Recommendations to choose the perfect watch for you

watch 4

Recommendations to choose the perfect watch for you

The watch is a vitally important accessory in everyone's life because, although it may not seem like it, carrying the right model makes us more aware of time and we achieve greater punctuality in our daily life, it is also an ideal touch to complement any type of attire. But nowadays the fashion industry develops more and more models with original and modern designs, that's why choosing the right watch can turn into an odyssey.

When purchasing a watch, whether for personal use or for a gift, it is very important that we take into account the basic points that every watch should have such as: style, personality, size and price. We leave you a guide with some tips to help you make the right decision.

A clock with the right style

The main element that you must take into account is with what look you will combine your watch, at present there are three different styles; of dress or classic, sports and designer. First of all, these dress watches are usually gold, with a simple dial and a slim body, and they also have hands and thick numbers.

For their part, designer watches usually have a very peculiar style, with unique models and usually come with the seal of their creator. Finally, sports watches are characterized by being large, resistant to water and with thick numbers. Sometimes they usually have several indicators like chronometer, barometer, compass, among others and you can find them analog, digital or both.

casual watches

The ideal size

The size of the watch should be suitable for your complexion, for tall people it is advisable to have models with large caratulas and for the basses a clock with smaller diameters is better. Also, if you are thin, a circular one could be the ideal option and if you are sturdy, a square or rectangular one gives you greater benefits.

The important thing is that you should try to make the watch look neither too small nor too big on your wrist and the same thing happens with the strap. Whatever your complexion you should avoid too large watches because this way you lose their elegance and also show a very asymmetrical and disproportionate image.

ladies watches

Take into account the prices

It is important to take into account that buying a good watch requires an important investment, since you must ensure that it is a good brand, that guarantees a watch created with the best materials. But you must be careful as in many cases with the brands that inflate the prices by adding pieces of metal or precious stones to the watches , since the economic value of every watch has to do with labor, not with the materials used.

smart watches

Since you know a little more about watches, do not wait any longer and buy online the design that best suits your personality and your lifestyle so you can increase your look to the fullest and always arrive on time.

Clothes for couples: how to combine on any occasion

combinations of clothes in couple

Clothes for couples: how to combine on any occasion

The clothes in pairs represent a symbol of the union of both. There are several ways to combine, either take a single outfit garment and use both or simply carry the same colors. It is such a popular trend now that it is not something that looks strange or uncomfortable to others.

This fashion started in Seoul , South Korea , in the nineties. In this country, the signs of affection and affection are not well seen, so the young couples began to dress the same to show the society that they were engaged in a relationship. Even now, it seems that this custom has changed, young people continue to use this way of dressing, which ranges from sharing the same type of garment, shoes or even underwear.

Merge as a couple

Combine in Couple

The couple's clothing is not limited to lovers, there have also been many photos on social networks of parents, especially mothers, who dress their children just like them. But in this aspect, if you use the same model of clothes in a more childlike version. Whether adapting the heels to tennis or changing the length of a dress.

Mother and daughters dress the same

Mother and Daughters

Tips before using clothes as a couple

Some of the basic notions that are used in fashion apply when you want to wear clothes as a couple. The first thing is to know the type of body you have, both the man and the woman. This will help the garments that are chosen favor both.

On the other hand, it is important to know what the other's style is , in order to respect it and maintain synchrony. But what happens when both styles are very different? Well, this becomes the perfect occasion to leave the comfort zone and try new things. Maybe a girl does not wear jeans at all, but her boyfriend does. So now, wearing jeans can become a common practice.

know the type of body

Know the type of body

Another tip that is important to know, especially men, is that the girl is usually the one who takes center stage when it comes to clothes. This does not mean that it will be her that always stands out when wearing a pair of clothes, but that for men it is easier to combine their clothes than for women. So, if they use a color to combine, the boy may wear a shirt and pants. Instead, the couple should look for more accessories for their final look .

The basic garments can become the ally of any relationship when they want to go combined. Since these, can be used with more eye-catching accessories or simply use both a white shirt and blue jeans , being in perfect sync.

