Skype update: for all smartphones

Skype update: for all smartphones

Social networks are an indispensable tool for many people today. Not only for the fact that it facilitates communication from different parts of the world, but also for its varied ways of transmitting a message and the possibility of having long distance video calls . That is why the Skype update allows to expand the doors of personal relationships.

For people who do not have such modern smartphones, now is the opportunity to install the new Skype update that allows the inclusion of this means of communication on their mobile devices , with the possibility of using their operating system.

Due to this new update, the latest versions of the program are compatible with cell phones that are not state-of-the-art. This was well received by the public since it opens the possibilities of extending the useful life of mid-range and low-end devices.



New Skype update brings more communication possibilities

The renowned multinational company Microsoft, announced the arrival of a new Skype update for the versions of Android operating system 4.0.3 and 5.1 , capable of storing and running this program with a limited processor and memory.

This update has a smaller version compared to the current system which is , so its level of technical requirements decreases in RAM reducing the level of space required.

Since the traditional version consumes about 117 MB , this represented a problem for non-state-of-the-art smartphones , since the storage capacity is limited, so that when installing Skype, 20% of the device's memory was occupied.

It is important to note that this new update is an opportunity for traditional users who have inexpensive devices, since they will be able to enjoy all the possibilities that this program has to offer to the public, taking into account real-time video calls, which have been greater attractive from always, to the use of animated emoticons with new features in its design.

Taking into account that low and mid-range phones usually have 1GB of RAM , this update achieves the possibility of occupying a small space within the mobile device.

However, it is not surprising that some functions are limited within these versions for past models, since the capacity to process information is not so advanced; the screen in the background will not be an option for these devices, so animated gifs can not be viewed.


Video calls on Skype

The fact of sharing a certain file is another factor that this update does not contemplate, at least, not in the traditional way to which it is accustomed, for example: it will not be possible to attach data as documents with excessive weight, likewise the transmission of videos on the platform, since it is an element that consumes a large amount of memory.

It is important to mention that, during this launch period, some phones are in evaluation periods due to their operation in internal systems, so that in certain cases, it is possible that some actions are not adapted correctly, in this new version, although it is Subject to possible changes in the future.

Skype video calls with this type of update, image fluency and emoticon projection will not be instantaneous, since the graphic level is little advanced compared to high-end smartphones.

All users of this platform who previously had an account, will be able to synchronize their information in this new version, so that no data is left out. This support system was a factor that consumers did not let go because it gave them the opportunity to keep their previous contacts and continue with their session of the last account.

The Microsoft company stated that consumers of the Insider version will be able to make direct use of this new Skype modality, so that the program will be easier to download and the synchronization will be faster.

Advantages of this new version

Its use is still fast and efficient despite being installed on older devices. This factor is important to emphasize, since despite running on a smartphone version that is not the latest generation, the program retains its usual quality.

The quality of audio and video are constant, so communication options increase considerably.

Its use is still easy and accessible for all public, so that, when installed on any mobile device, this version does not modify its systematic structure.

Anyway, this new Skype update opens the doors to new communication possibilities in other devices. The company through this new version includes users who previously could not install the program because of the limitation in its memory.

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Daily beauty routine to maintain a flawless face

take care of your face

Daily beauty routine to maintain a flawless face

Facial care is essential to maintain a healthy face. Your skin is continually exposed to many factors that can damage it, so we recommend you follow a routine that meets all your needs.

Four basic steps for a perfect face

To maintain a healthy face, we recommend four essential tips so you always look radiant:

Clean : The first and most important thing for facial care is a deep cleansing of your face. Cleaning it helps remove any kind of dirt, as well as sweat, grease and makeup. In addition to helping prepare your skin for other types of care, it also allows the skin to have greater absorption of any product that is applied to it.

Tonifica : Toning your skin with a product specially designed for it, is ideal to give a better appearance to your face, since toning prepares the skin for hydration and facilitates the absorption of nutrients. In addition, it helps restore the natural Ph and improve the appearance of pores in the face.

