Benefits for the body and mind that music brings


Benefits for the body and mind that music brings

Music not only produces a pleasant sensation when listened to, but it extends to the length of the body. According to scientists from the McGill University of Quebec, Canada, and the Montreal Neurological Institute, music is able to increase the production of dopamine in the brain, which is a chemical that is released by brain cells for the purpose of communicating between Yes and send signals to other parts of the body generating pleasure in the performance of regular activities.

Through music, the mood can change; the musical genres exist so that each person can find their own taste, and feel relaxed or happy with that melody. Music has also been used to influence others in marketing and advertising strategies, political campaigns or films, which reflects that it is very present in different cultures and traditions of the world. Some of the advantages that are generated by hearing it is the control of stress, improve anxiety, depression, a restful sleep, optimize memory and concentration, promote happiness, stimulate the brain, etc.

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Another benefit of listening to music is the prevention of heart disease, since it helps reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Also, it is a great motivator during the days of exercise, as well as an element that favors the consumption of oxygen more effectively in training. Likewise, visual and verbal intelligence are increased, personal relationships are enhanced and it is possible to focus attention better.

People who have suffered from strokes have shown improvements in their vision thanks to music . Similarly, listening to melodies of different genres helps delay brain aging, and is recommended for those in geriatric, intensive or palliative care, because they experience a significant decrease in pain.

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The healing process is streamlined and is used in some health centers to minimize anxiety and other symptoms in cancer patients, providing wellness during that period. Finally, the performance will be another factor that will have improvements, since the music eliminates the feeling of fatigue, fatigue and boredom, and on the contrary, stimulates productivity. Additionally, it is a powerful academic support tool due to its ludic effect.

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Types of music:

Each type of music has an effect on people, here are some examples that will be useful in the selection of musical themes:

• Classical: Acts as a   Soothing body that also stimulates the mind. It increases the capacity of verbal reasoning and offers an ideal environment for thoughts.

• Rap or Hip Hop: Recharge energy.

• Rock: Ideal to raise adrenaline levels by increasing the heartbeat but without causing damage and in some way it works as a stress catalyst.

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The English scientist Charles Darwin expresses in one of his books that: men and women, were unable to express their love in words, they did so through musical notes and rhythm, in the same way as birds .