Return Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft

Return Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft

This March saw the release of the new film "Tomb Raider : The Adventures of Lara Croft". The fans of the popular videogame saga will find an Alicia Vikander that promises to fill the screens of action and sensuality, just as actress Angelina Jolie did 17 years ago . This debut is a completely different experience from the previous ones. Here you will find all the details you must know before going to the movies and enjoy this film as a family.

The director of the film Roar Uthaug , is responsible for adapting both the events that take place in video games and in several previous comics . In the words of Uthaug himself: "We were very inspired by Tomb Raider. Also in Rise of the Tomb Raider , but mainly in the first game. However, we have created our own story for the film that is separated from both games, "said the acclaimed director in the middle of an interview for the official Xbox magazine.

The events of this new edition take place in the middle of a mysterious and sinister Japanese island, better known as Yamatai , very far from the rest of the Nippon country. Lara Croft , only 21 years old, will have to assume the leadership of the family business, but first she will have to reveal the strange disappearance of her father. For this, he will have to go into the jungle to investigate the reasons for the sudden "death" of his father. While on the island you will have to find a grave and face offenders who only want to use their powers to destroy humanity.

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Tomb Raider: A new and bold Lara Croft:

The actress Alicia Vikander , winner of an Oscar for her participation in the film "The Danish Girl", brings a new facet for her fans. Well, was selected to star in this new version of the game Tomb Raider . The Swedish actress has shown in several interviews that she feels really proud to represent the young woman in this new stage: "I like to see her take the steps that will lead her to become the heroine of action that we know she will become. If there is a character that you like, and you have the opportunity to see it grow in a cult story, then you gain many more points of view about that character, "he told some media outlets.

Vikander known for her participation in other films like Ex Machina and Jason Bourne , had to undergo a mixed routine of physical training, for about 4 months. Fortunately, these efforts paid off as the actress gained 5 kilos and gained muscle mass in her legs and glutes. It should be noted that, long before the shooting of Tomb Raider, the actress was already practicing ballet classes. Many will think that the new Lara Croft had to spend every day in the gym, but in reality it is not like that, since the regime consisted of strength exercises and progressively increasing the portions of food. The person in charge of supervising his advances was the well-known personal trainer Magnus Lygdback.

Also, to record the most shocking scenes, it was necessary to practice mixed martial arts with the support of pads, this to make the punches and kicks much more real. In addition, the swimming and climbing were really beneficial to achieve the transformation of Alicia Vikander in the reckless Lara Croft .

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As another curious fact, Mattel launched a Barbie inspired by the figure of the new Lara Croft , this will have the clothes and accessories that the protagonist of action uses throughout the film . The doll is fully articulated, which makes it ideal for recreating the fights and adventures shown in the film; also for your trip through the jungle includes a pike, a newspaper and a map. The Barbie Tomb Raider is available in the market since the past, March 9.

As for the critic, with the publication of the first trailers of the film, Alicia Vikander had to face the great challenge of being compared with her predecessor Angelina Jolie . However, he has earned good references for his film career and his angelic factions. In fact, the Swedish actress hinted that she would be willing to make a sequel to the story.

For those who love this series based on one of the most popular video games of all time, it promises to be a window into the history of the past, but in the company of the best effects of action and adventure transferred to the big screen. We leave you a sample of the last trailer of the movie "Tomb Raider: The Adventures of Lara Croft", so that you stay with the desire to see its premiere in all theaters in the country.

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