Another tip to take into account is to make use of the accessories. If you do not want to coordinate the entire outfit , you can use a complement that identifies them as a ring or a bracelet.

Some combinations to go according to the couple

As stated above, you do not necessarily have to dress completely the same. But if it is the option that is chosen, you can always choose comfortable options that both of you like. A denim trousers , a flannel and a jacket, become the perfect option for couples who want to go hand in hand. In addition, you can also combine your shoes, wearing white sports shoes and a head cap.

couple combining clothes

Continuing with the clothes in a simple couple, you can alternate the colors to achieve a contrasting effect. For example, if the man wears a jeans jacket and black pants, his partner can wear a black shirt and pants of the same type. This subtle change in colors makes the intention not so obvious.

Another thing that can be done is to combine the styles of both, so they will not use the same garments, but they will be in perfect synchrony. In summer, the girl can wear a bohemian overalls, while the boy can go with a style of tracksuit and shirt. The good thing about this style is that the prints are striking and combine perfectly.

combine styles

combine styles

If there is a special event, such as a wedding or a dinner, you can choose to use a color that represents the couple. For example, the color of her dress can serve as inspiration for his tie. Here it is also important to take into account what is the color of the suit you will use, since, in this way, the color of the tie will not clash.

And if you go on a trip, blue and white become the perfect colors to go from the airport to the hotel. Both can wear a blue shirt, can be jeans or a cotton fabric and white pants. Shoes, it will always be better to wear low shoes for comfort on long walks. Among the accessories, you can always choose between sunglasses or a hat.

When combining clothes with a partner, it is important to know that coordination and complicity is important, and that this will further strengthen the bonds of the relationship and create incredible moments.

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Samsung folding screens: see the world differently

Samsung folding screens: see the world differently

Samsung's new folding screens will be a key factor for the company's growth over the next few years, so it plans to implement this new feature in most of its equipment offering the public different possibilities of enjoying the latest technology.

This new feature will open many doors and possibilities for all users in the design and utility of most of the company's equipment, as well as alleviate the weight of mobile devices and smart TVs .

These new Samsung folding screens can offer greater comfort when placing the TVs in narrow places, or simply hide them in walls, so that the location of this new generation of devices will no longer be a problem in narrow spaces.

The results of previous years have borne fruit in a very positive way, leading the company to a good position in the market, achieving more than 14 million dollars thanks to OLED screens and 50 thousand dollars in sales last quarter.

Due to the considerable success of that season, the company wants to cover a larger field in the world of technology, opting to use flexible projections, capable of adapting various forms, with a different option of image and color transmission.

Will Samsung's folding screens be for smartphones?

The use of this new feature in the latest generation smartphones has surfed the Internet with many rumors of its launch, similarly speculates on smart TVs that come to market with these new components in its structure.

However, the report that the company makes annually to publicize its innovations and progress in the field points to the implementation of this technology thanks to its statement:

"Regarding the mobile business, Samsung will continue its efforts to differentiate its smartphones adopting cutting-edge technologies such as folding OLED screens"

This suggests that the project that is called Galaxy X or Project Valley , which consisted of the development of a smart device of the latest generation with this built-in technology, still stands.

samsung flexible

New Samsung Screen

So, if this new smartphone reaches the competitive market, it would be the pioneer of a new generation of devices, offering the public the opportunity to discover new possibilities of use, as well as to include the looks for the level of innovation in their devices.

The most heard rumor is that the new phone could be a device with a 7.3-inch OLED screen that can adapt the shape of a mini tablet so that the user can have a greater handling of the device.

For reasons of ergonomics, Samsung's folding screens will not have buttons, except those of modification of sounds to increase or decrease it and blocking. In this way users will be able to access the options more quickly and without problems, at the same time the deterioration of the start button will no longer be a concern in this developing phone.

A tool in which the company is working is the use of artificial intelligence and IoT , which will allow the user to have greater control of the device, all thanks to the new application Bixby the assistant controlled by means of voice commands .