Take care: There are many products to moisturize and protect your skin. Generally the articles for the care of the face should be chosen according to your skin type. For the nights you should also use a moisturizer that helps the regeneration of the complexion. Also, it is advisable to use an eye contour to offer a special treatment to this area that, due to its sensitivity, tends to lose elasticity.

Protects : A fundamental aspect of skin care is to protect it from sun damage, for this you must use a day cream that includes a sun protection factor (SPF) or sunscreen specially developed for your face. No matter which option you choose, the important thing is that you always protect your skin from the harmful effect of UV rays.

face care

Healthy habits, impeccable face

Any item for your face should moisturize and nourish it. To choose the right products , you must take into account your type of complexion and the presentation that best suits your tastes and needs. The key to all this process you generate positive results and have a perfect complexion, is the perseverance. The routine of cleaning, toning and care should be done both in the morning and at night to maintain a smooth and youthful skin.

To have a beautiful face is not only advisable to use the indicated products, but also, it is essential to sleep well, since this allows the regeneration of skin cells. It is also important to drink the right amount of water daily, since hydration is vital for the appearance of the skin and is essential to maintain its elasticity. It is also essential to eat well, rich in proteins, fruits and vegetables, as well as to prevent premature aging by avoiding certain harmful habits such as tobacco and alcohol.

Buy quality products online guaranteed to keep your skin beautiful and healthy. Remember that Linio Peru offers a variety of articles designed for your well-being. Do not miss the opportunity to live a unique shopping experience.

KPIS indicators used in electronic commerce

KPIS indicators used in electronic commerce

The performance indicators known as KPIS indicators allow to evaluate the performance of the areas of a company and an e-commerce business ( e-commerce ) is not the exception. By being clear about the importance thereof, they translate into improvements in operating efficiencies that are reflected in higher revenues and positioning of the company.

It will be explained briefly, lines below, how these indicators are present in the areas of sales, marketing, supply chain, customer service and finance of an e-commerce and what is the role that it fulfills in each of them.

KPIS indicators


In the case of Sales, you can extract the indicators from the same online platform as the number of visits in the store, review the products that have had the most purchases and repurchases. In this way, the sales strategy is evaluated in case there are products that do not have demand.

Other sales indicators such as the conversion ratio of visits, helps to evaluate how many visits are translated into a purchase, the ratio of traffic per cell, measures the traffic of visits by the App and is important, since in these times the purchase to through the cell phone is more relevant than desktop , due to its practicality.


In Marketing, the indicators used are related to the efficiency of spending compared to sales. The cost of acquiring new customers, which is the ratio of the cost of marketing to new customers, allows us to evaluate whether campaigns and promotions have been effective.


In the area of ​​Operations, KPIS indicators are also used, since they analyze the number of orders sold, evaluate the ratio of cancellations, shipments on time, delivery within the deadline of delivery and the effectiveness of delivery in the first attempt . All this helps to have a perfect order and thus improve a customer's shopping experience.

Customer service

In customer service the most important indicator are the touch points , and this occurs when the customer calls or uses the chat that exists on the page to complain about a deficiency in their order. Since the end of an e-commerce is that the client feels sure that the product will arrive in the indicated period and in perfect condition, less creation touch points translates into better efficiencies.


In Finance, Kpis financial indicators are used such as Gross Margin, Net Margin, Operating Profit, which allows to evaluate the profitability of the business with respect to sales. The inventory rotation allows to see the time it takes to sell the purchased goods and accounts receivable and accounts payable to evaluate the working capital of a company, and see the need for financing or use own resources.

In this way, the aforementioned indicators turn out to be quite practical in order to evaluate the different areas of an e-commerce since they are used on a daily basis to measure the performance of the business and create strategies that help to generate competitive advantages over the competition and Improve the shopping experience

Keep in mind that the only indicators are not mentioned above, but they are important as a starting point to evaluate an online business. The indicators are not fixed but can be created according to the need, business line and functionality of the company.

Xiaomi Mi Mix, welcome to the future in the technological world


Xiaomi Mi Mix, welcome to the future in the technological world

Xiaomi, is probably the Chinese technology brand with the best future in the world, since the signing of Hugo Barra, former VP of Android, in September 2013, the way of Xiaomi seeks to balance its presence in three markets, mobile, wearables and technology for home.

