Exercises for some to have some toned buttocks


Exercises for some to have some toned buttocks

Who does not like to show off spectacular buttocks? Both for girls who have been blessed by nature to have this physical attribute as for those who do not, exercise is the best way to stay toned, give volume and strengthen the shape of the buttocks that does not require too much effort but of perseverance and discipline to see the results.

What are the exercises to have better glutes?

Squats are one of the ideal exercises to achieve perfect buttocks, these consist of standing with the back straight and legs open at the level of men and go down when bending the knees, keeping the posture of the back and pushing the gluteus back forming an angle of 90 degrees and later resuming the initial position. It is suggested to do 3 sets of at least 20 repetitions and if desired, weights can be held in the hands to make the exercise more intense.

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Lifting the bridge is another exercise in which the person lies on the floor on their back with their legs flexed slightly apart and with their feet supported. The head, shoulders and arms are supported while the lower part of the body is raised trying to squeeze the buttocks and abdominals until returning to the starting position. It is advisable to do 3 sets of 20 repetitions, another version of this exercise is to stretch the legs and keep it raised at the same time as it is raised and lowered alternating between both legs to work them evenly.

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Lunges are those in which one leg is ahead of the other to work different areas such as: the one in front of the thighs and buttocks and the area of ​​the leg that is a little behind, the calves and quadriceps. The first thing is to stand straight with the legs aligned at shoulder height and take a step forward by flexing both knees until the thigh of the forward leg is aligned with the ground or a 90 degree angle is achieved and the knee is is behind, almost touching the floor. Then the initial position is retaken and do the same but with the other leg.

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Sculptor with chair is an exercise in which, as the name indicates, you need to have a chair that has a certain firmness. The first is to stand behind it to proceed to support the arms and torso in the back of the chair trying to make the back is straight at a 90 degree angle next to the legs. The movement consists of leaving one leg resting on the surface and raising the other side while keeping it flexed. It is necessary to execute several times the movement going up and down interspersing the extremities, the ideal is to do 3 sets of 15 repetitions in each lower extremity.

Hip extension is an integral exercise in which the person must place the elbows and forearms as well as the knees on the floor, as in crawling position to later lift one of the two legs back until the hip, knee and the thigh line up with the floor or have a 90 degree angle, keeping the back and neck straight and the abs contracted. If you want, you can place a dumbbell on the back of the knee.

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Finally, another great alternative is to ride a bicycle and climb stairs in closed spaces or outdoors, becoming a great cardiovascular activity with which it is possible to burn calories and achieve greater resistance. As you have more practice, you can do it with more speed.

It is not recommended that due to the haste to finish the exercise session soon, the pace will be accelerated because the expected results are not achieved. On the other hand, as what is being sought is to have better buttocks with physical training, the sportswear that is used must allow to see that area because it is motivating to see the evolution of those muscles, product of the effort and sustained work, in addition to which is more comfortable