Folding Samsung

Samsung Foldable

This combination of technology in a single device can give a new direction to the original concept that smartphones have, since in addition to being a novel proposal, the system to handle it offers greater alternatives and options.

A new generation of tablets is currently being developed, capable of modifying its roll-type structure, which has a cylinder-shaped compartment for greater comfort and a significant change in traditional design.

It is expected that these devices have voice commands that identify the owner, so that the security system provides greater possibilities to safeguard the information. Likewise, the control system with voice control guarantees accessibility to the multiple options of the device.

It is unknown if these devices will be able to play videos in 4K quality, since currently not enough information has been provided to define the properties of the components that will make it up. Anyway, it is expected that these new devices have excellent performance in addition to providing a new image quality and functionality that will revolutionize the market, especially if it is new technology, a pioneer in this type of screens.

Samsung, as always, seeks to place itself at the head of this innovation race, if the new implementations are true, we will have to see the movements of the rest of the smartphone developers.

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Detox foods that can not be missing in your daily diet

Detox foods that can not be missing in your daily diet

During December, excessive consumption of foods with a high content of fat, sodium and sugar is very frequent. Foods that include these characteristics are often the most harmful to the body, especially the liver and kidneys. However, to alleviate these eating disorders you can include detox foods in your daily diet or to start this new year, because they contain depurative properties for the organism and by the wide variety you can combine them in many different preparations.

It is important to remember that to keep the body full of health and vitality it is necessary to combine this eating plan with some physical exercise routine. Also, specialists recommend doing yoga or meditation regularly, this will make you manage to balance your emotions and therefore adopt positive thoughts that will improve your mood.

Detox food for your recipes:

Green tea: this infusion is par excellence the drink with more antioxidant properties , favors the loss of body weight. Contains flavonoids , properties that are responsible for naturally inflammation of the body. Pineapple: this fruit is not only known for its delicious tropical flavor, it is also famous for its diuretic power, as it is responsible for significantly improving the circulatory system and fights the effects of cellulite on the skin. It is advisable to consume it naturally, that is, in pieces or pieces in the snacks.

Whole grains: there is a wide variety in the market, but the main attraction of these foods is that they contain a lot of fiber and are ideal for controlling insulin levels in the body. It is preferable to consume them during breakfast, as they will provide energy and vitality for the entire day. Lemon : this citrus fruit should never be missing in your kitchen , not only helps to reduce toxins and bacteria, but it is also very common to use it as a natural dressing for salads, smoothies and infusions. You will get excellent detoxifying results if you ingest it every morning with a glass of warm water. Broccoli: it is one of the most effective detox foods . It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins C and E, which significantly improves the digestive process. At the time of its preparation, you can keep them with a crunchy consistency so you can take better advantage of their depurative properties.

Fennel: it is a plant with multiple benefits for the body, reduces swelling of the abdomen, regulates digestion and helps to dispose of retained liquids. It is advisable to take the head of fennel in hot drinks or infusions, but it will also be an ideal companion for stews and green salads. Artichoke: among detox foods , the artichoke is one of the most used vegetables in diets, because thanks to its acids, vitamins and minerals it is favorable to purify the liver of toxins. It is very easy to prepare, you can taste it sautéed, with a touch of lemon and salt or in the company of salads. Raspberries: this exquisite fruit is rich in fiber, minerals and antixodantes . Due to its large amount of water, it favors the detoxification of the liver and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy. They are an option for breakfast, as long as they are consumed whole instead of in a juice or shake.


What is the best watch according to your personality? find out


What is the best watch according to your personality? find out

The watch is undoubtedly the accessory preferred by many men, as it not only fulfills the function of informing the time but it is the perfect complement of outfits and different styles.

This accessory is an important part of the look because it says a lot about the personality of each person and how risky or classic fashion can be in it.

