Increase life expectancy: habits that can be implemented

Increase life expectancy: habits that can be implemented

People constantly worry about work and almost do not have time to recreate or stop to think how stress can affect their health. That is why there are some habits to increase life expectancy .

Which is a measure or percentage that is taken into account to determine how long a person will live in a certain social context. Here enter several factors, such as gender, education, sanitary conditions, among others. In Peru it is estimated that this index is around 74 years.

Improve Life Quality

Improve Life Quality

By 2030, Korean women may be over 90 years old. This is known thanks to a study conducted by the Imperial College of London ; who, with data from the World Health Organization, developed several statistical models to estimate this index.

Habits to increase life expectancy

A healthy lifestyle can help increase life expectancy. But many times, people get carried away by what they do wrong without being aware of what that can cause in their body.

What you have to avoid

Smoking is one of the main health problems worldwide. It is no secret to anyone that this practice can cause heart problems or even lung cancer. And although it is a difficult habit to leave, it is not impossible; In addition, by doing so, the oxygen level in the blood returns to normal. On the other hand, the nerve endings that are damaged by nicotine regenerate; also allowing the sense of smell and taste to normalize.

Another important aspect is to control what you eat to avoid obesity. Much has been investigated of the effects of a hypocaloric diet and longevity. For this reason, the Japanese are always at the top of the list of countries with the highest life expectancy. Since they often stop eating, many before feeling satisfied. This shows that not only do you need to eat less, but also learn to eat.

Alcohol is another thing that should be avoided if you want to increase life expectancy. This drink is the cause of more than 3 million deaths worldwide. A figure that exceeds other diseases.

The habits that must be implemented

The first thing that must be understood to increase life expectancy is that it is fundamental to begin to perform healthy habits. Last year, the World Health Organization concluded that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest causes of mortality worldwide. Therefore, they recommend starting a healthy life in which at least 150 minutes of exercise a week is performed.

Exercise is a simple way to stay healthy. And for this it is not necessary to spend time in a gym, but you can perform some activities that are very entertaining, one of which is riding a bicycle. Not simply exercise, but also you can appreciate the landscape and spend a pleasant time, which is essential to maintain a stable emotional health.

Ride a bike

Ride a bike

On the other hand, you can swim. This is a very complete sport that helps the body to lose weight. In addition, it is proven that it helps increase life expectancy; When performing the movements in the water, the joints are prevented from suffering any injury.

Yoga is an excellent exercise to strengthen the body and help the mind to enter a state of relaxation. This activity will help improve flexibility; as well as to find peace of mind, which is perfect to help solve day-to-day problems.

In addition, it is important to start drinking water more often . Many times this little action is forgotten by all the activities that take place every day. You should consume at least one and a half liter of meals. It is also good to do it on an empty stomach; This is the time when it has a greater effect on health and cleanses the body of toxins.

The foods that should be consumed for a better quality of life

Foods have innumerable beneficial properties to help increase life expectancy. There is a great diversity of fruits and vegetables that are highly recommended by doctors, one of these is the apple; which is one of the healthiest you can find. They have multiple properties and contain polyphenols , which help to preserve some motor skills such as walking, running or moving when you are a certain age.

Eat apples

Eat apples

Nuts are other foods that help improve health. By consuming a handful a day, mortality can be reduced by up to 20%. On the other hand, they prevent cardiovascular diseases and some studies claim that it can reduce the probability of suffering cancer by 11%.

Lentils, are one of the staple foods in the diet of Japanese who reside in Okinawa . This place is famous for the longevity of its inhabitants. This food contains fiber, vitamin B, antioxidants and some anticancer properties.

Increase life expectancy is a constant work, which is achieved by doing small actions that help reach a more full and healthy old age. Put them into practice from any age can make a difference in the future.

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