In recent years, some brands have positioned themselves in the Latin American market such as Huawei and ZTE, who joined hands with local operators, Xiaomi's bet is different, focusing on Asian and Indian markets, but with a strong presence in Europe. , essentially in Spain and with a large number of followers in Latin America who imported the products from China.

One of the strengths of Xiaomi, is surely the price of its mobiles, and accessories, because its business model is not based on the income obtained by mobile phones, but its profit lies in the sale of technology for the home. However, one of its biggest weaknesses to penetrate the Latin American market is its compatibility with 4G networks in some countries like Peru, where it is only compatible with 2G and 3G networks.

The last big bet of Xiaomi is the Mi Mix , the mobile dreamed by many, without borders and with a body ratio of 91.3%. This equipment, considered a phablet for its size, 6.4 inches and an IPS panel with 2040 x 1080 resolution and protected with Gorilla Glass 4

This cell phone has the latest Snapdragon 821 processor, the same as the Pixel and the HTC 10, a 6 GB RAM, such as the One Plus 3 and a huge 4400 mAh battery that ensure complete autonomy. It comes with two capacities of 128 GB or 256 GB, but without expandable storage.

The novelty of this team in terms of connectivity, is that it is unlocked for all LTE bands, which is compatible in Peru and throughout Latin America, leaving behind one of the biggest barriers that existed to choose Xiaomi mobile and in general by Chinese mobile phones

From the point of view of the hardware, although the equipment lacks a loudspeaker for calls, it develops a vibration technology similar to that developed by Google Glass, to be able to answer calls without the handset.

Probably, its biggest weakness is the MIUI, the layer of personalization of Xiaomi, although it should be noted that it is based on Android Mashmallow 6.0, which could be said to have more similar to iOS than Android AOSP.

Also, the lack of edges on the top requires having the front camera, at the bottom, as it had the Sharp Aquos, and the 16 MP rear camera does not stand out as the flagships of the competition (S7 Edge, Google Pixel) turning the camera into one of the less promising aspects.

Although it seems unnecessary to comment, the Mi Max SI has 3.5 mm audio jack and as usual has been betting on the USB Type C, has a fingerprint reader in the back, but not with water resistance.

Probably, the future of Xiaomi is to continue developing products with IoT, and from wearables to appliances , your official arrival in the US seems imminent at the next CES in January, let's hope that your next teams of the lines My Note and Mi, bet on the global 4G to be able to develop more markets, which wait with ready hands, technology at competitive prices.

Bonus: Mi Mix Analysis by Xiaomi (English)

Romantic and easy ideas to decorate on Valentine's Day

Romantic and easy ideas to decorate on Valentine's Day

Contrary to what many people believe, you do not need to spend on expensive gifts to pass a different time in the company of your partner's day Valentine . Just have the intention of making this day a memorable moment for many years and, to achieve this we bring you some recommendations that you can not miss when decorating Valentine's Day, so get down to work to make a day come true special.

valentines gifts

Bath with candles and rose petals:

All spaces in your home can be used when it comes to surprising your partner. In the case of bathing, you can use floating or aromatic candles to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere, if you want to make the occasion even more special, the petals of white or red flowers will be an excellent option. If you are a lover of aromatic fragrances or liquid soaps to form a source of bubbles all are valid on this special day.

Passionate lighting:

If you want to create a romantic and conducive to passion, there is nothing better than including a dim lighting to share a dinner or a movie together. You can use candles to create key words or personalized messages, or on the contrary, if you only want to decorate outdoor spaces, it will be enough to place them on a candleholder or candlestick.

If you think about making bolder ideas come true, you can try decorating your room with a light colored fabric such as white or beige and placing an extension of white lights on top. Visually your bed will look like a magical space and simulate a starry sky that will make you experience a truly dreamy moment.

Valentine's Day

Metallic balloons to decorate on Valentine's Day:

If you are one of those people who prefer a simple gift that does not need large amounts of money, but is equally special, this idea will surely delight you, because metallic balloons are very common today and have very different designs.