Are you thinking about buying or giving a clock for Christmas ? Linio, offers you the best options according to the style of each of them:

If your style is classic and you are looking for one that can help highlight your elegance, it is best to give one in a rectangular shape, never in a rounded shape. This type helps to highlight your simple style without losing that touch of fashion .

1. The Classic Clock

If your style is classic and you are looking for an accessory that can help highlight your elegance, it is best to find a rectangular shape like a Casio , never in a rounded shape. This type of watch helps to highlight your simple style without losing that touch of fashion. SP: S / 89

Casio watches

Casio watches

2. The "fancy"

Wearing a luxurious and sophisticated accessory is the perfect complement for a simple look , so if you are one of the people who are inclined to invest in a product that gives you elegance and helps you highlight your outfits, this is the best option for you. : S / 1049

casual watches

casual watches

3. The sporty

Many men are inclined to sport, to feel the adventure as a hobby or as a lifestyle. Undoubtedly, if you are one of them, you need the most resistant in terms of quality, light in weight and that is multifunctional, that is, that has chronometers, barometers or thermometers. Obviously, without neglecting the style, this guy hardly goes out of style and can be combined with different looks. SP: S / 299

sports watches

sports watches

4. The traveler

Traveling is the most enriching activity of all, because you not only have the opportunity to know different places and cultures, but to relax and get out of the routine and many men know it. Therefore, if you are one of those travelers, we recommend you to be resistant to water, to heat, to be light for greater comfort when transporting it and to never lose the style. SP: S / 469

smart watches

smart watches

Perspectives for electronic commerce in Peru


Perspectives for electronic commerce in Peru

In 2016 the market for electronic commerce of products moved around 230 million dollars and has been growing at rates higher than 25% several years ago – 4x-5x greater than the growth of traditional floor retail. It is expected that for the next 3-5 years annual growth rates will not drop below 25% on average, so although the market is still small, the opportunity in the sector is huge. While these high growth rates are partly due to the fact that the base is small – e-commerce represents less than 2% of retail, and up to 5% in electronic categories – it is clear that if retail companies want to grow in the next years it is practically mandatory that they develop their electronic commerce channel as soon as possible.

For us in Linio , 2016 was a year of great improvements as we realized that we had a huge opportunity to improve the shopping experience of our customers, on our platform and in this way clearly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. During the year we launched a new version of the website , greatly improving the loading speed and making it responsive to provide a good experience when viewed from a cell phone. In the middle of the year we re-launched our applications on iOS and Android with great reception from the public, both already have more than 4 rating stars on average and are positioned within the top 4 in the rankings of "shopping" applications both in the IOs App Store as in Google Play . More importantly, application enhancements allow customers to navigate more friendly and secure without errors or risks when making purchases from their own cell phones.

We spent much of the second half of the year making improvements to our logistic models , having successfully launched our own motorized fleet to have greater control of human contact with the customer during deliveries and finally the person delivering the product the client is the face and ambassador of Linio . This greater human contact has allowed us to have the best effective delivery rates in the market. We also strive to make it easier for the customer to return the products they no longer want, providing an automatic guide that you can print to leave your product in an Olva office so that it is sent back to the seller at no additional cost to the customer. and with an increasingly simple and secure reimbursement process.

With these adjustments we are improving the shopping experience for our customers and facilitating companies and entrepreneurs in the retail sector to enter the e-commerce channel in a simple and cost-efficient way since apart from small a fixed monthly charge, the bulk The cost of selling in Linio is variable according to the sales generated. This model represents a win-win for our allies as we provide traffic, web and mobile platforms, payment gateway, telesales service and customer service while commercial partners are dedicated to offering their new, original products with guarantee at the best price and dispatch them in optimal conditions and on time. And if they already have an online sales platform such as PrestaShop or Shopify, we have developed plugins so they can connect their stores with our Marketplace and thus be able to replicate their offer in Linio without having to duplicate tasks. Soon we will be launching plugins with more e-commerce platforms.

2017 will be a year of great challenges with greater competition in the sector and with a large number of customers buying online for the first time. It is essential for the good of the sector that e-commerce companies strive to provide an excellent shopping experience and thus generate greater confidence in the channel since this business is not just about generating sales but about serving and customer loyalty.

