Home tips to clean your furniture

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Home tips to clean your furniture

If you want to keep your furniture as new but do not know how to achieve it, try these excellent conservation tips by the Linio specialists.

Surely you have tried without success to clean the furniture of the home with some commercial product recommended in the supermarket. It happens that many solutions work only for certain types of surfaces, and to be poorly applied can end up aggravating that spot we wanted to remove. That is why we invite you to try to be simple, useful and homemade ways to care for home furniture. Take note of Linio's tips .

For parched furniture

If you thought that wooden furniture that you like so much would not look like before, you're wrong. The solution for a dry furniture is simple: beat three egg whites and add a spoonful of ammonia; then pour the mixture into a cloth and proceed to clean on the wood; finally let it rest for a few minutes and polish with a dry cloth.

Another method to recover the brightness of a piece of furniture is to mix olive oil with alcohol. The great thing about this homemade solution is that it also works for kitchen furniture, helps remove grease and covers an existing scratch. When you finish using this preparation, the excess can be kept in a bottle for later use.

For dark furniture

If the wooden furniture you have at home is dark, such as bamboo, cocobolo, or anchico, mix in a small container a stream of red wine with oil. Apply this solution on the wooden surface with a cloth, and then add liquid glycerin.

For the varnished furniture there is another simple preparation solution. It consists of combining the juice of half a lemon with lavender oil and half a cup of olive oil. Apply and then use a dry cloth to clean the dry or dull areas.

For all types of furniture

The following preparation requires a little more time but is very effective. The first thing to do is to clean the orange peel inside and out. Then, cut them into thin and small pieces. When having the skins ready, we must place them in a transparent bottle and pour a cup and a half of white vinegar with 2 tablespoons of alcohol. After mixing all the ingredients we must cover the bottle and let it sit for two weeks.

After the estimated time we proceed to strain the cleaning liquid to separate the orange peels. When everything is ready we dip a clean cloth in the solution, drain and apply on the dirty furniture using a damp cloth.

The well-kept furniture offers a pleasant image of our house or office. Preserving them will be a much easier task if you apply any of the efficient and fast advice and formulas of our friends from Linio.