Tips to prevent and disguise the annoying stretch marks

stretch marks

Tips to prevent and disguise the annoying stretch marks

Stretch marks are marks on the skin that can be seen by both men and women and usually appear in areas such as the breasts, abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, inner side of the arms and lower back than in a At the beginning they have a pink appearance, then reddish until they are white, these are due to the stretching and tearing of the skin and in the future it can represent an aesthetic discomfort. One of the first symptoms that are experienced with stretch marks is the itching that is why you should be careful to care for the skin to prevent future marks.

stretch marks


Some of the factors responsible for the appearance of stretch marks, is the accelerated increase in weight because despite the characteristic of elasticity of the skin itself due to collagen, it reaches a point at which some fibers break and is when it forms the stria. To control the weight, the ideal thing is to look for a specialist who is in charge of regulating the loss or gain of weight in a progressive way establishing a nutritional plan according to the characteristics and needs of each person.

During the stage of development and pregnancy, stretch marks can appear more noticeable and important, although genetic or hereditary factors also have to do. Similarly, weightlifting and the intake of anabolics that are used to increase muscle mass can cause stretch marks to appear.

Equally, another one of the causes is the bad feeding lacking of proteins and vitamins and precarious hydration. People suffering from Addison's disease in which problems of the adrenal glands occur due to deficiency in cortisol production are prone to stretch marks.

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Types of stretch marks

Young striae : They are those that are seen with a reddish hue because the skin is tense and inflamed as a result of the enlargement that with the passage of time will change color. Mature striae : They usually present a white color that differs from the natural tone of the person.


In the market there are many products that promise to eliminate them, however, this has caused controversy because not always the results are as expected because in certain cases it requires the intervention of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who may have treatment or other solutions such as laser and dermabrasion with aluminum microcrystals.

How do these treatments work? The laser has a light or ray that when coming into contact with the skin, produces heat in the deeper layers which causes greater elasticity while, that the dermabrasion is used as an exfoliation whose purpose is the regeneration of the tissues. Peeling, biodermogenesis, endermology and mesotherapy are other options that can be considered that will depend on each person and that will need several sessions.

If the stretch mark was already established on the skin, it is best to use cosmetics that help to conceal or clarify the marks. For example, when the person is exposed to the sun, stretch marks tend to be more evident since they do not pigment. The ideal is to address stretch marks at an early stage because when they are white, they will be more difficult to eliminate. The makeup and some pieces of clothing can be allied when they want to hide.

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For the prevention of stretch marks should keep the skin well hydrated by taking at least 8 glasses of water or 2 liters a day, regularly using creams , mineral blisters and oils containing plant extracts, vitamin A, C and E at least 2 times a day. day, in addition to performing some type of training or physical activity. What are the oils that should be used? Argan, sweet almonds, avocado, rosehip, gotu kola and jojoba, sesame seeds and aloe vera.

Guarantee abundant nutrition in fruits, vegetables and vegetables, eggs, dairy and red and white meats. The high consumption of salt causes dryness. Oranges, kiwis, red peppers, strawberries, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, avocado, and olives are recommended foods.

Another great alternative is the bath with hot or cold water in order to activate the circulation and preserve the firmness in the skin next to the massages that contribute to increase blood flow.

stretch marks