Authors text by: Martín Romero

The most striking dresses for any occasion

casual dress

The most striking dresses for any occasion

Dresses are fundamental pieces for any woman, they provide comfort and freshness as well as creating a sensational look for any occasion. It is essential to have dresses of different styles in your wardrobe to wear them with the appropriate accessories and footwear and create a perfect outfit that makes you look dazzling and beautiful all day.

There are many types of dress for different times, and you must learn what is appropriate in each situation and be up to date with fashion trends.

Casual dresses

Casual dresses are the most important garments you should always have, you can use them multiple times and only by changing your accessories or your shoes can you use them to go shopping, for your work or for any social gathering where you want to wear a relaxed look. Generally the casual dresses are of light fabrics, printed or light colors, it is not advisable to choose bright or overloaded models. You can also wear a casual dress with more bold or bold colors but always with a comfortable and simple design that gives you a relaxed but dazzling appearance.

Ideally when choosing a casual dress is to choose lightweight and comfortable pieces that you know you can combine in multiple ways, this must also bring freshness to your look and therefore the best thing to do is to choose models on the knees, or Choose a long casual model that is appropriate for your height. Generally this type of dresses are used with low shoes, because they provide that casual look you should look for, however, if you want to wear with high shoes you should look for some that are also casual and that create a harmony with the rest of your attire.

casual dresses

Night dresses

Evening dresses are essential pieces for any party, formal meeting or event warranting a much more striking and elegant look. In this type of dress you can play with the length, the fabric, the color and the design, these dresses invite you to let your creativity fly to use a model that adapts to your silhouette and makes you look sensational. Ideally, you should choose a comfortable dress that enhances your qualities and gives you confidence and security so that you look dazzling.

Night dresses

Beach dresses

You can also create a wardrobe   sensational to go to the beach , with dresses of light fabrics, with relaxed designs, ideal for a day of sun and sand. The ideal is to buy dresses that are easy to use and with cheerful prints, that are suitable for cool days and that are in tune with your swimsuit and the rest of your beach accessories.

The ideal is to use short dresses, since these give you the flexibility you need, however, the long models will make you look elegant and also protect you more from the sun, so it does not matter if it is long or short, the important thing is that Make you feel comfortable and look radiant.

Beach dresses

To create your perfect outfit , remember that you must take into account the shoes , accessories and makeup that you will use since these are an essential part of your outfit, do not forget to see everything that Linio Peru has for you.

Alcatel: the new series of Smartphones for 2018

Alcatel: the new series of Smartphones for 2018

The CES ( Consumer Electronic Show ) has brought numerous devices from many brands such as Samsung, Sony and Huawei, catching the eye of several consumers, thanks to the impressive features and qualities they possess, such as: new security measures, cameras of greater quality, higher resolution on the screens, etc. Taking from the aesthetic point of view to the technical point of view, Alcatel's products with their 3 new models, the 1X, 3V and the 5 , are the most striking.

Alcatel: What are the novelties of these smartphones ?  

This company that had its focus on attracting users between the middle and lower ranges in terms of budget for its accessibility in costs, this time has innovated with models characterized by impressively large screens of 18: 9, and fingerprint sensors in the back .

Among the three teams it can be summarized that the Alcatel 1X is the most accessible in terms of price, even with the specifications mentioned above. The characteristics of facial recognition and personalized design by materials apparently of the "Premium" category, provide greater comfort in it, with an impeccable and resistant design for daily use.

The Alcatel 3V is in what would be called the "midpoint" among the 3, since its price is somewhat higher, providing better features apart from the 18: 9 screen that now has high resolution, front and rear camera , which is covered by a bright black housing.


Last, but not least, model 5 is at the highest point of the price range of the three selected, characterized by a battery of excellent quality, with 3000 mAh capacity, allowing the user to use it for a day whole; Added to the ability to take double selfie's with the front camera, accompanied by an LED flash. The phone also has a textured back panel with primary camera sensor and a fingerprint sensor.