As a suggestion, to decorate a room, you can place several balloons floating around the place with romantic notes on the end. Without a doubt, your partner will be delighted with a detail like this.

Decorate your wall:

It only takes a little creativity, because you have an infinity of materials to create unforgettable memories that you can also place on the walls of your home.

Hearts with cardboard: the figures made with origami are always always the favorites. So a good recommendation from this art, is to develop three-dimensional hearts or with a lot of volume. You just have to make the shape and leave a small clip or doubles at the back. If you want to look much more original do it in different sizes and colors. Figures with rope : you can not only make hearts and romantic figures with paper, another alternative is to use a rope that you no longer use or the roll of yarn that you have in some craft. You can choose to write a word or a phrase that is special for both, if you combine it with the metallic balloons it will be a quite subtle touch. Garlands: Garlands are a classic when it comes to decorating on Valentine's Day or even birthdays. Taking into account this initiative, play with the colors red, pink and gold to place them on the dining table or at the head of the room.

romantic decoration


Tips and recommendations before buying a computer

Tips and recommendations before buying a computer

Currently the market in computer equipment is very broad, so before purchasing one of these products it is important to consider some tips and recommendations, which can define if a team is good or above average. In this way the user can enjoy a computer that exactly suits their needs.

It is important to understand that certain models have their objectives, so the technical characteristics can vary considerably according to their specifications, some computers focus more on the graphic part of the processes to develop 3D structures or just run next-generation games. However, other computers are more balanced in their physical characteristics, so that each process is focused on reaching an optimal point without presenting any kind of technical difficulty.

Before buying it is important to keep in mind that processes will be executed, so that during their use there are no technical problems and exposure to the processor or video cards overheating.

For fans of Overclocking , which consists of optimizing the processor and accelerating its operation, it is necessary to understand that acquiring an alternative cooling system is totally necessary to extend the life of the device, since when using this technique the possibilities of overheating are high

Advice and recommendations that must be taken into account

The graphic or video card

For videogame lovers, better known as gamers , the first thing that must be taken into account before purchasing a device is to evaluate your video card or graphic card, since this component is the one that will define the quality of the images that are find in each game, in addition to the tonality of colors, textures and scenarios.

It is important to understand that the graphics of video games are constantly evolving, so video cards also. That is why the higher the specifications of the card, the better the chances of processing the game without technical problems during the cinematic.

video cards

The graphics card defines the display quality.

This component will not only help players, but it has now become an indispensable tool for many graphic designers or architects, as it helps them visualize more detailed structures or designs in editing programs. Many of these programs have the characteristic of developing 3D prints.

This brought with it a new challenge for the cards, since during the elaboration of certain models with 3D characteristics, these devices are forced to use their greatest potential to project the visual and background details at every moment.

The processor

This component is one of the most important for any computer and is the first thing to evaluate before buying a computer, as it will determine the speed of the processes that are executed. In the same way, it manages the quantity of operations that can be carried out in simultaneous time.

That is to say, if a processor is optimal and of last generation, the speed of the equipment will be much faster than the average, as well as the downloads of large files and the openings of heavy folders.

It is important to understand that since the equipment starts its operation, this device starts working. That is, if the computer's processor is good, the computer will execute its processes quickly.

For many players it is vital to have one that meets their expectations, since in addition to performing the analytical processes within the team, it facilitates much more loading and opening of open games, especially those that have progressive scenarios and in real time.

The processors define the speed of the equipment.

The memory

The level of storage is fundamental and is one of the things that will help to have a certain amount of programs without needing to erase them, now, it is necessary to understand that there are many memories in the market.

However, the latest generation memories are designed for the direct synchronization of the latest motherboard models. That is why the evaluation of the groove compatibility must be done previously.

For many users this component is decisive, since, within the most abundant tips and recommendations, is having a good memory with large storage, so that the user can organize all their programs on the same computer without the need for a hard disk external or extra memories.

In any case, we must be aware of the quality and model of the components before acquiring one of these. Follow these tips and recommendations, evaluating all types of computers with their advantages and disadvantages either by the brand or design, can help to avoid repentance when investing a good amount.

