated. It can be made as a lighter cake, eliminating the butter and adding 6 eggs. Baking will be done similar to the original recipe. This will make it easier to integrate the three milk mixture correctly.

Nother idea for a cupcake   original is to use the carrot as the main ingredient. As in the previous case, the ingredients used in the first recipe can be used , but cocoa, coloring and butter are eliminated . On the other hand, you must add 180 gr. of grated carrot, 140 ml of oil, replacing butter, 2 eggs, and optionally you can add 80 grams of crushed nuts and some spices such as cinnamon or ginger .  

Some ways to decorate Cupcakes

butter coverage

You can make a cover with almost any ingredient you can think of. And not only that, with the same, you can make infinities of forms, as is the case of the coverage made with butter. But the easiest one is Nata montada. With this cream, you only need to buy the cream, beat it and that's it! It can be combined with coffee, chocolate, pieces of strawberries or whatever you want to have fun decorations.

sweet milk coverage

For a cover of dulce de leche, you can choose to first cream 250 g of butter without salt. When they change color, 150 gr. of sugar and continue beating. When everything is incorporated, 200 gr. of dulce de leche and whisks to incorporate everything. Just missing, add the mixture to a pastry bag and give different shapes to the bitumen.

The use of cream cheese is also very common to decorate. But a light and easy to make coverage is that of marshmallows. For the same they need: 250 gr. of cream cheese and 250 gr. of marshmallow cream. The cream cheese should be beaten until it softens and then the marshmallow cream is added. It is important that it is very soft to prevent lumps from forming.

Remember that cupcakes are a wonderful way to present a dessert, you can experiment with the creations and discover the perfect recipe for your family.

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