Christian Gatti, president of the global business division of Alcatel, mentioned that with these new products the company marks a mark at the beginning of the year, leading the sector of 18: 9 screen phones, being an area not yet very occupied by the competition, always considering accessibility for all users globally in terms of guaranteeing a quality device and profitability.

Although the prices of the phones have not yet been revealed specifically, if it has been mentioned that they will have processors between Qualcomm and MediaTek , it remains to be seen the more specific characteristics of the same and the date on which they will be available for acquisition in the market, probably being revealed in the MWC of the current year in Barcelona.

These cell phones represent an innovation   considerable for the company, achieving the perfect combination of state-of-the-art devices with an elegant and portable design, in any case, they are smart phones of great quality and that it would not be valid to pass by the predecessors that the firm has had throughout of its history.


Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

Sustainable home: ecological ideas to help the planet

A sustainable home, is not only based on the idea of ​​having a house that remains alone, but those small actions that can be done to make the home more ecological and friendly with the planet.

On the other hand, self-sustaining houses are guided by very environmental principles when building them. A clear example is the use of wood for the construction of infrastructure. For this purpose, the engineers make sure to reforest the area from which the trees were cut. In addition, sustainable homes are able to generate a smaller amount of waste, since they have an insulation system that helps reduce the costs of heating and air conditioning.

It is for this reason that renewable energy sources are often used. The most common are solar energy plates, water heaters or wind generators. That is why some recommendations have been recommended to improve the sustainable life of homes in large cities.

Ideas to make a sustainable home

Having an ecological lifestyle is not a thought that is followed by fashion; but now, it is an idea that must be realized because of awareness of the planet. For a sustainable home, there are three Rs, which are based on recycling, reducing and reusing . In this way, you can contribute to a less polluted world.

Ecological ideas

A first point to achieve a sustainable home is to change the conventional bulbs by led bulbs , which are much safer than traditional light to not contain mercury or tungsten; they can even reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

On the other hand, these types of bulbs usually last more than 45,000 hours, which can make them last for about 15 years, if only used for 8 hours. In addition, they do not generate heat, since 80% of the energy consumed turns into light. In contrast to traditional bulbs, these can reduce electricity consumption and this will be noticed in the electricity bill and carbon emissions.

During the day, the ideal is to make the most of sunlight. Therefore, you must raise the blinds and open the windows. Many choose to use solar panels to use the sun's radiation as an energy source. Before installing one, an assessment must be made of how much is consumed in the home for a month. Here you must include all kinds of household appliances.

In addition, it is important to learn how this system works. Basically, it is divided into several areas. The panels are the surfaces that are made from semiconductor materials, being responsible for absorbing the sun's rays. The cells of the panels are microscopic, there the solar energy is stored; which then goes through an investment, converting it into alternating current.

As for maintenance, they are easy to care for. The cover of the panels must be cleaned periodically, since the dirt that accumulates in this area can damage the equipment. It should be cleaned at least every two months, also checking the connections and pruning the vegetation that grows around so that the branches do not touch the panels.

Sustainable home

If the installation of these panels is not what is needed, other measures can be adopted. During the night, if the temperature drops, you can use a fan instead of air conditioning to keep the room cool.

The use of air conditioning is something that must be regulated to ensure good consumption and contribute to a sustainable home . The health of people should also be taken into account, since sudden changes in temperature can cause colds.

In the shower, you can regulate the water temperature and at the same time save up to 6% energy. In addition, it is important to always check the condition of the plumbing and toilet tanks. If one leaks, you can waste an average of 48 liters of water per day. Therefore, each tap must be in perfect condition to avoid this problem.

As for the appliances , the ideal is to adapt the power of the appliances and the location of them will help save. One recommendation is to locate the refrigerator in a cool place in the kitchen, at least 15 centimeters away from the wall. The doors must close perfectly to prevent the food from thawing and to spend more energy than necessary.