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Facebook dating: Discover your true soul mate

Facebook dating: Discover your true soul mate

Recently Facebook has gone through a series of changes in both its algorithm and its use policies, in order to reinvent itself and direct its service more towards sentimental connections, helping to find friends and reunite family members, Facebook has created dating its newest idea for find the couple in this case.

This new feature of Facebook fulfills a role similar to the application known as Tinder , which mainly is responsible for linking users with similar profiles in search of making recommendations to them based on their tastes and preferences, in order to find the couple ideal.

What exactly is Facebook dating?

For a few months Facebook has raised that wants to build meaningful relationships, from its recent changes in the News Feed , more attached to the news of friends and family that of companies and ads, the social network wants to venture into the online dating market to improve this.

Mark Zuckerberg , CEO of the company, announced during the F8 conference for developers the following: "If we are committed to building meaningful relationships, then this is perhaps the most significant of all, there are 200 million people on Facebook who identify as single." .

This application will work as a part of Facebook and not as a separate application, since it will be integrated with the user's profile and if additional information is required, the user must complete it so that he can make full use of the application .

It should be noted that, when activated, it will not be visible, which means that the user contacts both friends and family will not know if it is used, this is done in order to protect the privacy of the user and ensure reliability with the information that manages the function.


This new form of interaction allows users interrelations.

Something curious about the tool is that it will not recommend existing friends in the list, but only single people who are not in it, in order to meet new people who have the same interests in their profile.

Combining the above, this may not be enough to converge in a relationship, given that a more complex algorithm would be necessary to link people without only having their interests, taking into account the different variables that exist in people's lives. where they studied, places they traveled to and much more additional information that could help generate more conversation topics.

The information of the suggested persons will be restricted only by showing the name, profile photo, place of residence and a brief description of their tastes and interests.

Also, Facebook dating would be in charge of carrying out events close to the users who use the tool and, apart from inviting them to join similar interest groups, in any of these cases, a person of interest would appear, you will have the option to start a conversation through of the profile picture, in case of obtaining an answer, a private chat will be opened that is independent of the Messenger function.

The chat would be connected to the profiles of the people involved, but it would only be text, for security reasons, as explained by Facebook, this could be because the Facebook application has been used for criminal acts, from kidnappings to human trafficking, therefore, it is very important to leave evidenced by means of text what is written.

Although it is unknown at the moment when this service will be implemented, it is expected to be soon, although the announcement was received with skepticism because it is considered a new way to collect user data, in turn becoming a direct competition of Tinder, whose parent, Match Group, saw their shares fall 20 percent after the announcement of Facebook.


Discover your soul mate with the new facebook function.

In recent months, Facebook has been involved in much controversy since its data collection was discovered without the consent of users, which has put the company in a very bad position, which is why many people have stopped using it, seen that they see your information vulnerable.

Emphasizing its security, Facebook promises to be careful about it, an expert during the conference F8 explained: "You will not see anything of the friends that you already have, they will not be able to appear as potential appointments within Dating. At the same time, Facebook friends who sign up in the dating area will not see you either. "

The truth of the case is that, of this social network, at least through this new tool Facebook dating, is again seeking to capture users with romantic interests and in turn, put their hopes in another application to help them find a partner, being an application of such renown, it may reach a lot of customers, since the company has millions of users around the world.

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Christmas: A celebration that unites the whole world

Christmas: A celebration that unites the whole world

Christmas is everyone's favorite time and happiness covers all of December. It represents union, peace and hope, since the little ones are looking forward to the good night to receive Santa's gifts . Therefore, in every house in the world, in every little corner of the planet, there are Christmas traditions to celebrate this important date. Each country has maintained customs for years, but others have been implemented for a short time. Do you know those of other countries?

Christmas gifts

Christmas around the world: some very curious traditions

Around the world preparations began to celebrate December 24, one of the most important holidays of the year. Although some begin a little earlier, giving gifts or scaring the smallest, as in the case of Austria , where a demon called Kraumpus scares children who have behaved badly during the year. According to the tradition of this country, Santa Claus gives gifts to good children, but his friend Krampus, does the opposite task, takes the children who have behaved badly in a sack. Therefore, when the first weeks of December arrive, the older boys of the country, disguise themselves as this character and scare the little ones while they make their chains and bells ring.

