Learn to sell in Linio: everything you need to know

Learn to sell in Linio: everything you need to know

E-commerce has taken a lot of force over the last few years. Many sellers could be afraid to make this type of sale, but the truth is that it is becoming easier and safer. Even selling in Linio is a simple task. You just have to know the steps to join the company and the necessary documentation.

In addition, it is important to know the policies and benefits that are offered to the best sellers. Starting a business of your own is sometimes scary, but when the appropriate accompaniment is received, it can become the best option to expand and bring the products that are sold to more people.

Trade available to everyone

Trade within everyone's reach

In addition, for buyers, it is more convenient to look for a product in the comfort of their homes than to go to a store to get it. Above all, if you do not have easy access to reach it. Therefore, electronic commerce results from a gain for all the parties involved.

Sell ​​in Linio Why?

Linio is one of the options for sellers to join the online store with the largest presence in Latin America. First of all, it remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing buyers to search all the products they need and sellers, updating their inventory whenever they want. In addition, with an online store , no storage costs are paid, as well as the services that accompany it (electricity, water, personnel, etc.).

Secondly, Linio has a service and a specialized team that will be available to help and facilitate the seller's operations. In addition, it provides a platform where the seller can have full control of their sales and operations. This added to the convenience of working and monitoring your inventory from the mobile application.

An online store in the comfort of home

An Online Store in the Comfort of the Home

On the other hand, transactions are 100% secure . This thanks to the fraud detection system. Therefore, when selling in Linio, the economic security of sellers and consumers is guaranteed. In addition, Linio creates alliances with banks, credit cards, among other companies to make it a more attractive option to buy online.

The products that are loaded to the page will be visible and positioned in the network. This thanks to the Markenting Digital experts. In addition, the Marketplace model ensures that items are available to everyone. It will only be necessary for the seller to upload the products to the platform and when these are purchased, Linio will take care of the sale and serve the customers. As well as, the shipping and parcel service in most cases .

Requirements to sell in Linio

Basically, to sell on this platform you must have the necessary documentation at the time of registration. They must be in a PDF format, in the clearest way possible. The main thing is the DNI identification, which must be valid. As well as the RUC card.

You must have a bank statement with a validity of 30 days, in addition to showing the account number and the inter-bank code, since this data will be the one that allows payments to be made and, finally, the balances and movements must be hidden .

Documentation for Linio

Documentation for Linio

Additionally, natural persons must present the documents that belong to the seller. That is, the intervention of a third party in the registry of a natural person is not allowed. Legal persons must present the constitution certificate.

Now, it will only be necessary for the seller to register to start selling in Linio. To do this you must fill out the form found on the page. Then you must take a virtual training to create the product catalog.

This training will be carried out when three days have elapsed after registration. An advisor will contact the seller to provide the training and material to start using the platform and learn about the Marketplace process, as well as the loading of the products in the different categories, such as Health and Beauty, Technology, Fashion, Home, among others

Monitor the account

Monitor the Account

Then, the account is activated. When the products are loaded on the page, they will go through a quality control. When approved, these will be completely visible on the page. So it is important that the seller keep your account monitored. As well as your email, in this way, you will always be aware of the new purchase orders that are generated and you can attend to the order as soon as possible.

As an additional service, Linio recognizes sellers with good operations, so it allows them to have better visibility on the page, that is, it positions the products better, which generates more and better sales. This service is known as Linio Plus. This benefit serves as motivation for sellers

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