When the oven is used, it can be turned off a few minutes before the heat ends cooking the food. Pressure cookers are a good way to save time, since food cooks faster.

With these small ideas you can get a sustainable home that gives back to the planet all the good that it gives to the human being.

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Bose horns: Sounds and tones that adapt to you at any time

Bose horns: Sounds and tones that adapt to you at any time

Since the arrival of the speakers, the cornets and the audio devices , they generated a great change in how we perceive the sound of the songs and their effects; for that reason, in the market there are infinities of models and among them highlights the Bose cornets; which have an impressive ability to reproduce sounds of different notes in a clear, fluid and constant without compromising their quality.

One of the great advantages of Bose cornets , is the variety of models that this brand offers, offering the possibility of using them in any type of space. For example, from the comfort of home you can complement the sound of the television, reaching to sharpen certain tones so that you can enjoy a more complete experience when watching a movie or a series. Even outdoors, these speakers do not lose their excellent quality.

Bose bugles that you must have

Sound Bar Bose 300 Soundbar And Acoustimass 300 Wireless Bass Module Kit

This external audio system has the possibility to reproduce sound in the form of acoustic projection; which allows to perceive sound waves and resonances more directly. This helps the ear to better detect the different tones, offering a more rewarding experience when enjoying any movie or video.

Your Soundbar System With Audio Calibration ADAPTiQ gives the option to select between different alternatives has to choose the style audio playback of your choice, choosing between the surround sound, direct projection or regulate low and high tones. This possibility of editing helps to personalize the equipment.

The surround sound of this device is due to its Soundbar technology with 1x HDMI-In / 1x Optical-In; This is very useful since you should not add additional devices in the room.

Thanks to its projection system, this equipment differs from conventional ones, by achieving "shooting" sounds at all points of the room; In this way, the different waves can be perceived more efficiently.

TS-soundtouch 300

TS-soundtouch 300

Speaker Bose SoundTouch 30 Series III Wireless Music System

One of the great features of these Bose horns, is the ability to generate great audio tones without affecting their quality. In addition, it has Bluetooth technology , WiFi, Ethernet Connectivity   which allows to make modifications to the sound, as well as in the different projections, from an enveloping style to a direct projection, with echo effects or simply cleaning the sounds.

Also, this technology offers the possibility of connecting it with any device, such as: smart phones, portable players, etc. These Bose horns have their own internal battery that can be recharged with a USB connection. Additional has additional ports for the purpose of incorporating external elements such as pendrives or ports of links for mobile devices.

The cornets emit warning signals when the low battery is detected, so that the device does not turn off spontaneously.

One of the biggest advantages of this device is the possibility of using the remote control to edit certain elements during music playback. In this way the remote control considerably facilitates the manipulation of the equipment. This article has the possibility to edit the volume at the convenience of the user as well as some streming mergers .

Speaker Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker

This device has a size of 5x10x3 that makes it an ideal device to take it anywhere. Taking into account that thanks to its Full-Range Driver technology it has the possibility of alternating the sound in about 360 degrees. The SoudLink Revolve is the perfect item for outdoor meetings, as its structure and design ensure that the sound does not disperse or distort quality.

These Bose bugles offer the possibility of a more comfortable handling, since its around has a handle that allows an easy transfer. On the other hand, it has a weight of 0.2 KG representing a very useful gadget to use it in open spaces.

Bose SoundWear speaker   Companion Speaker

Hands free, free ears! This device allows you to listen to music in a very different way by detecting external noises to isolate them. In addition, it innovates in terms of its design, since it is placed around the user's neck, which improves the quality of the sound by making it more comfortable and lighter.

These speakers release the user from the need to use cables with headphones, since they are synchronized via bluetooth, easily playing any song. Thanks to their easily adaptable speakers, they manage to reach different tones without distorting the sound.

Whether to play music in open or closed spaces, these are the best speaker options; taking into account that they achieve high sound levels without distorting their quality or fluency of projection. In addition, they have technology to keep a long distance control and enjoy impeccable quality at all times.

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