Meanwhile, in Ireland they have modified one of the typical Christmas traditions. While other countries the little ones of the house leave milk and cookies to Santa Claus so he can recharge his energy and continue with his trip to the rest of the houses. In Ireland, they no longer leave milk, instead they leave a pudding made with liquor, which can be made with Guinness or Irish whiskey .

Christmas in Ireland

On the other hand, in Japan , Christmas is a party that is not usually celebrated. Although it is true that in the Nippon country there is usually a gift exchange plus the decoration of houses and streets, they do not have a millenary tradition for this date. But recently, it has begun to develop an uncommon practice. And for the Japanese it's only Christmas if you eat chicken broster . Nowadays, this new custom has become so popular that in Christmas there are restaurants that have created a menu inspired by Noche Buena.

Christmas in Japan

Continuing with dark customs, in Serbia   They maintain a tradition that would scare any father on the planet. And, in this country, the children in the houses "kidnap" their mother and demand their gifts to let her go free. But since the gifts are not delivered on Christmas day, but two Sundays before December 25, the children will abduct the mother first, demanding their gifts as payment for the ransom, while the Sunday before the party, is the father who will be kidnapped. And as in the previous case, the children will ask for a ransom that must be paid with more gifts.

While some children kidnap their parents to obtain gifts, in Iceland , young people, also known as Young Yule in the country, give gifts to children 13 days before Christmas. That is why the little ones leave their best shoes by the window and the young Yules leave gifts to the little ones who behaved well during the year, but those who behaved badly will receive rotten potatoes.

Young Yule

Christmas in the Region: How was it celebrated?

Latin America maintains Christmas traditions for many years. And although everyone celebrated Christmas with the usual gifts and the Christmas dinner, each country gave a different touch to their celebrations. Beginning in Mexico , those who made the famous " Posadas ", which represent what happened Mary and Joseph to receive asylum on the night of the birth of the baby Jesus. In these inns there is food, piñatas and games. But their most emotional tradition is that they perform at the inn on December 24, where the baby Jesus is cooed and Christmas carols are sung. In the middle of the celebration, each member of the family makes a request, silently or loudly to then embrace and receive the long-awaited gifts

Christmas in Mexico

On the other hand, in C olombia , the celebration began with the Festival of the candles , which is done in honor of the Virgin Mary and the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception. While, in many regions of Venezuela , there is usually a " skating " where each member of the family puts on their skates and go to the skating community church. Another of the most important traditions of the country, consists in the realization of the " Hallaca " which consists of a mass disk stretched on a banana leaf, stuffed with a stew made from beef, pork and chicken (this it can vary depending on the region of the country), then it is cooked and accompanied with chicken salad , ham bread and ham .

Christmas in Venezuela

Meanwhile in Panama , a series of traditions were carried out as December progresses. First, when the month begins, the streets and houses are decorated with lights, shopping centers place huge Christmas trees for the little ones to take pictures. On the other hand, the " barriadas " compete to see who has the best decorated streets. The most famous are visited by families and foreigners who visit the country. As the month progresses, mothers' day arrives on December 8, then wait for the spirit of Christmas on December 21, where Panamanians reflect on the mistakes made and forgive the offenses of others.

At Christmas in Peru, an artisan market was opened in the Plaza de Armas known as Santurantikuy , which means "the sale of the saints". Where each craftsman shows his works and creations full of color and magic. One of the most typical crafts of the artisanal market is the " Niño Manuelito " since it is said that it is the bells of the Cathedral of Cusco that announce the birth of the child and not the bells of Belén in the far east. On the night of December 24, before the Christmas dinner takes place, the families go to the church to celebrate the "Misa de Gallo", which celebrates the birth of the baby Jesus. Here, people carry their own image of the baby Jesus to put in the manger.

Christmas in Peru

The Misa de Gallo is one of the most celebrated parties in the continent, although they usually have different names, all represent the same. And this is exactly what Christmas represents the most. The union of the peoples, regardless of the traditions that take place throughout the month, all eat as a family on the night of December 24 and everyone wakes up on December 25 expecting to receive their family's gifts creating a Christmas Union.


World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: a world full of adventures

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: a world full of adventures

The company Blizzard   Entertainment was in charge of opening the doors to the conflict that has caught the online roll players. World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is the new expansion that has established new parameters for this world full of fantasy, in which the war for the preservation of the environment does not end; because both the troops of the alliance and the hordes seek reinforcements to overcome all obstacles that arise.

This new release was released on August 14, so many people have been responsible for downloading this version that brings many surprises. In addition, it has an excellent soundtrack and scenes that will make a big difference. This video game will tell a story that captures all the players who love good graphics and strategy games.

The battle for Azeroth

The innovator of World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth is that they will find new islands that until now have been unexplored, this in order to increase the war campaign. On the other hand, people will have the opportunity to create a front among 20 players to put together a surprising strategic war . In addition, there are 10 new levels to significantly increase power; Finally, there is surprise in the new characters.

World   of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth: surprising new alliances

One of the first surprises that can be found in World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, is the appearance of the Turen of Altamontaña , the descendants of Huln. These brave warriors decided to leave the sacred mountain to join the horde.

Among them there are different classes such as, Druid, Hunter, Nonje, Shaman and Warrior; its racial attributes are Bull Race, Ranger, Pride of Ferrocorno, Resilient Tenacity and Who Saves, Always Find.

Another race available is that of the Draenei Templeluz , which is made up of an army that was dedicated to work hard to get the power of light in order to obtain victory in Argus; followed by this, his main mission is to protect Azeroth from the lashes of the hordes.

The available classes are Hunters, Magician, Paladin, Priest and Warrior; in the same way the attributes of what you will enjoy are Forge of Light, Sacred Resistance, Sentence of Light, Judgment of Light and Demonicide.

Also, everyone will have the opportunity to choose the Natonocturno race , who after freeing themselves from their long imprisonment, are willing to look for any type of allies only with the purpose of being someone in the world again .

This species can be Hunters, Magicians, Monks, Priests, Rogues, Warlocks or Warriors; they also have special attributes such as Ancient History, Arcane Affinity, Postal Conjuration, Force Shield and Magic Resistance.

The Elves of the Void earned their name because they managed to dominate the corrupt magic of emptiness; This is a specialty that the alliance will take advantage of to defeat the fearsome hordes.

They have the same available classes as the Natonocturnos, however, the special attributes are different such as the Nocturnal Chill, Entropic Linkage, Ethereal Connection, Preternatural Calm and Spatial Failure.

The Black Iron Dwarves have a totally fierce temper, so they become the ideal reinforcement that the alliance needs to have in the battle for Azeroth. You have a special variant and that is that they can be Shamans or Warlock; likewise, its special attributes are Piro Sangre, Calabocero, Mass Manufacture, Topo Machine and Flame Forged.

Finally, there are the Orcs Mag'har , in the previous deliveries, the different clans used to fight each other; nevertheless, thanks to a pact they could join to fight together with the horde in order to recover their glory.

The available classes resemble the other characters; in spite of this the special attributes are completely different: Enjoy the Ancestral Call, Open Skies, Solidarity Vigor and Wild Blood.

What utilities have special attributes in World of Warcraft Barrle for Azeroth?

In the case of the Altamonte Tauren you will find the following:

Race of the bull: the main function of this is to shoot down and lash out at all the enemies in front of you. Montaraz: Increases versatility, so it will be able to adapt to all types of environments. Pride ferrocorno: this character is an expert in mining and demonstrates this ability. Rugged tenacity: they stand out for their great defense, thanks to this, the damage received by the attacks is considerably reduced. The one who keeps, always finds: with this you considerably increase the possibilities of obtaining more food.

In the case of Draenei Templeluz they will get the following attributes:

Forge of light: this shows that they are useful characters to create weapons, since they can greatly increase their ability for the smithy, in addition, it is possible to invoke an anvil. Sacred Resistance: thanks to the power of light that got the sacred powers will do less damage. Sentence of the light: with this the users will carry out a great sacred damage in a predetermined area. Judgment of the light: with this ability they will assure to make damage in spite of the fact that the person dies because it creates an explosion that generates an impact in the enemies, but to the allies it provides healing them. Demonicide: with this, the ability obtained by killing demons is 20%.

As well as these special attributes of the new expansion of World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, you can find many new characters to enjoy. This new experience is the continuation of the war between the allies and the hordes, which are strongly reinforced in order to dominate Azeroth.

An article in collaboration with Willkeiver Achique

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Irresistible lingerie to wear on the wedding night

wedding night lingerie

Irresistible lingerie to wear on the wedding night

In terms of underwear are many alternatives according to the needs of each woman, but if you talk about lingerie for brides, there is some debate about the time and type of pieces that should be used to make the wedding night a unique moment and special.

Some women think that the lingerie used in the celebration of marriage should be the same as the one that will later surprise the new husband, but it should not necessarily be that way; there are those who prefer to wear comfortable garments that fit the design of the dress, and then take some time alone to transform their outfit with seductive pieces that are characterized by feminine, elegant, flirtatious and romantic. Of materials such as silk, tulle, satin, lace, gauze and transparencies that will surprise the couple in that intimate encounter.

In any case, lingerie that goes under the wedding dress , should go in relation to the design of it. It is recommended that comfort and practicality prevail to make the bride look beautiful and safe throughout the event. It is important to consider that when it comes to lingerie for brides there are many elements that complement the attire such as socks, light, girdles, among others that should also be in tune with the rest of the garments.

lingerie for brides

Lingerie for girlfriend, what is it made up of?

Brassiere and / or Corset : some dresses already have it incorporated, while in others you have to buy it separately, its function is to stylize the figure, enhance the bust and make the thinnest bride look.

Panty : It is advisable to choose one that does not fit too much and that the seams are discreet so that they are not marked under the dress, the ideal is to choose small but comfortable pieces that do not interfere with the design of the dress, even more if fabrics are used thin or that adapt to the figure. The sashes help to better provide the body, but it will depend on the design of the dress to be able to use them.

Garter belt : It is used to hold the stockings in case they are worn and adds a sensual element to the attire.

Stockings : Silk as well as those used with light are recommended.

Underwear can help to stylize the figure, accentuate the attributes and disguise those small imperfections that are not always comfortable, that is why choosing clothes of the sizes and designs appropriate to the figure is essential to look beautiful.

Wedding night

Tips for choosing lingerie for brides:

If you are going to put on a wedding dress with a V-neckline, make sure that the bra is in the same way so that it does not generate distraction or discordance. In the case that the bridal dress is strapless, the brassiere should be the same, ensuring that it fits perfectly to the bust so that the bride does not feel uncomfortable during the event.

The ideal is to select lingerie that molds the body and enhances the attributes of the bride.

The most suitable color for the bridal lingerie is the skin color, since it will not be transparent, or in its defect a white or similar color can be used.

If the wedding dress has a neckline on the back, you should look for a low back cut bra or some model that can not be seen, since it reduces elegance and diverts attention.

If the bride has little bust, you can use a push-up or padded brassiere and it may be a great solution to look more voluptuous.

There are brassieres with removable straps with which you can play according to the design of the straps of the dress.

intimate designs for brides

Other pieces such as a long or short nightgown in satin, silk, with lace or transparencies, open or closed are ideal for more traditional women who do not like to reveal too much. As for the riskiest, the red and black tones invite passion. The bridal lingerie for that special night must have a different and exclusive aspect with respect to what is used in everyday life.

It is necessary to devote some time to buy lingerie for brides as part of the preparations for the wedding. Do it with trusted people as a friend, sister or if there are no taboos, with mom. They will offer their sincere opinion and the moment can turn into a fun experience, full of laughs and even tips for the wedding night.

In that unique and special moment, you can decide which is the image you want to project, ¿ daring or classic? The important thing is to feel good with what is worn to enjoy the most of that unique moment.

lingerie for wedding night